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v5.2 [Infinite Future] Update Announcement
Oct 20, 2021

Welcome to v5.2: [Infinite Future]!

Her eyes had witnessed the coming of Honkai time and time again. On the path of evolution, she would sacrifice anything to seek the truth. S-rank battlesuit [Infinite Ouroboros] debuts!


Once the best mercenary in North America, Raven never strikes blindly. After overcoming many hardships, she now works for World Serpent, for a cause she believes is right. A-rank battlesuit [Midnight Absinthe] debuts!

Take part in the featured event [Valkyries' Cafeteria] to obtain [Midnight Absinthe Fragments] and Azure Empyrea's new outfit [Taixuan Impression]!


Update Content
1. New Battlesuits: [Infinite Ouroboros] & [Midnight Absinthe]
◆ S-rank battlesuit [Infinite Ouroboros] debuts: MECH-type, can clear mobs with Lightning DMG, Ultimate creates [Umbra of Ouroboros] and deals sustained burst DMG.

◆ A-rank battlesuit [Midnight Absinthe] debuts: IMG-type, Ultimate creates a large cloud of smoke that makes enemies take more Fire DMG.

*You can obtain the new battlesuits in the following ways:
◆ The Expansion Supply featuring [Infinite Ouroboros] and [Midnight Absinthe] will be open from after the v5.2 update until 12:00, NOV 19! Your chances of pulling them are increased.

◆ Read on to find out how to obtain [Midnight Absinthe Fragments].

2. Featured Event: Valkyries' Cafeteria
Valkyries' Cafeteria is open for business! Gather ingredients to cook gourmet food!
◆ Valkyries' Cafeteria is opening at 10:00, OCT 28! Complete certain missions and challenges to obtain Azure Empyrea's new outfit [Taixuan Impression], [Midnight Absinthe Fragments], and Crystals!

3. New ELF: Klein
◆ S-rank ELF [Klein] debuts: Wielding a syringe, her Ultimate reduces the switch CD of standby battlesuits, triggers the QTE (unlocked at 3★) of Lightning battlesuits, and increases the Lightning DMG enemies take.

4. Chapter XXVI: The Birth of Tragedy
The appearance of Otto alerted the Hyperion crew to his ploy once more. What does his mask of goodwill conceal? The crew will find the answer at the former Schicksal HQ.

◆ Chapter XXVI is available after the v5.2 update! Take part to obtain 4★ weapon [Eye of the Collapse], [Midnight Absinthe Fragments], and Crystals!

5. Event Rerun: Will of Frost
To keep their dear memories alive, people have built simulations of the what the cities used to be.
◆ [Will of Frost] is having a rerun in mid-November! Take part to obtain Honkai Shards, Ancient Legacies, and [Midnight Absinthe Fragments]!

6. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆ New weapons: [Basilisk's Image], [Basilisk's Image: Deathshroud], [Obscuring Wing], [Hler's Ataraxia], [Eye of the Collapse]. 

◆ New stigmata: Systema Naturae set [Linnaeus], Poem of Raven set [Aslaug]. 

7. Additions to the Dressing Room
◆ [Magic Girl Bronya] for Herrscher of Reason

◆ [Taixuan Impression] for Azure Empyrea

◆ [Absinthe Dream] for Midnight Absinthe




Game Adjustments & Optimizations
The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Miss Pink Elf♪
1. Fixed an issue where tapping the Weapon Active button after her Charged ATK's 2nd sequence sometimes made her release Weapon Active twice.

2. Fixed an issue where [Whisper of the Past: Sonnet]'s active [Crystalline Seed] could not spread the seeds through explosion.

3. Fixed an issue where her animations sometimes stuttered on the bridge.

4. Unified the name of passive skill [Elysia's Allure].

5. Optimized the feedback of evading after firing Cupid's Bolt's second arrow in normal mode.

6. Added bridge interactions.

◆ Herrscher of Thunder
Fixed an issue where the glow of her halo sometimes glitched during standby.

◆ Herrscher of Reason
1. Fixed an issue where her riding posture sometimes did not end along with the bike mode.

2. Fixed an issue where the VFX of outfits [Bestial Afterburn] and [Ultraviolet Kinetik] glitched.

◆ Starchasm Nyx
1. Fixed an issue where her bridge interaction animations sometimes glitched.

2. Fixed an issue where her expressions sometimes glitched in outfit [Magic Girl Seele].

3. Fixed an issue where using Ultimate in certain dialog scenes sometimes rendered the dialog unfinishable.

◆ Stygian Nymph
Fixed an issue where the icons of her passive skills [Claws of Nyx] and [Scythe of Hemera] were glitched on the buff bar.

◆ All Durandal Battlesuits
Fixed an issue where their expressions glitched in story dialog.

◆ Others
1.Fixed an issue where the camera and animations of certain Valkyries sometimes glitched under hostile Time Slow.

2. Adjusted the modeling details of [Swallowtail Phantasm], [Azure Memories], [Starchasm Nyx], [Herrscher of Reason], and [Herald of Spring] for the jump action introduced by the new Chapter.



