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Aichan's Newsflash 2 - Unlocking [Fallen Rosemary]
Sep 9, 2020

If you've fallen in love with [Fallen Rosemary], don't miss today's episode where you learn how to unlock her!



======Unlocking [Fallen Rosemary]======

★Obtaining [Fallen Rosemary] Fragments★

1. After the v4.2 update, you can purchase [Fallen Rosemary] and [Fallen Rosemary Fragments] with new item [Ancient Legacy] and [Ancient Willpower] in [War Treasury]!


2. You can only purchase [Fallen Rosemary] directly from v4.2 to v4.5. However, [Fallen Rosemary Fragments] are permanently available for purchase.


3. [Ancient Legacy] is given by battlesuit event [Rosemary's Floriograph], [Novus Works], [Path of Thorny Ice], Abyss Exalted [Superstring Dimension], time-limited Ancient Willpower purchase, and other events.
※For the details of the above events, please refer to future relevant announcements.

★[Fallen Rosemary] Supply Event★
[Fallen Rosemary] Expansion Supply opens at 12:00, SEP 16. During the event period, you can spend Expansion Supply Cards to pull drops. Expansion Supply's featured S-rank battlesuit is guaranteed in 100 drops. Expansion Equipment Supply and Focused Supply recommended for [Fallen Rosemary] will be available concurrently.

★Battle Pass★
After unlocking Knight BP or Paladin BP, you can purchase [Fallen Rosemary Fragments] with [Fallen Crystallum] in Elite Works.

※You can purchase [Fallen Crystallum] with Work Points Card in Dorm Shop.




======Obtaining [Fallen Rosemary]'s Equipment======
[Iris of the Dreams] and [Irene Adler (T, M, B)], the equipment recommended for [Fallen Rosemary], will be available for purchase for 4 versions straight.


You can obtain the new equipment in the following ways during the event period:

◆[Iris of the Dreams]: Weapon Resonance purchase, Expansion Equipment Supply, Focused Supply

◆[Irene Adler (T, M, B)]: Stigma Resonance purchase, Elite Works, Expansion Equipment Supply, Focused Supply


*The above data are taken from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.






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