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Ai-chan's Newsflash - [Herrscher of Thunder] Awakened
Jul 26, 2020

Greetings, Captains! New S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Thunder] is almost ready for action! Follow Ai-chan for the latest exclusive sneak peek!

======[Herrscher of Thunder] Awakened======
Born in thunder, she delivers the arc of punishment to sunder her ties with the past, and the glare will not perish until the peals of thunder ring through the darkness.

[Herrscher of Thunder] is a PSY-type melee damage dealer capable of dealing massive Lightning DMG. Some of her attacks apply [Narukami's Mark] which increases the Lightning DMG taken by enemies.



[Basic ATK: Takemikazuchi's Edge]
[Herrscher of Thunder] performs 5-sequence slashes with her lightning imbued blade, dealing Physical and Lightning DMG. Hitting enemies inflicted with [Narukami's Mark] deals additional DMG and restores Herrscher Charge.



[Combo ATK: Susanoo's Frenzy]
Hold [ATK] after a Basic ATK sequence to unleash Combo ATK. With max Herrscher Charge, holding [ATK] unleashes special Combo ATK [Shinzan Strike], which depletes Herrscher Charge and deals destructive Lightning DMG.



[Ultimate: Amaterasu's Ride]
Entry: [Herrscher of Thunder] summons a dragon to become her ride. The dragon deals destructive Lightning DMG upon entry.

Bombard: Hold [ATK] to consume Herrscher Charge to deal Lightning DMG and apply Blitzlock to enemies. Enemies inflicted with Blitzlock are immobilized and paralyzed.

Finisher: [Herrscher of Thunder] leaps down from the dragon to deliver the final judgment, dealing devastating Lightning DMG. You can perform this move by switching battlesuits (triggered when HoT re-enters the field) or tapping [ULT] again.



======Battlesuit Event: [Thunderous Sanction]======
[Herrscher of Thunder]'s event [Thunderous Sanction] will be available in v4.1 along with her debut! Engage to master her controls and essential combat strategies. You can also challenge the much more difficult [Battlesuit Trials] once you obtain her.


*Ai-chan's Reminder: Don't worry if you cannot complete Battlesuit Trial stages within the event period! [Thunderous Sanction] will become a permanent section of Battlesuit Trials after the v4.2 update, allowing you to obtain all rewards.



======[Herrscher of Thunder] Moving In======
Prepare to greet your new roommate! [Herrscher of Thunder] can move into the Dorm after the v4.1 update.


The chibi version of the mighty thunder queen will make you go "awwww!"

※The above data are from test servers and subject to change in the live version.






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