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v4.4 [Aurelia Invicta] Update Annoucements
Dec 16, 2020

Welcome to v4.4 [Aurelia Invicta]!

She dons the golden armor which flares up with her resolve. New S-rank battlesuit [Dea Anchora] debuts! 

Featured event [Stellar Mythos] released! Play to earn Danzai Spectramancer's new outfit [Orochi Cuirass] and Crystals!


Updated Contents
1. New Battlesuit: [Dea Anchora]
◆Durandal's S-rank battlesuit [Dea Anchora] debuts! She is a BIO melee battlesuit that can dish out insane Fire DMG by combining hand-to-hand combat and lance fighting! Activate [Astral Harness] form to greatly enhance her DMG output, allowing her to cast multi-hit Ultimates successively for devastating DMG!

2. New Featured Event: [Stellar Mythos]
◆A rumor began spreading through Valkyries in a silent night. A rumor that seems to touch a long-buried secret...
◆Play the battlesuit event [Stellar Mythos] after the version update until 04:00, JAN 1, 2021 to earn Danzai Spectramancer's new outfit [Orochi Cuirass] and Crystals!


3. Special Christmas Event: [Starlit Night Rumble]
◆Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~ Carols and snowflakes are dancing in the winds as Christmas approaches.
◆The special Christmas event will see everyone in late December! Play to earn the exclusive stigma set [Encompassing Beauty]!

4. Story Chapter XXI: [Wings of Reawakening]
◆The familiar presence has faded from her. What remains is a strange animosity. To where will these wings of reawakening bring them?
◆Story Chapter XXI will be released in late December! Explore the chapter to earn 4★ stigma [Fu Hua: Onyx Simurgh (B)] and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆New Weapons: [Sagittarius Astra], [Starlance Prime], [Endothermic Lance VF], and more.
◆New Stigmata: [Shakespeare: Adrift (T, M, B)] and more.


Game Adjustments & Optimizations


The data below are at max skill level:
◆Danzai Spectramancer
Fixed an issue where the VFX of Combo ATK's 2nd sequence could be missing in co-op activities. 

◆Fallen Rosemary
Optimized the presentation of outfit [Deepwood Thyme] by remaking the VFX of Linnorm and Trickster.

◆All Rita Battlesuits
Optimized their stuttering in combat.

◆Herrscher of Reason
Fixed an issue where her weapon was not concealed in dialog scenes.

◆Herrscher of the Void
1. Fixed an issue where the weapon passive of [Domain of the Void] could not be triggered under certain circumstances. Fixed an issue where she generated Implosion Core upon activating Herrscher Form.
2. Optimized her (including outfits [Parasol Kaiserin] and [Frigid Empress]) stuttering in combat.

◆Bright Knight: Excelsis
1. Fixed an issue where her hit animation would play after casting Ultimate if she was hit before casting Ultimate.
2. Fixed an issue where outfit [Emerald of Alfheim]'s gem did not glow and her model clipped during bridge interactions.

◆Darkbolt Jonin
Fixed an issue where switching battlesuits and tapping the weapon active at the same time would trigger the DMG boost effect of the weapon passive when [Domain of Sanction] was equipped.

◆Shadow Knight
Edited her QTE description.

◆All Himeko, Durandal, Fu Hua Battlesuits
Fixed an issue where they could recover from stun by evading.

◆All Battlesuits
Fixed an issue where stigma affixes that increase max SP affected initial SP. 

◆Husk - Nihilius
Fixed an issue where it gained Paralyze Immunity for 10s upon entry. Updated its resistances in its description.

◆Couatl: Revenant
1. Fixed an issue where it could skip the transformation.
2. Fixed an issue where it could be knocked airborne by [Azure Empyrea] when it was in Superposed state.
3. Fixed an issue where a Collapsed Point detonated by [Azure Empyrea]'s evasion could interrupt its attack.
4. Fixed an issue where a Collapsed Point could be picked up by entities summoned by battlesuits (such as Project Bunny).
5. Fixed an issue where the QTEs of battlesuits capable of dealing Fire DMG could not be triggered by ELF [Book of Fuxi]'s Ultimate directed against it.
6. Fixed an issue where it could not be hit when knocked airborne by removing the animation of it being knocked airborne and shortened the distance of it being knocked back.

◆Superstring Dimension
1. Increased the HP of [PSY: Crab] in [Frosthelm: Perilous].
2. Decreased the HP of enemy [Bright Knight: Excelsis] in [Purgatory: Perilous].
3. Increased the HP of [Couatl: Revenant] in [Quantum: Perilous].
4. Added [Inferno: Intensive] which consists of PSY enemies that take 50% less Ice DMG and 50% more Fire DMG.
5. Added [Inferno: Perilous] which consists of [Herrscher of the Rimestar] that takes 50% less Ice DMG and 50% more Fire DMG.
6. Added Ignited weather where enemies take 40% more DMG when ignited and for another 4s after recovering from ignition.

