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Collab Info - Collab Version Events Preview
Jan 13, 2021

The [Honkai Impact 3rd x Neon Genesis Evangelion] collab lands on JAN 22! Ai-chan has highlighted the main attractions of this collab for your convenience. Read on to find out more!

======New Century======
The awakened otherworld traveler. The hostile unidentified creature. The berserk colossal mech. The wheels began turning when a girl named Mei set foot in [Nagazora]. Apostles bearing the name of Angels are approaching. Can the girls engulfed by the war stay true to their hearts?


[New Century], the main event of the [Honkai Impact 3rd x Neon Genesis Evangelion] collab, will be available at 10:00, JAN 22! Play the event to earn [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100 (straight to S-rank), 4★ outfit [Auburn Sync PS] (for [Blazing Hope]), 3★ stigma [Misato (T)], and loads of Crystals.

Captains, the chance to live up to be a legend has come!

======Conclusion Countdown======
The 7-day login event [Conclusion Countdown] is available between 10:00, JAN 22 and 04:00, FEB 21!
Log in 7 days during the event period to claim [Fire of Hope Supply Card] x10!


======Collab Outfit Showcase======
A combat suit specially designed to pilot certain humanoid mechs. The daring color scheme mirrors the pilot's fiery personality.


★★★Auburn Sync PS★★★
"What are you, stupid? No way the crappy Unit-00 and Unit-01 can match my Unit-02!"
---[Blazing Hope]'s outfit [Auburn Sync PS] is debuting soon!



Starting 10:00, JAN 22, play the collab's featured event [New Century] to earn [Blazing Hope]'s outfit [Auburn Sync PS] for free!

★★★Peak Sync PS★★★

This is the improved version since the original was badly damaged in battle.
---[Void Drifter]'s outfit [Peak Sync PS] is debuting soon!




The [Fire of Hope] Supply is available during the collab. Spend [Fire of Hope Supply Cards] to pull the collab-exclusive weapon [Lance of Longinus] and the collab-exclusive stigma set [Children] from the Supply.

The launch of [Fire of Hope] Supply is accompanied by a total drop bonus outfit and discounted Supply Cards! Pulling 40 [Fire of Hope] Supply drops rewards augmented battlesuit [Void Drifter]'s 4★ outfit [Peak Sync PS], which will be sold for 1680 B-Chips and is unpurchasable during the collab. Additionally, you receive [Fire of Hope Supply Card] x1 for pulling 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 50 drops in total. In other words, you are guaranteed to receive [Fire of Hope Supply Card] x6 and outfit [Peak Sync PS] in 50 [Fire of Hope] Supply drops!

Please follow our announcements for more event details! You'll love what you'll see!

*The above data are from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.






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