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Ai-chan's Newsflash 3: New Story Chapter [Dusk of the Fool] Unfolds
Nov 24, 2021

Ai-chan's bringing you the latest in [Dusk of the Fool] news! Want to pry into Otto's secrets? Ai-chan happens to know a thing or two...



※※※※※Story Chapter XXVII※※※※※
Otto's conspiracy has finally surfaced, which means that time is running out.
However, the obstacles in Kolosten must be dealt with first...

Participate in the Story event to earn 4★ event stigma [Kiana: Herrscher of Flamescion (M)], Night Squire's outfit [Autumn Shades], [Sweet 'n' Spicy Fragments], and Crystals!



※※※※※Character Profiles※※※※※

★Schicksal Archives: Otto★
He resigned as Schicksal Overseer to risk the entire world for his plan.
And he will not hesitate in the slightest.



★Schicksal Archives: Durandal★
Captain of the Immortal Blades and the strongest Schicksal Valkyrie.
Her military merit speaks for itself and her story is legendary among Valkyries.



★Schicksal Archives: Rita★
As the adjutant of the Immortal Blades and a Schicksal S-rank Valkyrie, it is her duty to obey the Overseer.
Nonetheless, she will make her own choices.



★Schicksal Archives: Li Sushang★
A girl who was awakened after hundreds of years. A Schicksal S-rank Valkyrie.
To her, this new identity is nothing more than a title.




※※※※※Story Gameplay Updated※※※※※
★New [Erosion Sphere] Challenge★
You will encounter different [Erosion Spheres] when exploring the map. You can challenge [Erosion Spheres] a limited number of times daily. The more you challenge them, the harder they become.


★New [Integration] System★
Complete relevant main and side missions or challenge monsters in Erosion Spheres to earn Integration Progress. As your Integration levels up, more side missions will unlock~


★New [Spartacus] System★
The Spartacus system and its portals will be unlocked as you progress through the story. You can tap the icons on the map to fast travel.

As your Integration levels up, you can develop more set chips in the Spartacus system.


★New Core Map Skill★
The core map skill [Schwarzschild Attraction] will be added. This skill creates a temporary black hole that pulls in enemies to aid you in battles!


For more story and version content, please experience the new version for yourself~


*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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