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[v3.7 Q&A]
Mar 24, 2020

We truly appreciate the dedicated support of Captains! HQ has answered some of your questions:


Q: The error pop-ups in v3.7 are hampering my gameplay. Any fixes?
A: Please select "Resume" to see if it works! If error pop-ups and stuttering occur in co-op play, please check if you have the weapon Plasma Kagehide equipped! Replace it with other weapons and try again.

Q: Seele's face looks glitched. She doesn't have expressions.
A: We apologize for the issue! The glitch will be fixed in v3.8.

Q: The game files are huge. Would it be possible for players to download what they need instead of the whole package?
A: We have been following this subject for some time now and the good news is that we have already formulated a tentative plan. This optimization plan will be carried out in phases and is estimated to take place after v4.0. We are currently conducting prestudies and developing the basic tools for some of the download features.

It is a major challenge to optimize resources considering how content-heavy our game is. The myriad resource types, complex download/loading logic and other similar issues require more time to figure out.

We will do our best to launch this optimization feature as early as possible! We kindly ask for your understanding and support for our amazing technical staff!

Q: Will Path of Apotheosis return?
A: We have been asked the same question and our answer remains that the activity would return after optimization! The improved Path of Apotheosis will allow Captains to use battlesuits that make the least appearances in Abyss and Memorial Arena for a fresh experience!

Q: The level requirement of Co-op Raid makes it impossible for senseis to play with cadets. Will this be fixed?
A: We heard you loud and clear! The feature for higher-level Captains to join the team of lower-level Captains via invitation is estimated to be introduced in v3.9, allowing senseis and cadets to play together!

We apologize for any co-op issue and we are working hard toward the goal of satisfying every Captain! We are constantly trying out new ideas to optimize co-op play so suggestions are always appreciated!


That's all for this Q&A session. See you next time, Captains!





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