◆ Abyss Flower, Abyss Flower: Liminal Spiral
1. Fixed an issue where the animations of [Bright Knight: Excelsis] using its Weapon Active [Abyss]/[Divine Bloom] in Burst mode could sometimes be canceled by switching her out.

2. Fixed an issue where the support skill CD did not pause when [Bright Knight: Excelsis] was using Weapon Active [Abyss]/[Divine Bloom].

3. Fixed an issue where triggering Ultimate Evasion repeatedly in a short period sometimes caused its passive [Samsara Reversal]'s effect of "the next [Abyss]/[Divine Bloom] deals bonus Physical DMG" to not stack.

4. Edited the backstory of the Divine Key from "Its true potential awaits to be awakened" to "The weapon's powers have been awakened."

◆ Jizo Mitama
Fixed an issue where the model of [Jizo Mitama] summoned by its active [Soul Appearance] sometimes glitched.

◆ Domain of Sentience
Fixed an issue where its model sometimes glitched.

◆ Elysia (T, M, B)
Fixed an issue where the top and bottom icons were misplaced when equipped.



◆ Tesla ZERO
Fixed an issue where tapping [ULT] repeatedly in the Elysian Realm sometimes triggered certain signets' effect repeatedly.



◆ SSS-rank MHT-3B Nirvana
Fixed an issue where hitting its weakspot with a bow's active sometimes made its phase 1 weakspot appear too early.

◆ SSS-rank Jizo Mitama
Fixed an issue where it sometimes lost the target when using skill [Dark Corruption: Blade Dance].

◆ Heimdall
Fixed an issue where the shadow of its leg sometimes glitched.

◆ Dark Jixuanyuan
1. Fixed an issue where [Miss Pink Elf♪]'s Ultimate sometimes could not ricochet when its shield was down.

2. Fixed an issue where certain Valkyries sometimes could not hit her with ranged attacks when its shield was down. 

◆ Void Taurus
Fixed an issue where its hitbox and attack pattern sometimes glitched in certain stages.

◆ Void Gorgon
Fixed an issue where its airborne animations sometimes glitched.

◆ Husk-Agnosis
Fixed an issue where it sometimes could not be knocked back in [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] state.

◆ Ganesha
Fixed an issue where its bullet sometimes dealt damage multiple times.

◆ Asleikr Mystletainn Ω, Aesir Baldr
1. Fixed an issue where they sometimes lost the target when using skills.

2. Optimized their searching and turning logic.

◆ All IMG Enemies
Fixed an issue where [Nihilus Shells] sometimes healed too slowly after entering [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] state while Time Slowed.

◆ Others
1. Fixed an issue where the Iron Body icon was sometimes missing when enemies gained Iron Body.

2. Fixed an issue where the models of certain mecha enemies sometimes glitched.

3. Optimized the hit sounds of mecha enemies, energy shields, physical shields, blocking skills, and more.



◆ Elysian Realm
1. Added the unlockable battlesuits [Infinite Ouroboros], [Midnight Absinthe], and [Starchasm Nyx].

2. Fixed an issue where general signet [Vivid Vicissitude]'s effect of "dealing adaptive DMG equal to the number of remaining stacks x 650% ATK to surrounding enemies" sometimes did not apply.

3. Fixed an issue where general signet [Vivid Vicissitude]'s effect of "dealing adaptive DMG equal to the number of remaining stacks x 650% ATK to surrounding enemies" sometimes had wrong multipliers in execution.

4. Fixed an issue where general signet [Entwined [P]] sometimes miscounted summoned entities.

5. Fixed an issue where general signets [Rodent [V]] and [Silent [B]] sometimes miscounted their stacks.

6. Fixed an issue where voices were missing from Elysia's episode [About Phyllis 1].

7. Fixed an issue where the model of equipped [Abyss Flower: Liminal Spiral] sometimes remained in the background after a dialog transition.

8. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Thunder]'s exclusive signet [Blessing of Divine Penalty] sometimes mis-applied the effect of "every hit deals 400%/800% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG" to her when she used Bombard without spending extra Herrscher Charge in Burst mode.

9. Adjusted the visuals of lighting strikes from [Herrscher of Thunder]'s exclusive signets [Blessing of Narukami] and [Blessing of Hazy Moon].

◆ Superstring Dimension
1. Added enemy [HoD Minion].

2. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Flamescion] was sometimes misplaced when [Inferno: Perilous] was finalizing.

3. Fixed an issue where [Maelstroms] sometimes hid in the ground forever.

4. Fixed an issue where some attacks of enemy [Shadow Knight] did not make [Bright Knight: Excelsis] Retaliate.

5. Fixed an issue where [HOMU Magicians] in [Bloodlust: Perilous] sometimes summoned [HOMEI] and [HOLA] together.

◆ Memorial Arena
1. Added enemy [HoD Minion] and Exalted SSS-rank boss [Dominator of Wolves].

2. Fixed an issue where the main interface did not display the current ranking.

3. Fixed an issue where the main interface sometimes displayed the score rewards incorrectly.

4. Fixed an issue where the lineup interface did not display the QUA type.

◆ Open World
1. Added [Midnight Absinthe Fragments] to Adventure Task rewards.

