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Ai-chan's Newsflash - Gameplay Adjustments & Optimizations Preview
May 10, 2020

Today's episode will focus on gameplay and PRI-ARM updates! 



======Gathering Rewards Adjustments======
Quiz event [Honkai Weekly Trivia] will be available in 3.9. Simply take a quiz and clear a supplemental trial stage to earn the rewards of gathering/Mecha Defense of the week!


★Quiz Rules★ 
Each quiz of the week consists of 10 questions and answering a question correctly rewards 10 points. Reach final score milestones to claim corresponding rewards (you can retake quizzes to improve final scores).
You may play the trial stage regardless of quiz results after answering 10 questions. The trial stage is updated weekly, each featuring different battlesuits for learning purposes. Clear trial stages to claim rewards on the event screen!



======Focused Supply Card & Expansion Equipment Supply Card Integrated======
[Expansion Equipment Supply Card] has been incorporated into [Focused Supply Card] in v3.9. From now on, purchasing [Expansion Equipment Supply] drops costs [Focused Supply Cards].


Owned [Expansion Equipment Supply Cards] will be auto-replaced by the same number of [Focused Supply Cards] after the version update.


*Notes: This adjustment only affects the type of Supply Cards. The rules and guarantees of [Expansion Equipment Supply] remain unchanged!



======EXPA Select & Expansion Supply Integrated======
After the v3.9 update, Expansion Supply and EXPA Select will share the same [remaining drop counts before receiving the 100-drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit].


Your [remaining drop counts before receiving the 100-drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit] in Expansion Supply and EXPA Select will both be retained and the smaller one will apply first.

Once you have received a S-rank battlesuit (triggered the guarantee with a smaller remaining drop count) in the next round of Expansion Supply or EXPA Select, the larger one will apply.


Triggering both guarantees (if available) of former Expansion Select and EXPA Select resets the drop count to 100.

Attention: The 10-drop guarantees of Expansion Supply and EXPA Select remain mutually independent.

※Please refer to the complete version update announcement for more detailed adjustments and optimizations.



======PRI-ARM Update====== 
New PRI-ARM [Briareus EX] can be forged after the v3.9 update! Wield unrivaled power!

[Briareus EX] is a 5★ heavy weapon that can be leveled up to Lv.65 and upgraded to 6★.


Captains of Lv.81 or higher who have unlocked the prerequisite weapon [Briareus PRI] in the weapon album can upgrade any Lv.50 Supply heavy weapon into [Briareus EX].

That's all for this season of Ai-chan's Newsflash. Until next time!

※The above data are from the test servers and are subject to change in the live servers.






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