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[Starlit Sanctum]
May 13, 2020

Her lance sunders the darkness and illumines the sky. The knight descends when stardust converge.
Durandal's MECH-type S-rank battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis] debuts!


Update Content

1. New Battlesuit: Bright Knight: Excelsis
◆ Durandal's S-rank battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis]: A MECH-type melee DMG dealer who can [evade] and [defend]. Being attacked while defending procs [Retaliation] that nullifies incoming hits and returns DMG.

◆ You can obtain this new battlesuit in the following way:
[Bright Knight: Excelsis] Expansion Supply will be available between 12:00, MAY 15 and 12:00, JUN 5. Expansion Equipment Supply for [Bright Knight: Excelsis] will also be available concurrently.

2. Battlesuit Event: Hymn of Excelsis
◆ [Hymn of Excelsis] is a battlesuit event tailored for [Bright Knight: Excelsis] that features story, tutorial, and challenge stages, enabling Captains to learn the lore and controls of [Bright Knight: Excelsis] in a more streamlined manner.

◆ Battlesuit event [Hymn of Excelsis] will be available from the version update on MAY 14 to 04:00, JUN 11!

3. Spring Event: Honkai Kingdoms: ZERO
◆ A posthumous edict has disrupted countless lives. Some fled, while some held fast; Some remained faithful, while some betrayed. What would their choices be when calamity befell them once more? Can the Captain, who traveled thousands of years to the past, bend the future of a war-torn world? 

◆ Spring event [Honkai Kingdoms: ZERO] arriving at 10:00, MAY 28! Participate to earn [Divine Prayer]'s outfit [Frostmoon Bunny], Honkai Shard and Focused Supply Card!

4. Story Chapter XVI: Imminent Storm
◆ The Arc City incident did not put an end to Helios' search for Kiana. The latest traces led them back to Nagazora, where the 3rd Eruption broke out.

◆ Story Chapter XVI will be released! Explore to earn 4★ stigma [Kiana: ARC Prodigal (T)] and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆ New weapons: [Hler's Serenity] & [Briareus EX]

◆ New stigma set: [Dante (T, M, B)]

※Ai-chan's Reminder: If the iOS version of your Apple device is iOS 12.0, you may experience crashes when the game is loading resources after updating to v3.9. Ai-chan strongly recommends updating your iPhone to iOS 13.0 or higher for a stable gaming experience! ><




Game Adjustments & Optimizations


The following data are at max skill level:
◆ Valkyrie Gloria
1. Skill [Eruptio Magnifica]: Throw Counter now restores her Resolve twice as fast in the Aura Ignis generated by her Ultimate.

2. Skill [Praefect Equites]: Changed its skill description into "boosts team Fire DMG by 28.5% and total Throw DMG by 16.0%" to align with its actual performance.

3. Skill [Impetus Gloria]: Changed its skill description into "at least 240 Resolve" to align with its actual effects.

4. Skill [Fiery Will]: Its duration has been extended to 30 seconds.

5. Adjusted the camera angle of her weapon selection screen.

◆ Azure Empyrea
1. Evasion [Taichi of Inertia]: Adjusted the floating animation of Evasion to ease control.

2. Ultimate [Empyrean Sunder]: Adjusted how the camera closes in after the Ultimate ends.

3. Ultimate Evasion timing window has been extended from 0.3s to 0.4s.

◆ Azure Empyrea & Phoenix
Added new VFX to their team skills.

◆ Night Squire
Fixed an issue where some inputs might cancel her Ultimate moves. Greatly improved the flow of evading, switching and attacking after Ultimate.

◆ Argent Knight
Fixed an issue where Ultimate incorrectly consumes an extra 15 SP.

◆ Sixth Serenade
Her passive skill [Raven Mark] now freezes enemies. Harvesting the 3rd stack of Raven Mark inflicts Freeze for 2s.

◆ Stygian Nymph
Optimized the hitbox of Charged ATK to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Knight Moonbeam
Optimized her hitbox to make hitting airborne and crouching enemies easier.

◆ Divine Prayer
Fixed an issue where Ultimate Evasion may trigger healing repeatedly.

◆ Blood Rose
Optimized the homing capability of the last sequence in burst mode and of Basic ATK.

◆ Arctic Kriegsmesser
The 3rd sequence of skill [Cold Edge] in Threshold mode now inflicts Freeze for 2s. CD: 8s.

◆ Molotov Cherry
Increased the max homing distance of the VODKA FINALE joint finisher.

