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Ai-chan Newsflash 1: New S-rank Battlesuit [Silverwing: N-EX] Debuts
Jan 1, 2022

v5.4 is coming and Ai-chan is back as promised! Today's episode is all about the new S-rank battlesuit [Silverwing: N-EX]!



※※※※※Silverwing: N-EX※※※※※
After that catastrophe, the ex-soldier chose to live in peace. But when the world fell into yet another crisis, a familiar figure reappeared on the battlefield.


※※※※※Skill Showcase※※※※※
[Silverwing: N-EX] is a BIO-type S-rank ranged Ice DPS. She's skilled on the ground and in the air. She can deploy a scatter barrier to enhance her bullets and obstruct her enemies. Besides the primary objective of winning, maintaining grace is her other guiding principle since her return to the battlefield.

[Leader Skill: Hyper Proxy]
◆ When [Silverwing: N-EX] is the leader, the team's ranged Ice DMG and Total DMG are increased.

[Basic ATK: Multi-Unit Arm 0019]
◆ She fires bullets that deal Ice DMG. Her Basic ATK has ground and air variants which you can tap ULT to change. During Basic ATK, her Ignore Interrupt is increased and DMG taken is reduced.

[Special ATK: Deconstruction Field]
◆ When the next threshold is halfway charged, hold ATK to make her deploy a scatter barrier that multiplies bullets to deal more Ice DMG. When she moves to the air or the ground, she will place the scatter barrier between her and the enemy she last attacked.

◆ When the scatter barrier is active, Basic ATK's last hit always grants 1 charge. With 2 charges, tap ATK to connect Basic ATK's last hit into a special Combo ATK that deals heavy DMG. Tap ATK again to connect it into an aerial Basic ATK's 2nd hit or ground Basic ATK's 4th hit. The special Combo ATK also triggers global Time Fracture. The barrier duration timer is paused during the special Combo ATK.


[Ultimate: Razing Chrome]
◆ She will fire a powerful laser beam to deal Ice DMG over a large area. During Ultimate, all skill effect duration timers are paused. She will deploy a scatter barrier after it ends.



※※※※※Obtaining Recommended Equipment※※※※※
◆ After the v5.4 update, Bronya's S-rank battlesuit [Silverwing: N-EX] can be pulled in Expansion Supply. This round will introduce a limited-time plan that rewards specific numbers of drops. You are guaranteed to choose every weapon and stigma recommended for [Silverwing: N-EX] in 190 drops!



◆ [Silverwing: N-EX] Expansion Supply drop counts & corresponding rewards:
60 drops reward 1 stigma option;

80 drops reward 1 PRI material option;

110 drops reward 1 weapon & stigma option;

130 drops reward 1 PRI material option;

150 drops reward 1 stigma option;

170 drops reward 2 PRI material options;

190 drops reward 1 stigma option.

*Use the stigma option to choose any piece from the set recommended for [Silverwing: N-EX].

*Use the weapon & stigma option to choose the weapon or any piece from the set recommended for [Silverwing: N-EX].

*Use the PRI material option to choose one from Honkai Shard x1, Einstein's Torus x20, SC Metal-H2 x75, or Phase Shifter x25.

Furthermore, take part in APHO chapter 2's event to obtain an exclusive option that lets you choose from any piece from the stigma set recommended for [Silverwing: N-EX] or an equipment material chest! Please follow Ai-chan's Newsflash for more version news!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.




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