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Ai-chan Newsflash: New S-rank Battlesuit Herrscher of Origin Debuts
Feb 5, 2023

Today's episode features another new battlesuit, Herrscher of Origin, who will debut in Version Kiana. Read on to learn more!




※※※※※ Herrscher of Origin ※※※※※
Together with her partners, she shall transcend the destiny that no one has ever overcome.

"Raiden Mei chose to protect humanity as a Herrscher."



※※※※ Skill Showcase ※※※※
Herrscher of Origin is Raiden Mei's new IMG-type S-rank battlesuit dealing Lightning DMG. The Wing Blades floating next to her can be used to attack enemies. After casting Ultimate, she will wield the blade in her hands to launch a series of slashes. Even reality will be shattered to pieces when the blade cuts through.

◆ [Basic ATK: Strike of Fulminata]
Herrscher of Origin attacks with 4 sequences, and the 4th sequence greatly increases Mind Body Insights. She will gain Iron Body and DMG Reduction when attacking, and her Basic ATK inflicts minor Paralyze Trauma.

◆ [Combo ATK: Phantasm of Danzai]
Herrscher of Origin uses the power of lightning to sunder space-time and accumulates energy to annihilate enemies. Tapping [ATK] at the end of Basic ATK or ATK SEQ 4 triggers Combo ATK and Herrscher of Origin deals Lightning DMG to enemies. When Mind Body Insights are maxed, hitting enemies consumes all Mind Body Insights as well as triggers Regressive Origin and Time-frozen Domain.

Triggering Regressive Origin charges Wing Blades with a stack of Twisted Origin. When there are 3 stacks of Twisted Origin, hold [ATK] to cast Malice Expunged and Herrscher of Origin deals Lightning DMG to enemies.

◆ [Ultimate: Thunder of Redemption]
Herrscher of Origin launches a series of slashes to sunder space-time and enemies. After casting Ultimate, swipe screen, tap [ATK], tap directions or move the joystick to launch a series of slashes.

After 12 slashes or 20 seconds, Herrscher of Origin will launch a final slash that deals Lightning DMG to enemies.



※※※※※ Battlesuits and Equipment ※※※※※
◆ How to Get the Battlesuit
Participate in the limited-time event and complete Story Chapter XXXIV The Moon's Origin and Finality to get a Herrscher of Origin Character Card.

In the new version, you can play the limited-time Supply event Origin Rekindled to get a Herrscher of Origin Character Card. You can also win more chances of participation in this event to get extra Herrscher of Origin Character Cards.

◆ How to Get Equipment
Participate in the limited-time event and complete Story Chapter XXXIII In the Name of the Truth to get Heartfelt Origin Stigma Option.

Aside from Battlesuit Supply, the Focus Supply for Herrscher of Origin's recommended gear will also be available. You can play the limited-time Supply event Pure-minded Shadow to pull her recommended weapon Key of Limpidity and recommended stigma set In the Name of Origin. An UP equipment item is guaranteed in every 30 drops, and you are guaranteed to receive all UP equipment items in 120 drops. Every 10 drops of the first 80 drops reward extra Focused Supply Card x5, for a total of Focused Supply Card x40.

※ If you've already completed relevant chapters, log in to the game after the new version update to claim corresponding rewards.

That's all for the new battlesuits info of Version Kiana! In the next episode, Ai-chan will be talking about the new version events! Stay tuned!

※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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