◆ Blueberry Blitz
Passive skill [Equipment Enhancement]: Adjusted the Rime Trauma charge rate of her first Charged ATK/Ultimate after entry from medium to strong.

◆ Celestial Hymn
Fixed an issue where the VFX of the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK may be missing when she is wearing default or certain outfits.

◆ Twilight Paladin
QTE skill [Wolf's Hour] now has a shorter attack startup and activates Fervent state quicker.

◆ All Theresa Battlesuits
Greatly improved the flow of switching, evading and using Ultimate after weapon actives.

◆ Gyakushinn Miko
Optimized her hitbox to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Flame Sakitama
Skill [Firewind]: Her Combo Follow-up ATKs now apply Ignite to ignited enemies.

◆ Valkyrie Chariot
Passive skill [Particle Fusion]: Changed its description into "single shots and multi-shots of cannon-type weapons deal more Crit DMG" to align with its actual effects.

◆ Snowy Sniper, Valkyrie Chariot, Valkyrie Pledge
Optimized the register mechanism of their Ultimates so they will no longer be canceled by evasions upon release.



◆ Ruinous Sakura
1. Fixed an issue where the 2nd sequence of weapon active may be canceled out by some inputs. Greatly improved the flow of evading, switching, using Ultimate and attacking after the 2nd sequence of weapon active.

2. Optimized her hitbox to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Positron Blasters
Fixed an issue where switching immediately after using weapon active may lead to canceled attacks and other graphical glitches.

◆ Undine's Tale
Optimized the hitbox of its active to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Skadi of Thrymheim & Skadi Ondurgud
Optimized the hitbox of its active to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ ARC Serratus
Increased its melee Crit DMG from 25% to 40%.

◆ Frozen Naraka
Fixed an issue where it did not charge the correct amount of Rime Trauma.

◆ Might of An-Utu
Fixed an issue where it may release its active indefinitely when the CD of its active was greatly reduced.

◆ All lances
1. Increased the Interrupt of Throw so it can interrupt a defending Heimdall.
2. Throw will no longer be proc'd when enemies out of the Throw Counter range are performing special moves.

◆ Schrodinger (T)
Fixed an issue where its effect may still occur when missile attacks did not hit enemies.

◆ Zorro (T)
Fixed an issue where Valkyries equipping it may experience repeated SP regen during Ultimate Evasion.

◆ Allan Poe (2-pc)
Changed its CD description from 2s into 3s to align with its actual effect.

◆ Jingwei (M)
Changed its skill description into "Fire DMG". Its actual effect remains unchanged.

◆ Planck (M)
Optimized its skill description. Its actual effect remains unchanged.



◆ Dirac Sea
1. Decreased the HP and ATK of 3F Boss [Hellmaru].

2. Decreased the HP of 4F Bosses [Gigant], [Death Web] and [Tonatiuh].

◆ Q-Singularis
Decreased the HP of 20F Bosses [Frost Emperor], [Rime Titan], [Gigant], [Benares] (Fire Form) and [Jo-Ninja].

◆ Chronicles
[Everlasting Memory] story stage [Blessing] now drops 2★ lance [Lance].

◆ Story Stages
Story stages and Expeditions now drop [Valkyrie Gloria] Fragments.
The Story stages include 11-4(H), 6-1(H), 8-3(S) and 14-4(S).



1. PRI-ARM [Briareus EX] can now be forged.

2. Weapon [Lucia], stigmata [Rita: Kitten Fun (T)], [Stan: Kitten Fun (M)] and [Durandal: Kitten Fun (B)] can now be forged.

3. Added a [Quick Select] function. Captains of Lv.70 or higher can select 20 weapons/stigmata of low value (any Lv.1 equipment whose rarity is 3★ or under and not event-exclusive is considered low value) at once on the weapon/stigma salvage screen to batch salvage. If duplicates exist, then the one with the highest rarity and level will be auto-saved.

4. Optimized the display of resource data in the top right area of the Foundry.

5. Optimized the description of equipment forge availability in the Foundry.

6. Fixed an issue where the numbers of used materials are displayed incorrectly when choosing materials.

7. Fixed an issue where tapping equipped stigmata in the stigma forging bar redirected Captains to the weapon tab.



◆ Open World
1. Adjusted the refreshing rules of adventure tasks in Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ. The first available task in every cycle now has a chance to be other than [Resource Gathering].

2. The rewards of Mecha Defense and gathering prior to the update are obtained by playing [Honkai Weekly Trivia] weekly in v3.9.

