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Ai-chan's Newsflash - New SP Battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin]
Dec 21, 2019

Are you ready for the big v3.6 update? Today's sneak peek is brought to you by Ai-chan! The star of the show is Yae Sakura's new SP battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin] that is coming in v3.6!


Yae Sakura's SP battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin] is BIO-type and has an unique skill system. By unlocking and upgrading the skill system, [Darkbolt Jonin] will gain up to 4 additional skills!

Unlocking the system enables [Darkbolt Jonin]'s new SP skill [Darkbolt Pursuit]. Spend [Advanced Skill Materials] to power-up the skills in the system to give [Darkbolt Jonin] a bigger edge!



[Basic ATK: Garyu Stance]

A close-quartered 4-sequence slash that deals Physical and Lightning DMG, recovers Zakti and inflicts Paralysis.



[Combo ATK: Naraka Finisher]

Consumes Zakti to deal AOE Lightning DMG that recovers SP on hit. Mash the ATK button after using the skill to trigger Combo ATK repeatedly.



[Ultimate: Raksha's Rage]

Summons the Demon Fox to deal lethal AOE Lightning DMG before her. Tap the Ultimate button again when she is summoned to unleash Samsara of Death that deals fatal Lightning DMG, inflict AOE Paralysis, and grants Interrupt Resist and DMG reduction.



[Evasion: Raijin's Blink]

Ultimate Evasion triggers Raijin's Blink which induces the undetectable Blink state and creates a shadow clone in her place. The shadow clone attracts enemies and explodes seconds later, dealing Lightning DMG and triggering Time Fracture.

After entering Blink state, tap the ATK button to use Jonin Finisher to deal AOE Lightning DMG and recover Zakti and SP.



[SP System Primary Skill: Darkbolt Pursuit]

Deals AOE Lightning DMG and applies Darkbolt Marks. Applying Darkbolt Mark on a marked enemy resets its duration.



Evolve [Darkbolt Jonin] to S/SS/SSS-rank and unlock new skills to grant [Darkbolt Pursuit] the following effects in order: total DMG buffs, Combo ATK buffs, max and starting Zakti boosts.


The number of fragments required to rank-up [Darkbolt Jonin]:

A-rank: 40 (the battlesuit is unlocked with 40 fragments)

A-rank → S-rank: 60

S-rank → SS-rank: 200

SS-rank → SSS-rank: 400


The ninja has prepared awesome rewards for Captain! Play the winter event and guide ninja Yae Kasumi in her missions to claim 100 [Darkbolt Jonin] fragments for free for a jumpstart!

That's all for today! Don't miss the next episode where Ai-chan reveals all the juicy bits about our winter event!





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