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Ai-chan's Newsflash 1:New Carole SP Battlesuit [Sweet 'n' Spicy] Debuts
Nov 21, 2021

Kiss kiss! Ai-chan returns alongside the new version! The star of the day is Carole's SP battlesuit [Sweet 'n' Spicy]! Read on to learn more about her!

※※※※※[Sweet 'n' Spicy]※※※※※
This post-Honkai era girl is spunky, sassy, and free-spirited. A true crisis will shape her into a trustworthy soldier.


※※※※※Skill Showcase※※※※※
[Sweet 'n' Spicy] is a MECH-type Physical SP melee support. She fights with mechanical fists and can leap into the air to knock enemies onto the ground. When she is the leader, the entire team is buffed. When she casts her Ultimate, you can switch to other team members, and she will stay on the field until the Ultimate ends.

◆ Basic ATK: Kissy Pillow Strikes
[Sweet 'n' Spicy] throws punches. Her ground Basic ATK is a 3-hit combo, each hit dealing Physical DMG. The 3rd hit grants 1 stack of [Armor Shredder], which can stack 3 times. Her Basic ATK can also attack upward or downward.


◆ Charged ATK: Kissy Pillow Serious Punch
Hold [ATK] to begin charging, which reduces the Total DMG she takes and grants her Iron Body. Different charge times result in different attacks.



[Sweet 'n' Spicy] casts her Charged ATK in mid-air, which deals Physical DMG to the enemies pulled in by the charge.


◆ Evasion: Arahato Mobility
[Sweet 'n' Spicy] can quickly dodge enemy attacks. Her evasion can be connected to Thrust Punch, dealing Physical DMG, which can then be connected to her Basic ATK's 3rd sequence.
Her Ultimate Evasion triggers the Ultimate Evasion Skill: Thrust Punch EX, which triggers global Time Fracture and can be connected to her Ultimate Evasion ATK, dealing Physical DMG. She can evade twice in a row on the ground and only once in the air, but the latter resets the aerial Charged ATK cap.


◆ Ultimate: Kissy Pillow ☆ Burst
Carole bashes enemies twice, dealing massive Physical DMG, then leaps up to slam the ground, dealing Physical DMG over large area and knocking enemies airborne. This move can be cast in mid-air.


※※※※※Source & Recommended Equipment※※※※※
◆ Source
After the v5.3 update, [Sweet 'n' Spicy] will join SP Battlesuit Supply! During the event, you are guaranteed to pull her in 25 drops!

Other Sources:
- Participate in certain v5.3 events to earn [Sweet 'n' Spicy Fragments]
- Complete certain Open World Adventure Tasks to earn [Sweet 'n' Spicy Fragments]
- Asterite Shop and Battle Arsenal will sell [Sweet 'n' Spicy Fragments] in the future

◆ Recommended Equipment
After the v5.3 update, the equipment items recommended for [Sweet 'n' Spicy] will join SP Equipment Supply! During the event, you have a higher chance of pulling [Miracle Kissy Pillow] and [Paganini (T, M, B)]!


※※※※※[Sweet 'n' Spicy] Moving In※※※※※
After the v5.3 update, [Sweet 'n' Spicy] can move into the Dorm! She's the new white-haired girl~


*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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