◆Bounty Marks
1. Added the materials for forging stigmata [Shakespeare (T, M, B)] to drops.
2. Added more enemies. The list is as follows:
Event SS-rank Bounty: Benares, Beast of Yang - Huodou
Event S-rank Bounty: Fu Hua, Legatus
Event A-rank Bounty: Crimson Web
3. Optimized the display of Bounty Marks to make viewing and purchasing tasks easier.
4. Added the function of salvaging prints. You can now salvage the prints of equipment spirits and ghosts.
5. Added Shared Bounty. After joining a team that shares the same task with you as a member, you can choose to consume the shared task to obtain leader-level rewards. Shared Bounty is an experimental feature in v4.4.

◆Memorial Arena
1. Optimized the skill description of Bosses to make their strengths and weaknesses more accessible.
2. Added boss [Herrscher of the Rimestar].

Optimized the display of Entente rating. Upon reaching certain Score levels, correspondent rewards and ratings will be unlocked.

Valkyrie Muster which began in v4.3 will be prolonged to late v4.4.

1. PRI-ARM [Sagittarius Astra] can now be forged.
2. Weapon [Endothermic Lance VF] and stigmata [Shakespeare (T, M, B)] can now be forged.
3. Added the display of equipment forging progress to help Captains decide on what materials to collect.
4. Added the function to filter equipment tags. You can now quick-search for what you need to forge based on tags.

◆Battlesuit Trials
The [Stress Test] stages in [Fervent Tempo Δ]'s event [Fervent Tide] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to remain permanently available. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards.

◆Witch's Corridor
1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Lightning Empress], [Shadow Knight], and [Sixth Serenade]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].
2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank ELF parts with those of [Selune's Elegy] and [Bella]. They are purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].

◆Exchange Shop
1. Added purchasable stigma set [Wilde (T, M, B)].
2. Added purchasable weapon [Aphrodite].

1. Added number indicators to the purchase interface of battlesuit fragments, ELF parts, and Augment Cores. The numbers of those owned and until next rank are now visible.
2. Changed the names of the bundles below:
[Slot Special Bundle] is renamed [ELF Skill Bundle (L)].
[Slot Unlock Bundle] is renamed [ELF Skill Bundle (S)].

1. Optimized the mailbox layout to fit more mails on one screen.
2. Added the functions of sorting, filtering, and quick-deleting mails to make organizing mails easier.

◆Equipment & Items
1. Added a slider to make consuming and selling items easier.
2. Optimized the process of selecting materials to enhance equipment. You can now choose the materials to be consumed.
3. Optimized the display of overflowing items by marking them as [Maxed] and overflowing pieces of equipment by marking them as [Inventory full].
4. Optimized how overflowing items are processed so the obtainment of other items will not be affected by one overflowing item.

1. Added the display of locked ELFs' parts' sources.
2. Optimized the reminders that appear when materials are insufficient for ELF skill upgrades to remind Captains to replenish materials.

Added red dot indicators to remind Captains to collect Expedition and Errand rewards.

1. Optimized the loading screen to display messages that are more relevant to Captains' current level.
2. Optimized the display of equipment, expedition, inventory, discovery, achievement, and other screens when they are blank.
3. Integrated Coin sources on the Coin Grabber screen.
4. Optimized the collection rating screen to help Captains find groups with collectible rewards instantly.
5. Optimized some blinking indicators in Starter's Guide.
6. Optimized the display of activities' level requirements on the ATTACK screen.
7. Optimized the trigger mechanism of red dot and "NEW" indicators to make them more context-sensitive.

◆[Dea Anchora] can move into the Dorm. Added her interactions and events.

◆Added the interactive animations of [Fervent Tempo Δ].

======BUG Fixes & Optimizations======
◆Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Reason] could mis-exit battle form after casting Ultimate or QTE in Open World [Schicksal HQ].
◆Fixed an issue where certain battlesuits could permanently leave enemies stuck in Time Fracture when their Ultimate Evasion triggered upon enemy entry induced Time Fracture.
◆Fixed an issue where [Argent Knight] in outfit [Vow of Roses] had glitched arms when running in Open Worlds.
◆Fixed an issue where [Rozaliya Olenyeva] was misplaced on the bridge after she had switched to outfit [Fervent Tempo Δ] in Twin Mode.
◆Fixed an issue where the model of [Surtr Muspellsverd] glitched when it was equipped by [Blood Rose] in outfit [Rosy Passion].
◆Fixed an issue where the bridge could be missing under certain circumstances.
◆Fixed an issue where [Fervent Tempo Δ] gained 200 less PINK Juice when she was switched out at the instant of Ultimate Evasion.
◆Fixed an issue where [Starlit Astrologos] in outfit [Orchid's Night] had a misplaced fan when jumping in Open Worlds.
◆Fixed an issue where the active of [Hekate's Gloom] could make enemies face incorrect directions.
◆Fixed an issue where switching ELFs on the Bounty Mark screen could lead to incorrect touch feedback.
◆Fixed an issue where [Yamabuki Armor]'s laser VFX could glitch in Story 20-11.







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