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v4.3 Update Announcement
Oct 27, 2020

Welcome to v4.3 [Rhythms of Neon]!


On that day, the Swan Lake fell silent and the sleeping beauty awoke from a nightmare. Molotov Cherry's Augment Core activated: [Fervent Tempo Δ] debuts!

To find her missing sister, the Adventurer stepped into her own epic tale. Serverwide event [Honkai Quest] unfolds!


Update Heads-up

1. Molotov Cherry's Augment Core: Fervent Tempo Δ
◆S-rank battlesuit [Molotov Cherry]'s Augment Core [Fervent Tempo Δ] debuts! [Fervent Tempo Δ] is a sustained PSY melee damage dealer whose Charged ATK or Ultimate induces [Fervent Mode] that enables her to deal massive Physical DMG with dual-wielded 2-handed weapons.
◆During v4.3, rank up Molotov Cherry's Augment Core to 3★ to unlock her exclusive combat raiment [Fervent Tempo Δ]. Its unlocking threshold will be restored to 4★ in the following versions.
◆You can also earn Molotov Cherry's Augment Core's boost material [Fervent Core] by playing serverwide events or Story Chapter XX.

◆How to Obtain Molotov Cherry
1. After the version update on OCT 29 to 04:00, DEC 17, log in to participate in wishing event [Carnival Feast]. Wish on the first day to choose one from [Molotov Cherry], [Fervent Core] x160, and Ancient Willpower x600 and claim it on the next day!
2. The Equipment Supply for Molotov Cherry's Augment Core is available from 12:00, OCT 30 to 12:00, NOV 20.


2. New Serverwide Event: Honkai Quest
To find her missing sister, the Adventurer stepped into her own epic tale. Serverwide event [Honkai Quest] unfolds!
Play the version event to earn Swallowtail Phantasm's new outfit, [Fervent Core], Ancient Willpower, and Crystals! Log in for a number of days during the carnival period to claim FREE material option!

3. ELF: Tesla ZERO
◆S-rank ELF [Tesla ZERO] deals Physical DMG and provides team Physical DMG buff when a Valkyrie with the Burst tag is in the team.

◆[Tesla ZERO] enters ELF Supply from 12:00, NOV 2 to 12:00, NOV 20. Supply drops cost [ELF Supply Cards] and [Tesla ZERO] is guaranteed in 100 drops!
*You can also obtain [Tesla ZERO Parts] from total Supply spend bonuses or purchases costing [Pure ELF Orbs]. Please follow our announcements for details~


4. Story Chapter XX: Immortal Phoenix
Following the trails of Fu Hua, Kiana and Bronya have arrived at Mount Taixuan, but the fog of conspiracy has already shrouded the mountain...

◆New Story Chapter XX [Immortal Phoenix] released! Below is the unlocking schedule:
Story stage 20-1~20-6: Opens at 10:00, NOV 19
Story stage 20-7~20-10: Opens at 10:00, NOV 26
Story stage 20-11~20-13: Opens at 10:00, DEC 3

◆Story Chapter XX's challenge event is only available during v4.3. Play the full event to earn [Fervent Cores], event set 4★ stigma [Fu Hua: Empyrean (M)], and Focused Supply Cards!


5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenals
◆New weapons: [Sleeper's Dream] & [Domain of Revelation]

◆New stigma set: Pen of Critic set: [Dickens (T, M, B)]




Game Adjustments & Optimizations



The data below are at max skill level:
◆Fallen Rosemary
Skill [God Hunter]: Increased the Team Elemental DMG buff of skill [Gorging Spirits] from 20% to 35%.

◆Herrscher of Thunder
Fixed an issue where attacking after Ultimate Evasion did not inflict Collapse on QUA-type enemies.

◆Stygian Nymph
Fixed an issue where switching her out as Veliona would trigger the entry voice of Saule.

◆Herrscher of the Void
Fixed an issue where she did not gain temporary invulnerability upon resurrection after the entire team had fallen.

◆Darkbolt Jonin
Fixed an issue where irregular input during the first sequence of Ultimate would cause the animations of the second sequence to glitch.

◆Molotov Cherry
1. Fixed an issue where the bonus effects of her QTE [KATYUSHA HAMMA] could not be triggered if Blueberry Blitz did not learn the skill [Equipment Enhancement].
(*QTE bonus effects: Pull-in effect is greatly enhanced, granting Ignore Interrupt and Total DMG buffs. QTE switch-in with Blueberry Blitz exit.)
2. Edited the skill description of skill [YOU'RE TRAPPED!] to ""Ultimate Evasion immobilizes nearby enemies.""
3. Fixed an issue where the second hit of Basic ATK was too far forward in position.

