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Ai-chan's Newsflash: Bustling Holiday Symphony ||: coming soon!
Jan 3, 2023

Captain, special event shop Truth Creation and featured event Bustling Holiday Symphony ||: will be released in v6.3!

Play the event to get Crystals, Sweet 'n' Spicy's new outfit Freestyle Special and more! Please follow Ai-chan to check out their details.




※※※※※ Truth Creation ※※※※※
After the v6.3 update, play v6.3 events or permanent activities and complete missions on the event page to exchange for Crystals, Honkai Shards, Einstein's Torus and SC Metal-H2 in event shop Truth Creation.



※※※※※ Bustling Holiday Symphony ||: ※※※※※
A luck draw and a tourist attraction still under construction.

The adventure is spiralling downward endlessly, ushering in a holiday full of surprises.

"All units attention! The tourists are close to the next area... No time for explanation! Speed up now!"

★★★ Event Rewards ★★★
During v6.3, play the featured event to get Sweet 'n' Spicy's new outfit Freestyle Special, Crystals, Wonderful Holiday Emblem and more.

★★★ Rules ★★★
Upon entering the event, Captains will be randomly assigned to either St. Freya or Golden Courtyard. Team up with your partners to explore the mystical maze shrouded in fog and build up exploration progress for your faction. The faction with more damage dealt to the boss and higher exploration progress will win.



◆ Area Exploration
The tiles with blue frames are unexplored, and you can use Odd Drive to enter these tiles and get Miracle Voters. Each faction has 4 exclusive areas, and each area contains 5 key buildings.

◆ Key Buildings
There are two types of buildings: Wonder Treasury and Imagination Arena. You can cast votes in Wonder Treasury to build up the exploration progress of your faction. In Imagination Arena, you must defeat the boss to complete the point challenge before casting votes.

◆ Scenic Tasks
Each building corresponds to one scenic task. Complete the task to get Miracle Voters and more.

◆ Final Challenge
You can challenge the boss after activating all the key buildings within the area. The more damage you deal to the boss and the quicker you defeat the boss, the more contribution points you will get. The faction with more exploration contribution points will win.

※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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