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Starter Special Supply - Top S-Rankers Drop Rates UP
Jan 20, 2021

[Herrscher of Thunder]: Melee damage dealer. Sustained high Lightning DMG. Bonus SP for PSY teammates.

[Azure Empyrea]: Close-range AOE support. Ultimate skill pulls in enemies and provides the Elemental Breach buff.




◆When the [Starter's Event] panel is active, beginner Captains can unlock this Supply by reaching Lv.20!
◆This Supply runs simultaneously with the [Starter's Event] panel after being unlocked.




[UP Battlesuits]
S-rank: Herrscher of Thunder | Azure Empyrea
A-rank: Blueberry Blitz

[Other Battlesuits]
A-rank: Valkyrie Gloria | Umbral Rose | Valkyrie Triumph

Starter Select Supply Bundle
When Starter Special Valkyrie Supply is available in v4.5
Expansion Supply Card x10, 1000 Crystals
2580 B-Chips. 1 purchase weekly. The purchase limit resets at 04:00 every Monday.



◆A Starter Special Valkyrie Supply drop costs Expansion Supply Card x1 or 280 Crystals.

◆An A-rank or higher battlesuit is guaranteed for every 10 Starter Special Valkyrie Supply drops.

◆An S-rank battlesuit is guaranteed in 100 Starter Special Valkyrie Supply drops. You can view the drop count left to receive an S-rank battlesuit on the Supply screen.

◆The odds of a pulled S-rank battlesuit being [Herrscher of Thunder] or [Azure Empyrea] are 50/50.

◆If this Supply offers a NEW S-rank battlesuit, 1 of the 3 S-rank battlesuits pulled is guaranteed to be NEW.

◆Starter Special Valkyrie Supply and Expansion Supply count drops separately and do not affect one another.






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