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Server Maintenance Hyperion Maintenance Announcement
Dec 7, 2020

Dear Captains, 

To provide a better gaming experience, Battleship Hyperion will undergo server maintenance at 01:00~07:00, DEC 17 (Americas server, GMT-5)/07:00~13:00, DEC 17 (Europe server, GMT+1) for Android and iOS.


The maintenance is scheduled to last approximately 6 hours, but please note that the actual duration may vary. Captains will not be able to log in during maintenance, so be sure to spread the word to avoid unnecessary losses! Ai-chan apologizes for any inconvenience. >_<


We will compensate Captains of Lv.6 or higher with 360 Crystals and Stamina Potion x1 after the maintenance. Remember to collect our compensation in your in-game mailbox in 7 days after the maintenance or it will expire!



======Update Heads-up======

★New Battlesuit: [Dea Anchora]
She dons the golden armor which flares up with her resolve. She etches the bonds on her heart and the stars shining above shall grant her their might.
Durandal's BIO S-rank battlesuit [Dea Anchora] makes a stellar entrance.


★New Featured Event: [Stellar Mythos]
A rumor began spreading through Valkyries in a silent night. A rumor that seems to touch a long-buried secret...
Featured event [Stellar Mythos] coming soon! Play the new co-op activity and complete event missions to earn Danzai Spectramancer's new outfit [Orochi Cuirass] and Crystals!


★Story Chapter XXI: [Wings of Reawakening]
The familiar presence has faded from her. What remains is a strange animosity. To where will these wings of reawakening bring them?
Story Chapter XXI coming soon! Explore it to earn 4★ stigma [Fu Hua: Onyx Simurgh (B)] and Focused Supply Card!


★Additions to the Hyperion Arsenals
New weapons [Starlance Prime] and [Sagittarius Astra], new stigma set [Shakespeare: Adrift (T, M, B)] have joined the Arsenals.






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