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Ai-chan's Newsflash - New augmented S-rank battlesuit [Fervent Tempo Δ]
Oct 25, 2020

Greetings, Captains! The show of breaking down the new version has returned! Get ready to meet the star of v4.3!
Today's episode will focus on S-rank battlesuit Molotov Cherry's Augment Core [Fervent Tempo Δ]!


======New Augmented Battlesuit [Fervent Tempo Δ] Debuts======
"One day, the swan lake went quiet and the sleeping beauty woke up from nightmares. She had no choice but to embark on a long and lonesome journey."

Augmented S-rank battlesuit [Fervent Tempo Δ] is a PSY melee Physical DPS character who is capable of fast 2-handed attacks. [Fervent Mode] greatly boosts her combat abilities, suppressive power, and Total DMG dealt against BIO enemies!

*During v4.3, rank up Molotov Cherry's Augment Core to 3★ to unlock her exclusive combat raiment [Fervent Tempo Δ]. Its unlocking threshold will be restored to 4★ in the following versions.

[Special Energy: CYAN Juice & PINK Juice]
[Fervent Tempo Δ] has two special energy gauges named CYAN Juice and PINK Juice which build up in combat. When both Juices are maxed, cast Charge ATK to induce [Fervent Mode]!

[Basic ATK: Blazing Tones]
[Fervent Tempo Δ] performs a 6-sequence slash with 2-handed weapons, dealing Physical DMG and gaining CYAN Juice.

[Charged ATK: Dissociated Harmony]
When both Juices are maxed, cast Charged ATK to exhaust them and induce [Fervent Mode] to increase Physical DMG dealt!

[Ultimate: Phantom Memories]
After entering [Fervent Mode], Fervent Tempo Δ will adopt DEF Stance momentarily. If she takes a hit in this state, she will auto-cast Strike Back EX and initiate global Time Fracture!
◆Strike Back EX untriggered:

◆Strike Back EX triggered:

[Evasion: Trick Evader]
[Fervent Tempo Δ]'s Ultimate Evasion triggers Time Fracture, generates a shield, and restores PINK Juice.

★How to obtain [Fervent Tempo Δ]?
You can obtain augment material [Fervent Core] to unlock [Fervent Tempo Δ] by playing serverwide event [Honkai Quest], Carnival Feast, Story Chapter XX exploration event, and Augment Core growth event during v4.3.
You may also participate in the 7-day wishing event Carnival Feast! Wish on the first day to choose one from [Molotov Cherry], [Fervent Core] x160, or Ancient Willpower x600 and receive what you wished for on the next day!

*The above data are from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.







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