◆Blueberry Blitz
Edited the skill description of Ultimate [Counterstrike] to define the length of Time Fracture triggered by Ultimate to be 1.6s.

◆Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz
Shortened hitstun time.

◆Drive Kometa
Fixed an issue where the ""no interruption when the shield is shattered by Physical DMG"" effect of her passive skill could not be triggered properly.

◆All Bronya Battlesuits (Excluding Herrscher of Reason)
1. Optimized the distance-based DMG reduction of rapid fire weapons as follows:
Enemies under 10 meters away from her take full DMG;
Enemies that are 10~22 meters away from her take 6.7% less DMG per meter apart;
Enemies over 22 meters away from her take the least DMG.

2. The charge level of an attack lasts 1.5s when attacking with rapid fire weapons.

◆All Fu Hua Battlesuits
Fixed an issue where hiding their fists triggered errors in story dialogs.

◆All Himeko Battlesuits
Fixed an issue where her weapons were not hidden properly in cutscenes.

◆Divine Prayer & Molotov Cherry
Fixed an issue where the ""auto-switch to self or teammate before death and heal self or teammate"" effect did not work.

◆All Battlesuits Added or Augmented between v3.2 and v4.2
Optimized their (including Swallowtail Phantasm, Herrscher of Reason, Twilight Paladin) stuttering in combat.



◆Mechas & Zombies
1. Disabled their invincibility state during shield restoration.
2. Adjusted the CD time of some attacks.

◆MHT-3 Pax
Removed the DMG reduction from its body parts in all activities.

◆All Elite Enemies
Optimized the visual effects of breaking their shields.



◆Tutorial Stages
The tutorial stages of Bright Knight, Starlit Astrologos, Herrscher of Thunder, and Fallen Rosemary have been made permanent. You can access them by tapping the [Tap to Try] button on the battlesuit profile screen.



◆PRI-ARMs [Sleeper's Dream] and [Domain of Revelation] can now be forged.

◆Weapons [Void Blade] and [Ice Epiphyllum], stigmata sets [Higokumaru (T, M, B)] and [Thales (T, M, B)] can now be forged.

◆Added a button to switch between stigma transmuting methods. When a stigma has multiple transmuting methods, you can tap the button to quickly switch between those that are available.

◆Optimized the display of the state of owned equipment to better differentiate it from unowned equipment. Equipment that has reached its inventory limit will be marked as [Maxed].



◆Superstring Dimension
1. After the v4.3 update, all weather debuffs have been removed from [Superstring Dimension]'s Forbidden and Sinful tiers. Different Elemental weathers are now grouped together as the Elemental DMG weather.

2. Adjusted the enemy distribution in Frosthelm: Perilous and increased the HP of [Huodou] and [Benares].

3. Removed the in-circle defeat objective from Purgatory: Perilous.

4. Added stages to the Fringe, Intensive, and Perilous tiers of QUA Disturbance.

5. Added Counter weather that increases type countering effectiveness by 20%. Added stages to the Fringe, Intensive, and Perilous tiers of Counter.

◆Open World
1. Added new battlesuit fragments to the Adventure Task rewards in Sakura Samsara, Schicksal HQ, and A Post-Honkai Odyssey.

2. Added [Fervent Core] and [Spatial Lens] to the Adventure Task rewards.

◆Bounty Marks
1. Added the materials for forging weapons [Void Blade] and [Ice Epiphyllum], stigmata sets [Higokumaru (T, M, B)] and [Thales (T, M, B)] to drops.

2. Play any Bounty Mark to receive event token [Bounty Coins] during a time-limited event in v4.3. The weekly obtainment cap is 1000. Spend [Bounty Coins] in Task Shop to purchase Bounty Boost Chests during the event period.

3. Optimized the display of information on the Bounty Mark screen.

◆Story Stages & Expedition
Shadow Dash's Augment Core's boost material [Danzai Core] has been added to Story stage and Expedition drops. The stages are 10-6(H) and 4-2(S).

v4.3 features a time-limited event [Activity LITE]. During the event period, you can complete the stages of some activities with a single tap. Please follow announcements for details.



======Battle Pass======
◆[Elite Works] New Arrivals

Added the following items for purchase:
Weapons: Sleeping Beauty
Stigma Set: Eclipse Prophet set: Thales (T, M, B)
Material: Reset the purchase limit of Einstein's Torus.