◆ A Post-Honkai Odyssey
1. Changed the highest floor count of APHO Ruins from 27F to 23F on MAY 18. Clearing 20F now yields all rewards.

2. Changed the checkpoint floors to 4F, 8F, 11F, 14F, 17F and 20F. The numbers of [Relic Keys] rewarded by different floors after clearing checkpoint floors remain unchanged.

3. Added new unlockable Talent Slots that can be upgraded with Krystallum and Regulators. Adjusted the buffs of Talent Slots.

4. Optimized the dialogue screen. Now the question is displayed along with its answers.

5. Added the function to replay base dialogues. Captains can now replay past dialogues that took place in the base by accessing [Base - Collection].


◆ Witch's Corridor
Purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments are replaced with that of [Dimension Breaker], [Argent Knight] and [Blood Rose] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

◆ Bundles
Added the feature of selecting rewards. The contents of certain bundles are divided between [Basic Contents] and [Optional Contents]. When purchasing these bundles, you can select an item from [Optional Contents] to be given with [Basic Contents].



======Battle Pass======
New BP season [Sublime Saga] will arrive at MAY 18.

[Elite Works] Update
Elite Works is now offering the following equipment and materials:
[Weapons] Skoll and Hati, Void Blade, PSY - Bows of Hel
[Stigma] Night Vigilante Set: Zorro (T, M, B)
[Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset.
You can also purchase non-version-exclusive equipment from v3.8 in Elite Works.



1. Added the [PRI-ARM Preview] and [Go Forge] buttons on the info screen of PRI-able weapons.
2. When a PRI-able weapon has not reached the max level (Lv.50), tap the [PRI-ARM Preview] button to preview its PRI-ARM stats. When a PRI-able weapon has reached the max level and Captain has reached Lv.81 or higher, tap the [PRI-ARM Preview] button to access the Foundry.

◆ Co-op Raids
Optimized Co-op Level. Now high-level Captains can accept the invites of low-level Captains to play low-level Co-op stages in Assist mode.

◆ Preset Lineup
1. Added the [View] and [Copy] functions. Captains can now view and copy the preset lineups of others from World, Armada and Private Chat.

2. Added the [Share] function. Now Captains can share their preset lineups to World, Armada and Private Chat.

3. Optimized the preset lineup config system to include ELFs.

4. The activation state of ELF team skills can now be viewed.

◆ Stamina Exchange
Optimized the [Stamina Replenishment] system. A new Stamina Replenishment screen that integrates the 3 Stamina sources that are Dorm, Stamina items and Crystal purchase will appear when Captains wish to replenish Stamina.

◆ Boss Info
Added the models, types, resistances and strategies of Bosses to their info screens.

◆ Tags
1. Adjusted tags generally and fixed incorrect tags.

2. Introduced "Fast ATK" and "Burst" tags and removed "Aerial" and "Slow" tags.

◆ Equipment
1. Optimized the display of equipment icons and tags on the equipment screen.

2. Adjusted the Suggested values of certain equipment.



◆ Certain stages now indicate bonus event drops. Optimized the display of bonus drops induced by deploying certain Valkyries.



◆ [Expansion Equipment Supply Card] has been incorporated into [Focused Supply Card] in v3.9. From now on, purchasing [Expansion Equipment Supply] drops costs [Focused Supply Cards]. Owned [Expansion Equipment Supply Cards] will be auto-replaced by the same number of [Focused Supply Cards] after the version update.

◆ In v3.9, Expansion Supply and EXPA Select will share the same [remaining drop counts before receiving the 100-drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit]. Your [remaining drop counts before receiving the 100-drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit] in Expansion Supply and EXPA Select will both be retained and the smaller one will be applied first.



◆ [Bright Knight: Excelsis] can now move into the Dorm! Added relevant intereactions and events.



◆ Added the interactive animations and voices of Durandal's [Bright Knight: Excelsis].



======BUG Fixes & Optimizations======
◆ Fixed an issue where the [Operation Flashpoint] screen was displayed incorrectly on certain bezel-less phones.

◆ Fixed an issue where the models of talking Valkyries may become semi-transparent.

◆ Fixed an issue where certain S+ Errands calculated ELF stats incorrectly.

◆ Fixed an issue where team invites for Adventure Tasks appeared expired.

◆ Fixed an issue where challenging floors higher than 20F in APHO [Ruins] may trigger errors.

◆ Fixed an issue where defeating Bosses with Mei's illusions in APHO may trigger errors.

◆ Fixed an issue where defeating The Hermit in APHO did not unlock it in Collection.






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