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Ai-chan's Armament Rundown - 1
Oct 29, 2021

Welcome to Ai-chan's Armament Rundown for v5.2!
In this article, Ai-chan will be sharing tips on using the equipment recommended for [Infinite Ouroboros]: [Basilisk's Image] and [Linnaeus (T, M, B]!

※※※※※New Weapon Overview※※※※※
[Basilisk's Image] is the cross recommended for [Infinite Ouroboros] released in v5.2. Its active summons a cross to generate "Serpent Domain", which periodically deals Lightning DMG to and marks the enemies within it. Its wielder's Combo ATK consumes the mark to deal bonus Lightning DMG once.

★★Weapon Rundown★★
*The following skill data are at Lv. 50.

[Basilisk's Image]


5★/286 ATK/22 Crit

[Blade of Death]
Deploy the cross (summoned entity): Generate Serpent Domain that lasts for 16s and deals 5 x 25% ATK of Lightning DMG to enemies every 4 seconds and marks them. Wielder's Combo ATKs consume the marks to deal 250% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG (DMG source: wielder).

The domain created by the cross regularly deals Lightning DMG to enemies and marks them. Its wielder's Combo ATK consumes the marks to deal bonus Lightning DMG once. This damage has a high multiplier and comes from the wielder, so it can fully benefit from the stats of the wielder and her setup.

[Shadow of Ouroboros]
Lightning DMG increases by 30% and an additional 10% against enemies within Serpent Domain.

Permanently increases Lightning DMG and further increases Lightning DMG against enemies in the domain created by its active. Use its active before bursting to maximize its benefit.

★★Recommended User★★
[Infinite Ouroboros]



[Infinite Ouroboros] already benefits from this weapon's Lightning DMG buffs. Furthermore, she can rapidly use her Combo ATK to consume the mark applied by its active and deal bonus Lightning DMG. [Infinite Ouroboros] will dish out more damage in an attack cycle with this weapon. Its PRI form makes the cycle more effective.

★★PRI Form★★
Its PRI form [Basilisk's Image: Deathshroud] will be craftable in v5.2. Don't miss out~


※※※※※New Stigmata Overview※※※※※
[Linnaeus (T, M, B)] is triggered by summoned entities and increases the host and her summoned entities' Lightning DMG simultaneously. Ideal for ranged Lighting DPS capable of summoning, [Infinite Ouroboros] is the best fit in the current version.

★★Stigma Set Rundown★★
*The following skill data are at Lv. 50.

[Linnaeus (T)]


5★/367 HP/116 ATK/66 DEF

[Systema Naturae]
Host and her summoned entities deal 24.0% bonus Total DMG, and an additional 15.0% bonus Total DMG for 3.5s after landing a Combo ATK.

Simply land a Combo ATK to activate all its buffs. Increases DMG dealt by the host and her summoned entities as well. Can be equipped alone, but works better in a set.

[Linnaeus (M)]


5★/483 HP/199 DEF/8 Crit

[Genera Plantarum]
Host and her summoned entities deal 45.0% bonus Lightning DMG. Host takes 30.0% less DMG from enemies 3 meters away or further.

Permanently increases the Lightning DMG dealt by the host and her summoned entities, and reduces the DMG taken from distant enemies.

[Linnaeus (B)]


5★/362 HP/64 ATK/66 DEF/16 Crit

[Species Plantarum]
Basic, Combo, and Charged ATKs deal 36.0% bonus Lightning DMG. With friendly summoned entities present, host restores 1.0 SP per second when deployed.

Permanently increases normal attacks' Lightning DMG. It constantly restores SP when friendly summoned entities are present. Helps the host that can summon entities gain the SP required to cast their Ultimate more quickly.

★★Set Bonuses★★
2-pc Bonus: [Binomial Nomenclature]
When host summons an entity, she and the summoned entity are enhanced and Lightning DMG increases by 60.0% for 15s. Triggering it again resets the duration. Enemy presence within 5 meters boosts host's Move Speed by 25%.

Greatly increases the host and her summoned entities' Lightning DMG. [Infinite Ouroboros]'s Basic ATK's 1st SEQ summons an Object X, so this buff can remain effective throughout her attack cycle. Increases the host's Move Speed when enemies close in as well, allowing [Infinite Ouroboros] to more easily dodge attacks by moving while attacking.

3-pc Bonus: [Taxonomy]
Ranged ATKs deal 40.0% bonus Total DMG. For every summoned entity, ELF, or Support Valkyrie present, they and the host deal 6.0% bonus Total DMG (5 stacks max).

Increases Total DMG dealt by ranged attacks unconditionally, and boosts friendly units' Total DMG based on how many of them are present. [Infinite Ouroboros] can gain at least 4 stacks from Object X, her Cross's active, ELF, and [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!]'s Oz, resulting in an impressive total multiplier.

★★Recommended User★★
[Infinite Ouroboros]



[Infinite Ouroboros] meets every trigger condition of this stigma set, namely dealing Lightning DMG, having ranged attacks, and summoning entities. With this set equipped, she can easily provide serious DMG buffs to herself, her summoned cross, and even ELFs.








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