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Ai-chan's Newsflash - S-rank Fu Hua [Azure Empyrea] debuts!
Feb 10, 2020

Long time no see, Captains! Did you miss me? With v3.7 on the horizon, Ai-chan has returned to bring you the latest version news!

As you may already know, the star of today's episode is the new battlesuit [Azure Empyrea]!

======New Battlesuit [Azure Empyrea] Debuts======
The legendary Celestial has re-descended after millennia. In an ever-changing world, what remains unswayed is her searing heart that beats to protect Shenzhou.

Fu Hua's new S-rank battlesuit [Azure Empyrea], [Phoenix]'s awakened form, makes her grand debut!

[Basic ATK: Yin and Yang]
Her Basic ATK string comprises four sequences that charge [Yin] and [Yang] energy. The fourth sequence deals 200% ATK of Fire DMG.

[Combo ATK: Yin-Yang Tempo]
Tap and hold the Basic ATK button to use the Combo ATK determined by the ratio of [Yin] and [Yang] stacks and inflict Elemental DMG vulnerability.

Based on the stack counts of [Yin] and [Yang], Combo ATKs may gain special effects including pulling enemies and recovering SP.

[Ultimate: Empyrean Sunder]
Unleashing the Ultimate pulls, immobilizes, inflicts Elemental DMG vulnerability on and reduces the Interruption Resist of all enemies on the field, while increasing the Interruption Resist, DMG Reduction and All Elemental Breach of team members.

[Evasion: Taichi of Inertia]
Ultimate Evasion triggers global Time Fracture, increases her Interruption Resist and DMG Reduction, and allows her to perform the fourth Basic ATK sequence directly.

Additionally, [Azure Empyrea] has a shield that nullifies one incoming ATK. The shield enters CD after nullifying one incoming ATK but is refreshed to full strength when the Ultimate Evasion is triggered.

That's all for today! Don't miss the next episode where Ai-chan delves into the new ELF! Peace and love!

* The above data are taken from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.






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