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Ai-chan Newsflash: New Herrscher battlesuit Herrscher of Finality Debuts
Feb 5, 2023

Dear Captains, Version Kiana "From Finality, the Origin" is coming soon! Today's episode is all about Kiana's S-rank Herrscher battlesuit Herrscher of Finality and ELF Kiana Kaslana! Read on to learn more!

※※※※※ Herrscher of Finality ※※※※※
She holds the key to humanity's transcendence beyond Finality and a brighter future.

"The authority comes from everyone's hard work... I'll take good care of it."


※※※※ Skill Showcase ※※※※
Herrscher of Finality is an S-rank Herrscher battlesuit for Kiana Kaslana. She is an IMG-type Fire DMG dealer who attacks with pistols and a sword. Herrscher of Finality can trigger Absolute Time Fracture in which time stays completely still.

◆ [Basic ATK: Supreme Blade, Reforged]
Herrscher of Finality's Basic ATK launches a 5-sequence combo that deals Fire DMG.


Herrscher of Finality attacks in mid-air. After using Basic ATK in mid-air, tap [ULT] to trigger plunge ATK. After using Basic ATK on the ground, tap [ULT] to trigger upward ATK.


◆ [Combo ATK: Searching Drifter, Answered]
Time Flint stance & Moon Blade stance
When Herrscher of Finality's Descent is maxed, hold [ATK] to cast Combo ATK so that she can switch between Time Flint stance and Moon Blade stance.
When Herrscher of Truth and Herrscher of Origin are on the same team, Combo ATK is enhanced in Time Flint stance and Moon Blade stance.





Herrscher of Finality gets Time Wave when casting Combo ATK. With 2 Time Waves, hold [EVA] to trigger Absolute Time Fracture, during which she gains invincibility and triggers Time-frozen Domain. After Time-frozen Domain expires or at 0 Descent, she will cast Combo ATK and end Absolute Time Fracture.


When Herrscher of Finality is in Absolute Time Fracture, she will switch to Finale stance in which she casts Combo ATK to deal Fire DMG to enemies.


◆ [Ultimate: Deadly Finality, Surmounted]
Herrscher of Finality jumps up and quickly attacks under the cold moon. Her lethal attacks deal Fire DMG, and she can trigger Time-frozen Domain. When Herrscher of Origin and Herrscher of Truth are on the same team, exit no longer resets Time Waves.


When Herrscher of Origin and Herrscher of Truth are on the same team, Ultimate is replaced by Joint Ultimate. After casting Joint Ultimate, the three characters will jointly attack to deal massive Fire, Ice and Lightning DMG.


※※※※※ Battlesuits and Equipment ※※※※※
In the new version, you can play the limited-time Supply event Hope of Finality to get a Herrscher of Finality Character Card.

Aside from Battlesuit Supply, Focus Supply for Herrscher of Finality's recommended gear will also be available. You can pull her recommended weapon Key of Anonymity and recommended stigma set In the Name of Finality from Focus Supply.


※※※※※ New ELF Kiana Kaslana ※※※※※
She's the new addition to the ELF lineup.


※※※※ Skills Preview ※※※※
◆ Basic ATK: Kiana, Go!
Kiana Kaslana has 2 Basic ATK variations. She can fire 3 bullets or swing the bat to attack enemies and deal DMG.

◆ Ultimate: Baffling Luck
ELF hits a home run and the baseball explodes, gathering nearby enemies and creating an area. The second explosion later will gather nearby enemies. Casting Ultimate reduces switch CD by 8s and increases Elemental DMG taken by enemies.

※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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