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v4.0 Update Announcemen t- Welcome to v4.0 [Lone Stargazer]!
Jun 22, 2020

A mind to determine the outcome of faraway battles and a zither to protect those who are precious to her... New SP battlesuit [Starlit Astrologos] debuts!

The caprice of fate led Captain back to Emberya and made the [Grand Seeress] a stranger... Battlesuit event [The Day You Vanished with the Stars] available!


Update Contents:

1. New battlesuit: Starlit Astrologos
◆New SP battlesuit [Starlit Astrologos]: A BIO-type Physical support who can use team-buffing QTE and Ultimate on standby. She has exceptional burst DMG and support capacity.


You can unlock her in the following ways:
◆[Starlit Astrologos] Expansion Supply [Starlit Astrologos Supply] is available from 12:00, JUN 24 to 12:00, JUL 10. Equipment Expansion Supply [Sage's Mentor Supply] that is recommended for her is available concurrently.


◆[Starlit Astrologos] Fragments will be available in Fragment Shop from 12:00, JUN 24. You can purchase them with [Blank Fragments].


◆[Starlit Astrologos] Fragments will be available in Asterite Shop and Battle Arsenal from 04:00, JUN 29. You can purchase them with Asterite or Gold Pin.

2. Battlesuit event: The Day You Vanished with the Stars
◆The caprice of fate led Captain back to Emberya and made the [Grand Seeress] a stranger...

◆[Starlit Astrologos] event [The Day You Vanished with the Stars] is available after the version update to 04:00, JUL 16. Participate to earn [Starlit Astrologos] Fragment x100, SP Supply Card, and Honkai Shard!

3. Story Chapter XVII: Thunders Over Nagazora
◆On that day, the firmament shattered and a thunderstorm arose from the gate. People fled, for lightning was to strike.

◆Story Chapter XVII will be released on 10:00, JUL 9. Participate to earn 4★ stigma [Mei: Striker Fulminata (M)] belonging to the event stigma set and Focused Supply Card!

4. Additions to the Hyperion arsenal
◆New weapons: [Zither's Lament], [Domain of the Void], [Twins of Eden]

◆New stigma set: [Shuijing (T, M, B)]




Game Adjustments & Optimizations

The following data are at max skill level:

◆Bright Knight
1. Fixed the choppy flow of connecting Counterstrike Throw in burst mode.
2. Fixed the glitched VFX after QTE entry.
3. Optimized the display of weapon models when she uses Throw against medium, large, and huge enemies.
4. Optimized her turning speed in post-Ultimate Turbojet state.
5. Fixed the stutter when she turned around on the Bridge.
6. Fixed an issue where the camera spun with the enemy when she was defending or retaliating.

◆Bright Knight, Yamabuki Armor & Dimension Breaker
Introduced Ultimate Retaliation. The above battlesuits will inflict Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies upon performing Ultimate Retaliation.

◆All Durandal battlesuits
Optimized the physics of her hair during movement.

◆Stygian Nymph
Fixed her glitched model when failing a stage.

◆Herrscher of Reason
Fixed an issue where her hover guns may be unresponsive when on USAGI Kinetik in Burst mode.

◆Valkyrie Chariot
Fixed the missing Project Bunny model after changing outfits.

◆Void Drifter
Fixed the irregular hitbox of Combo ATK in certain circumstances.

◆White Comet
Fixed the glitched VFX of invincibility when she was revived.

◆All Kiana & Kallen battlesuits
Optimized the homing capacity of their stealth killing.

◆Twilight Paladin
Fixed an issue where her QTE may be unresponsive in co-op.

◆Darkbolt Jonin
Fixed the incorrect skill screen background of SP skill [Jonin's Lantern].

◆All battlesuits
Fixed an issue where the SP costs of actives were displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances.


◆[Zorro (T, M, B)]
Fixed an issue where the 3-pc Z Chop bonus may not be proc'ed by Black Nucleus.

