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[v3.6 Q&A]
Feb 12, 2020

We truly appreciate the dedicated support of Captains! HQ has answered some of your questions:


Q: When will the Dorm system be updated?
A: We understand this is a huge concern so we'd like to discuss our roadmap: The chibi system found in Dorm and event stages are insanely popular, so we've been working hard at creating new chibi activities to meet your demands. The recent twin-stick shooter minigames are prime examples in that instead of doing samey re-runs, we have been beefing up the gameplay in every possible way.


Captains can experience the enhanced shooter event in v3.7! The Dorm system itself will receive more updates afterwards.


Chibis in different outfits will start moving into Dorms in the future! We and Captains think alike: It would be a waste if those beautiful outfits could not be worn by adorable chibis!

Q: When will there be a new Open World?
A: We promise to bring you more Open Worlds and the newest addition is the upcoming A Post-Honkai Odyssey.


We will not be spilling more details here, but Captains can always revisit previous Ai-chan's Newsflash episodes for info!


We will be covering A Post-Honkai Odyssey soon, so don't miss any of our future updates! We sincerely appreciate your attention to A Post-Honkai Odyssey!

Q: When can we batch select upgrade materials?
A: We're on it! We have already introduced the batch purchase function based on your feedback, so rest assured that batch select is coming along!

Q: How will the Armada system evolve?
A: Many Captains have asked us the same question and we have been collecting your feedback on Armada updates! Our goal is to revamp the Armada system into a playground for player interactions, which is so much more than another activity you farm for rewards!


What can be said about the general direction is that we are tweaking the fundamental experience (including Message Board, member profile display, Chat) and polishing the Armada Boss activity according to player feedback.


That's all for this Q&A session. See you next time, Captains!





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