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Rita's Birthday - Participate in Rita's birthday community event for 100 Crystals!
Feb 28, 2020

What will be sparked when the most graceful maid meets the most powerful Valkyrie?

Rita's birthday event is available! Participate in the community event to become one of the 12 lucky Captains who win 100 Crystals!


=====Event Duration======
 FEB 29 ~ 12:00, MAR 6 


=====How to Participate======
A comic strip with blank speech bubbles is waiting to be filled in the event post! Insert lines of any theme that are relevant to the context and upload your filled image along with your game UID to our comment section to participate~

Participate Now

To Facebook: Faebook address link

To Twitter:Twitter address link

=====Event Details======
1. Submissions must not contain any illicit content such as gore and pornography.
2. Submissions must be original. Plagiarized works will be disqualified once discovered.
3. Submissions must include 9-digit UIDs. Find your UID by tapping the upper left area on the Bridge screen to access your profile.
4. The HQ will reveal the winners and issue Crystals to them in 7 days after the event ends. Don't forget to follow our communities for the big reveal!





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