◆Event stigma set
1. Added the event stigma set system. The set bonus of the event stigma set that comprises over 3 pieces can be triggered by equipping 2 or 3 pieces of any different positions.
2. Added the [Event Stigma Set] tab to the Collection system. You can view new event stigma sets and collection rewards by accessing Collection > Stigma > [Event Stigma Set].


Fixed an issue where its QUA attack counted as multiple hits, allowing players to immediately inflict Collapsed on it by evading repeatedly.

Optimized her hit response so she can be knocked airborne when weakened by shield breaking.

◆Dark Bronya
Optimized her hit response so she can be knocked airborne when weakened by shield breaking.



1. Slightly decreased the HP of certain Titan and Doom enemies in Q-Singularis and Dirac Sea.
2. Optimized the build-up of Ultimate Evasion gauge in Q-Singularis. Now [Bright Knight], [Yamabuki Armor], and [Dimension Breaker] can build up the Ultimate Evasion gauge by performing Retaliation.

◆Dirac Sea
1. Decreased the HP of Boss Dark Bronya.
2. Replaced the Normal 4F Boss duo [Wendy]+[Ganesha] with [Wendy]+[Wendy].
3. Fixed an issue where using Interferrons may trigger errors.
4. Sped up the appearance of enemies.


======A Post-Honkai Odyssey======
1. Fixed the irregular damage multiplier of Carole's skill [Hippolyta's Crusade].
2. Fixed an issue where Mei may trigger errors by using [Medea's Thunderwings] when [Code XX - Judgment] was entering phase 2.
3. Fixed an issue where Carole's Leap Counter may trigger errors.

1. [Boss Challenge] stages that provide nightmare difficulty challenges are available from 04:00, JUN 29. Clearing [Boss Challenge] stages for the first time rewards Ancient Willpower and Asterite!
2. Optimized enemy pathing in Adventure Task [Chase]. Added the target lock function to improve the accuracy of player attacks.
3. Adjusted the opening schedule of [Ruins]. [Ruins] will be divided into 3 rounds in v4.0 and the specific schedule will be announced in future announcements.
4. Optimized the finalization algorithm of [Ruins]. You can now collect finalization rewards when [Ruins] is closed.
5. Optimized the info display of the [Ruins] portal. You can now find the status of [Ruins] at the portal.
6. Fixed the maps errors that may be triggered by switching characters in [Ruins].
7. Fixed the guiding line errors in [Acts of Joffrey].

1. Fixed an issue where players could not exit the skill screen after selecting ""Acquire [Krystalloid]"".
2. Fixed the character selection errors before finalization.
3. Fixed the persisting blurs.
4. Fixed an issue where scaffolds may not respawn.


◆Open World Exorcism Tasks
1. Fixed an issue where selecting [Resource Gathering] missions in [Sakura Samsara] and [Schicksal HQ] may trigger errors.
2. Added a new Adventure Task reward: [Starlit Astrologos Fragment]. This reward may appear when accepting Exorcism Tasks.

◆Memorial Arena
1. Repositioned the Training Mode portal. You can now find it on the Memorial Arena Boss display screen.
2. Added the [Select Difficulty] feature in Training Mode. You can now choose between 5 difficulties.
3. Removed the restrictions on battlesuits and equipment in Training Mode. You can now dispatch any owned battlesuit with any equipment, including those locked in Boss battles.

◆Bounty Marks
1. Adjusted the display of expired Bounty Marks team invites.
2. Fixed an issue where Bounty Marks team invites appeared to be expired in Chat.

◆Character Trials
[Stress Test] in Hymn of Excelsis is permanently available in [Character Trials] and your progress is fully retained. If you have not completed it in v3.9, you can still play it in [Character Trials] to acquire the remaining rewards.


◆PRI-ARM [Domain of the Void] can now be forged.
◆Added the auto-lock function for newly acquired equipment. You are now prompted to lock any piece of equipment that is acquired for the first time.
◆Optimized the purchase process of battlesuit and equipment boosting materials. Battlesuit and equipment boosting screens can now redirect you to corresponding material shops.