2. Adjusted the appearance rates of [Valkyrie Bladestrike Fragments], [Valkyrie Gloria Fragments], [Ritual Imayoh Fragments], and [Luna Kindred Souls] in A-rank battlesuit fragment tasks. The appearance rates of other tasks (including SP battlesuit fragment tasks) are unaffected.



◆ Foundry
1. PRI-ARMs [Basilisk's Image: Deathshroud] and [Hler's Ataraxia] are now craftable.

2. G3 stigmata [Kafka (T, M, B)] are now craftable.



◆ Elysian Shop
[Valkyrie Fragvyom [A] now contains [Midnight Absinthe Fragments], [Valkyrie Bladestrike Fragments], and [Luna Kindred Souls].

◆ Supply Shop
Updated the catalog:
1. The purchasable A-rank battlesuit fragments are now [Midnight Absinthe Fragments], [Valkyrie Accipiter Fragments], [Scarlet Fusion Fragments], [Valkyrie Pledge Fragments], and [Flame Sakitama Fragments].

2. The purchasable rank-up stamps are now [Herrscher of the Void Rank-up Stamps] and [Shadow Knight Rank-up Stamps].

3. The purchasable ELF Parts are now [Selune's Elegy Parts].

◆ Witch's Corridor
1. The battlesuit fragments purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs] are now [Knight Moonbeam Fragments], [Shadow Knight Fragments], and [Molotov Cherry Fragments].

2. The ELF parts purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs] are now [Book of Fuxi Parts] and [Bella Parts].

◆ Exchange House
Listed weapons [Sleeping Beauty], [Swan Lake] and stigmata [Nobel (T, M, B)].

◆ Starter's System
1. Lowered [Twin Soul Crystal] and [Super EXP-Chip]'s purchase level in the Starter's Shop from 25 to 1.

2. Lowered [Starter Special Valkyrie Supply], [Starter Special Equipment A Supply], [Starter Special Equipment B Supply]'s pulling level from 20 to 11.



※※※※※Battle Pass※※※※※
◆ [Elite Works] has listed the following items:
[Weapon] Hler's Serenity
[Stigmata] Eloquent Poet set: Dante (T, M, B)

◆ Unlock Paladin BP to receive [Shadow of Ouroboros Ribbon].



◆ Top-up Rewards
Added the No.13 tier.

◆ Login Emblem
Added rewards for logging in 1,500 days in total (claimable after reaching Lv. 80): Focused Supply Card x 10, Expansion Supply Card x10.

◆ Tactics Class
Added [Tactics Class] tutorial stages that combine mechanic tutorials and battlesuit tutorials. Play these stages to learn how to control battlesuits and how to deal with stage mechanics.

◆ Rank-Up System
The system now includes [Infinite Ouroboros].

◆ Achievements
Added an achievement for obtaining [Infinite Ouroboros] and [Midnight Absinthe].

◆ Subscription Services Pulled
The subscription services [Adventure Commander] and [Valkyrie Guild] for iOS and Android have been pulled.
They can no longer be purchased or renewed. A current subscription will provide its full benefits until it expires.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at honkai3rd_global@mihoyo.com.

◆ Others
1. Adjusted how Valkyrie's birthday rewards are claimed. They will be issued by mail from now on. Open the mail to view Valkyrie's birthday CG and unlock it in your CG Collection.

2. Added the option to download SD package on iOS. It will reduce the chances of crashing in Open World and Co-op on low- and mid-end devices. For devices with 2 GB of RAM or less, the option to download HD or SD packages will appear when the game is initializing after the v5.2 update. You can also change it in [AiPhone - Settings - Graphics].

*If you encounter problems such as blurry graphics and missing special effects with the SD package installed, please report them to our customer service.



◆ [Infinite Ouroboros] and [Midnight Absinthe] can move into the Dorm. Added their interactions and events.



※※※※※BUG Fixes & Optimizations※※※※※
◆ Fixed an issue where certain mecha models sometimes glitched in Open World [Schicksal HQ].

◆ Fixed an issue where switching to [Swallowtail Phantasm] when [Stalker: Phantom Iron] entered a depleted state sometimes changed the color of the Veil gauge.

◆ Fixed an issue where choosing the [Daily Side] stage in Chapter 18 [From Beds of Everlasting Snow] sometimes prompted the "stage does not exist" error.

◆ Fixed an issue where the attack interface of [Dilemma Dreamland] stages 2-3 and 3-3 in [Chronicles] sometimes displayed Stamina consumption incorrectly.

◆ Fixed an issue where rain sounds kept playing after quitting Story stage 17-12 [The Alternative].

◆ Fixed an issue where the cutscene camera sometimes glitched in Story stage 17-12 [The Alternative].

◆ Fixed an issue where enemy animations sometimes glitched after attacking [Herrscher of Sentience]'s clones.

◆ Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of the Void] regained too much SP through Space Core when fighting boss [MHT-3B Nirvana].





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