◆Asterite Shop
1. Increased the weekly purchase limit of [Smelted Core] to 20.
2. Added [Fervent Core] for sale at 600 Asterite. 40 purchases weekly.

◆Witch's Corridor
1. Added [Selune's Elegy Part], [Tesla ZERO Part], and [Mind Stone] for sale. The items purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs] will rotate with version updates.
*[Pure ELF Orbs] are obtained by converting the excess S-rank ELF parts produced by maxed star levels.
2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Knight Moonbeam], [Celestial Hymn], and [Phoenix]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].
3. Adjusted the shop access requirements. Now you can unlock Witch's Corridor by owning one of [Witch Orb], [Pure Witch Orb], or [Pure ELF Orb].

◆Battle Arsenal
1. Removed the v4.2-exclusive purchase option of [Shadow Dash Fragment].
2. Reset the version purchase limit of [Smelted Core].

◆Co-op Shop
Reset the version purchase limit of [Honkai Shard].

◆Task Shop
Reset the version purchase limit of [Time Swirl Pass].

◆Master's Shop
Updated shop contents.



Excluding [Valkyrie Gloria] and SP battlesuits, the fragments of all other A-rank battlesuits can now be requested.

◆Commissions & Armada Reward Pool
Added the fragments of Valkyrie Ranger, Divine Prayer, Shadow Dash, Valkyrie Bladestrike, Yamabuki Armor, Snowy Sniper, Valkyrie Pledge, and Sakuno Rondo.

◆Sim Battle
Updated contents.



◆Top-Up Bonuses
1. Optimized the bonuses of the No.1~No.10 tiers. If you reach a top-up milestone after the update, you can claim the new correspondent bonuses directly.
2. Added the No.11~No.12 tiers and their respective bonuses.

◆Login Emblem
Added the following 1200-day login rewards for Captains of Lv.80 or higher: Focused Supply Card x15 and Semper Fidelis.

1. Added the function to view player info and enemy info in the Lobby.
2. Streamlined the display of player info in the Lobby.

1. Optimized the display of bonus drops on the Featured Valkyries screen in events.
2. Optimized the display of the source of currencies when shopping.
3. Optimized a number of sections (e.g. Memorial Arena points) in Weekly Report.
4. Optimized the display of the view lineup function. When viewing the lineups of other Captains, the battlesuits and equipment you do not own will be marked as [Not Owned].



======BUG Fixes & Optimizations======
◆Fixed an issue where switching to a fallen Valkyrie when [Herrscher of Thunder] was casting the second sequence of Ultimate froze the game.

◆Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Thunder]'s Ultimate caused the colors of certain environments to glitch.

◆Fixed an issue where [Azure Empyrea] could use certain weapon actives with insufficient SP when casting Ultimate.

◆Fixed an issue where [Darkbolt Jonin] could not cast QTE when landing after her QTE had been triggered by [Azure Empyrea]'s igniting enemies.

◆Fixed an issue where pausing when [Bright Knight] was casting Ultimate caused Ultimate animations to disappear.

◆Fixed an issue where [Valkyrie Gloria]'s Throw against Kumbhakarna did not restore Resolve.

◆Fixed an issue where stuttering could occur when [Danzai Spectramancer] was casting Combo ATK.

◆Fixed an issue where switching between Bounty Marks too rapidly in [Bounty Mark] caused you to enter a stage that you did not select.

◆Fixed an issue where deploying battlesuits equipped with [Theresa: Gluttony (T)] in co-op mode triggered errors.

◆Fixed an issue where errors could occur in Bounty Mark stage [A-rank Bounty: Seele Vollerei].

◆Fixed an issue where selecting 120 FPS as the combat FPS in [APHO] on the PC client caused some skill VFX to disappear.

◆Fixed an issue where decreasing the combat FPS from 120 FPS to 90 FPS in [Video] required saving twice to take effect.

◆Fixed an issue where the number of cinematics in [Collection] did not match the number of cinematics on your Captain profile.

◆Fixed an issue where defeating enemies did not unlock them in Enemy Album in [APHO].

◆Fixed an issue where tapping Stamina Replenishment in [Dorm] caused the screen to glitch.

◆Fixed an issue where accessing Co-op Team in portrait preview mode caused battlesuit models to overlap.

◆Fixed an issue when toggling Video options in settings caused the Bridge background to glitch on some devices.

◆Fixed an issue where the finalization of certain stages in co-op activity [Squad Snowwolf] triggered errors.

◆Restored some Japanese voices that were missing from cinematics.








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