◆Witch's Corridor: Replaced the S-rank battlesuit fragment options with that of [Knight Moonbeam], [Shadow Knight], and [Molotov Cherry] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

◆Fragment Shop: Begins to offer [Starlit Astrologos Fragment] from 12:00, JUN 24.

◆Asterite Shop: Begins to offer [Starlit Astrologos Fragment] from 04:00, JUN 29.

◆Battle Arsenal: Begins to offer [Starlit Astrologos Fragment] from 04:00, JUN 29.

◆Exchange Shop
1. New stigma offer: [Zorro (T, M, B)].
2. New weapon offer: [Blooded Saints].

Optimized the display of permanent bundles that auto-refresh.


======Battle Pass======
◆New BP season [Void Echo] becomes available at 04:00, JUN 29.

◆[Elite Works] Updates
Added the following item purchase options:
Weapons: Keys of the Void, Flint Sanada, Blood Embrace
Stigma Set: Accursed Shadows set: Gustav Klimt (T, M, B)
Material: The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset
You can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works (excluding equipment exclusive to v3.9).


◆Activity Weekly Report
Introduced the [Activity Weekly Report] feature. You can view your Memorial Arena/Abyss performance statistics as well as take weekly quizzes in [Weekly Report].

1. Activity Weekly Report portals: You can access Activity Weekly Report via Memorial Arena>>Arena Weekly Report, Abyss>>Guides>>Abyss Weekly Report, Daily Missions>>Weekly Quiz.

2. Weekly Quiz: [Honkai Weekly Trivia] will be relaunched as permanent activity [Weekly Quiz] on JUN 29. The rules and rewards remain unchanged. Added the [View Details] button to redirect players to a corresponding in-game segment when answering a question.
*Please note that [Activity Weekly Report] will go live on JUL 6 but the opening time of [Honkai Weekly Trivia] remains JUN 29.

Added the indicator of Onigiri hitting storage limit to Dorm Errand.

◆Recommended Valkyries
Optimized the battlesuit recommendation system to display the recommended equipment and ELFs of recommended lineups.

1. Optimized the display of tags so relevant tags will appear next to the main skill icons on the skill overview screen.
2. Optimized how tags function on the battlesuit screen. You can now select tag icons to view their descriptions and the skill relevancy of the current battlesuit.
3. Added the showcase of equipment pertaining to the tags being displayed on the tag screen of Memorial Arena/Abyss.

◆Social Blacklist
Added the blacklist. Blacklist another Captain to mutually block your social interactions.

◆Birthday Bonus system
Added the Birthday Bonus system. Enter your birthday to receive our gifts on the special day!

◆Split download
Introduced the split download feature. Now the system will auto-split the entire package when updating to allow players to continue playing by only downloading the necessary resources. The remaining resources can be downloaded separately on the Download Resources screen.


======Other Optimizations======
◆Added the excess option material indicator. When the star level (including Augment level) of battlesuits and ELFs have been maxed, receiving relevant items (battlesuit fragments/souls, Augment Cores, ELF Parts) from options will trigger this indicator.

◆Redrew the Heavy ATK icon that appears in combat to align it with the one displayed on the battlesuit screen.

◆Added the feature to view the log of past dialogue.


◆[Starlit Astrologos] can move into the Dorm! Added relevant interactions and events.


======BUG Fixes & Optimizations======
◆Fixed an issue where dispatching [Stygian Nymph] as leader and [Sixth Serenade] as support in BEFALL stage [Betrayer Nightmare 1] of [Material Event] may trigger errors.

◆Fixed the incorrect display of stages in [Material Event].

◆Fixed an issue where owned ELFs became locked when preparing for certain battles.

◆Fixed an issue where [SS Imaginon x30] could not be selected when opening a [4★ Stigma Option Chest].

◆Fixed the glitched skin color of Valkyries during the stage finalization of 14-4 (S) of Story Chapter XIV [Dispel the Darkness].

◆Fixed an issue where selecting avatars in Chat may not redirect you to their profiles.

◆Fixed an issue where returning from the lineups of other Captains may trigger errors.






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