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Ai-chan's Newsflash - New S-rank Battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis] Debuts!
May 9, 2020

Greetings, Captains! Time for MOAR exclusive content sneak peeks in "Ai-chan's Flash"! ><

Today's episode features the new S-rank battlesuit that will join us in v3.9: [Bright Knight: Excelsis]!


======New Battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis] Debuts====== 
The lance and the shield cross to guard the knight's luster that reigns supreme.
Schicksal's strongest Valkyrie, Durandal's S-rank battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis] debuts!


[Basic ATK: Gladius Milites]
[Bright Knight: Excelsis] brandishes her lance in a 5-sequence string to deal massive Physical DMG. The 4th sequence restores SP on every hit.

[Evasion: Scutum Divinitas]
[Bright Knight: Excelsis] can protect herself by [evading] and [defending].

Tap [Evade] and directions to evade.

Tap [Evade] without directions to defend temporarily. Being attacked while defending triggers [Retaliation] that nullifies incoming hits and returns DMG!



Both Retaliation and Ultimate Evasion can trigger [Focus EX], which induces brief Time Slow and buffs Charged ATKs.

[Special ATK: Kontos Equites]
Hold [ATK] during the 5th Basic ATK sequence or tap [ATK] after Retaliation to use her Charged ATK that deals massive Physical DMG!

In Burst mode, tapping [ATK] after Retaliation triggers her Charged ATK that deals massive Physical DMG.

[Ultimate: Sceptrum Regalis]
[Bright Knight: Excelsis] unleashes her true potential to enter Burst mode and summon the majestic [KING] and [QUEEN] to fight for her!


Evading forwards in Burst mode induces [Turbojet status]. Attacking in this status will trigger [Turbojet Assault] that deals Physical DMG.

======Hymn of Excelsis: Battlesuit Event======
To celebrate the release of [Bright Knight: Excelsis], her battlesuit event [Hymn of Excelsis] will be temporarily available in v3.9!
[Hymn of Excelsis] comprises 4 segments: [Forging Excelsis], [Battlesuit Tutorial], [Battlesuit Challenge] and [R&D Logs]. What are they about? Allow Ai-chan to explain!

★Forging Excelsis: Story Stages★
Use a trial [Bright Knight: Excelsis] to relive her history. Completing stages unlocks not only rewards but also the development logs of this 4th generation Godsbane battlesuit.

★Battlesuit Tutorial: Tutorial Stages★
Master the controls of [Bright Knight: Excelsis]! Learn how to employ her powerful skills and flashy combos in combat by playing tutorial stages!

★R&D Logs★
The logs record never-before-seen key info relevant to [Bright Knight: Excelsis]. Perfect for lore lovers!

★Battlesuit Challenge★
Similar to previous battlesuit challenge stages, you are required to play these stages with your own [Bright Knight: Excelsis]. Stage difficulty is incremental so don't forget to boost her power! Completing stages unlocks not only secret logs but also awesome rewards including [Focused Supply Card].

======[Bright Knight: Excelsis] Moving In======
After the v3.9 update, new battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis] can move into your Dorm! Don't forget to say hi to your new roommate!

That's all for new battlesuit news! The next episode of Ai-chan's Newsflash will focus on A Post-Honkai Odyssey and Story contents. Stay tuned!

*The above data are from the test servers and are subject to change in the live servers.





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