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Collab Info
Jan 9, 2021

The long-awaited [Honkai Impact 3rd x Neon Genesis Evangelion] collab version is finally landing! Today we're going through the new SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] that will be joining us in v4.5!


======[Blazing Hope] Debuting Soon====== 
Asuka, the girl from another world who traveled through the Sea of Quanta, seems to have lost her memory on her way here.
But as a soldier who has survived many battles, her blazing soul will not diminish in this world.

★[Blazing Hope] Skill Showcase★
[Basic ATK: Anta Baka?]                                                                
[Blazing Hope] attacks with her lance 5 times, restoring [Field Energy].

[Charged ATK: Chance!]
With sufficient [Field Energy], hold [ATK] for different lengths of time to perform different variations of her Charged ATK.

[SP Skill: Mind, Matching, Moment]
Tap [ATK] immediately after casting Charged ATK to sweep forward and restore [Field Energy].

[Ultimate Evasion: Eins Zwei Drei]
[Blazing Hope]'s Ultimate Evasion induces global Time Fracture. Tap [ATK] quickly to counter enemies and restore [Field Energy].

[Ultimate 1: Thorny Lance Bloom]
[Blazing Hope] gains full [Field Energy] and enters enhanced form.
In enhanced form, her attacks become more powerful, making enemies take more DMG when hit by Physical attacks.

[Ultimate 2: Thorny Lance Bloom]
Tap [ULT] again in enhanced form to cast Finisher, which summons a giant nosediving lance to deal destructive AOE Physical DMG. She reverts to normal form when Finisher ends.



======Obtaining [Blazing Hope]====== 
While the collab lasts in v4.5, you can play its main event and pull its battlesuit Supply to obtain SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope].

★Complete missions from the collab's main event [New Century] to obtain [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100 at most, which is the number required to unlock her and rank her up to S.



★Spend [SP Supply Cards] (each is worth 120 Crystals) to purchase drops from the collab's battlesuit Supply. You are guaranteed to pull [Blazing Hope] in 25 drops!

What's more, you receive total drop bonuses for pulling 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 drops! The bonuses are [Blazing Hope Fragment] x10 for pulling 10 and 20 drops and [Blazing Hope Fragment] x20 for pulling 40, 60, 80, and 100 drops. In other words, pulling 100 drops rewards extra [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100!

※Special Reminder
1. As per our agreement with the licensor, the collab battlesuit [Blazing Hope] and her fragments can ONLY be obtained during the collab and will NEVER be available again after the collab ends.

2.  As per our agreement with the licensor, the collab battlesuit [Blazing Hope] and her fragments can ONLY be obtained from the collab battlesuit Supply and the main collab event and will NEVER be available in other ways.

3. The collab battlesuit [Blazing Hope] cannot move into the Dorm.

That's all for today! See you in the next episode!

*The above data are from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.







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