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[Starter's Event] Starter's Event Overhaul
Jan 20, 2021

The Starter's Event system has been revamped! After the v4.5 update, all newly joined Captains can access the revamped Starter's Event system.
The Starter's Event system will open for 60 days. Participate to obtain an S-rank battlesuit and a 4★ weapon of your choice, as well as loads of Crystals, Supply Cards, and materials!

======Path to Greatness======
1. Complete missions during the event period to receive Crystals and EXP.
2. New missions and rewards will join the event panel as you progress.
3. Complete all Phase Missions to receive the following rewards: Valkyrie Option Egg: S, 4★ Blade Option, Dorm Supply Card x10, 800 Crystals, [Swallowtail Phantasm], [Yamabuki Armor], [Divine Prayer], [Flame Sakitama]!
*Valkyrie Option Egg: S: Gives Knight Moonbeam, Lightning Empress, Dimension Breaker, Phoenix, Goushinnso Memento, Blood Rose, Shadow Knight, Sixth Serenade, or Ancient Willpower x420 based on your choice.

After the v4.5 update, Valkyrie Option Egg: S will be given by Starter's Event instead of 3-day login. Please be mindful of the adjustment!

======Starter Bootcamp======
1. The new [Starter Bootcamp] features the tutorial stages of [Swallowtail Phantasm], [Yamabuki Armor], and [Divine Prayer] that teach the basic techniques and strategies of controlling them.
2. Completing the stages rewards AE Imaginon and SS Imaginon.

======7-Day Login======
After the Starter's Event system opens up, log in 7 days to receive Dorm Supply Card x30, 666 Crystals, [Darkbolt Jonin], Yamabuki Armor's outfit [Throatwort], and loads of Coins!

======Level-up Sprint======
After the Starter's Event system opens up, reach Lv.65 in the time window to receive Dorm Supply Card x30 as well as loads of Crystals and Asterite!

======Daily Prep======
[Daily Prep] contains many challenging stages. Clear them to receive loads of Honkai Pieces, SS Imaginon, and Mithril!

======Growth Boost======
1. Complete event missions during the event period to receive Dorm Supply Card x10 and [Growth Supply] drops.
2. Complete every phase in [Growth Supply] by spending drops to receive Crystals, battlesuit fragments, stigma sets, and Augment Core materials!

*The rewards are as follows:
1. SP/A-rank battlesuit fragments/souls: [Swallowtail Phantasm] Fragment x160, [Darkbolt Jonin] Fragment x80, [Yamabuki Armor] Fragment x100, [Divine Prayer] Fragment x120, [Flame Sakitama] Soul x80, [Night Squire] Fragment x120.
2. Augment Core materials: [Kometa Core] x40
3. 3★ stigma sets: [Attila], [Elizabeth Bathory], [Shigure Kira], [Tchaikovsky].



For more starter's events and bonuses, please refer to their details section in-game!





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