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Ai-chan Newsflash: New SP battlesuit Valkyrie Quicksand debuts
Mar 22, 2023

v6.5 Hot Sands Escapade is coming soon! Susannah's new SP battlesuit Valkyrie Quicksand will also be released! Today, Ai-chan will bring to you the new battlesuits info. Read on to learn more!

※※※※※ Valkyrie Quicksand ※※※※※
With dazzling dance steps and wonderful fantasies, she runs on the path of completing missions like a happy little bear.

"Equipment... check! Confidence level... max! Valkyrie Susannah ready to roll!"


※※※※ Skill Showcase ※※※※
Valkyrie Quicksand is a QUA-type Physical DMG dealer. With a lithe figure and soft step, she dances on the battlefield in an upbeat tempo. She has multiple ways of inflicting Bleed Trauma on enemies, and all DMG dealt by her is Bleed DMG.

◆ Basic ATK: Go, Go, Susannah!
Valkyrie Quicksand slashes with a chakram to perform a 4-sequence attack, restoring Confidence and inflicting Bleed Trauma on the enemies she hits.
Casting QTE, Combo ATK or Ultimate grants High Morale state to the team and enable them to inflict more Bleed stacks.


◆ Combo ATK: Want Some Gems?
When Confidence is maxed, hold [ATK] to let Valkyrie Quicksand toss gems and cast Combo ATK, which inflicts Bleed Trauma on enemies and restores SP for herself.


◆ Passive Skill: Mystical Nights
Valkyrie Quicksand casts weapon skill to toss chakram to form a drum surface, then button prompts appear. When triggering perfect judgment, she deals more Physical DMG.


◆ Evasion Skill: C-Close Call!
After triggering Ultimate Evasion, Valkyrie Quicksand restores Confidence and connects into Basic ATK SEQ 3. Triggering Ultimate Evasion Skill restores more Confidence.


◆ Ultimate: One Thousand and One Fantasies
Upon entering Dancing state, Valkyrie Quicksand deals Physical DMG to all enemies and inflicts Bleed Trauma on them. Meanwhile, she also inflicts Collapse on QUA enemies once.
While casting Ultimate, button prompts appear on the screen. When triggering perfect judgment, she deals more DMG and restores SP.


※※※※※ Battlesuit and Equipment ※※※※※
After the v6.5 update and until 12:00, APR 28, SP Valkyrie Supply for Valkyrie Quicksand will open.
You can also get Valkyrie Quicksand Fragments from featured event Meow Town Escapade, login event Dancing Hemlines & Flickering Lamp and Open World Adventure Tasks~

Participate in Equipment Supply event Dance of Chasing Light to get her recommended equipment chakram Twirling Glaze and Exotic Lamp set.


※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.








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