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Ai-chan's Newsflash 1: Raven Made Playable
Oct 9, 2021

Time flies... All right, I know Captains want to cut the pleasantries and get down to business!
Raven has finally been made playable in v5.2!




※※※※※Introducing IMG-type Battlesuit※※※※※
◆ IMG-type is neither superior nor inferior to BIO-, PSY-, and MECH-types.
However, IMG- and QUA-types are countered by each other, meaning that attacking a QUA-type enemy with an IMG-type battlesuit deals less DMG and vice versa. Additionally, IMG-type counters itself, meaning that attacking an IMG-type enemy with an IMG-type battlesuit deals more DMG and may trigger special effects.


◆ Take the first IMG-type battleusit [Midnight Absinthe] for example. When her arrow hits the weakspot of IMG-type enemy [Nihilus Seed], its current phase will be insta-killed if it has less than 20% HP.




※※※※※[Midnight Absinthe] SkKills Showcase※※※※※
[Midnight Absinthe] is the first IMG Fire A-rank archer. She can recover the Feather Arrows, Feather Blades, Feathers on the field to gain up to 20 [Night Roamer] stacks that boost her Fire DMG. When she is the team leader, the team's Ultimate Fire DMG and max HP are boosted.


◆ Basic ATK: Silenced Flechette
She fires arrows for 5 sequences to deal Fire DMG. Fired Feather Arrows will remain on the field. When there are Feather Arrows, Feather Blades, or Feathers on the field, the team gains a Fire DMG bonus.


◆ Charged ATK: Heartpiercer
She fires 6 Feather Blades that deal AoE Fire DMG around her. She simultaneously recovers all the Feather Arrows, Feather Blades, and Feathers on the field to gain the same number of [Night Roamer] stacks. Tap [ATK] immediately after using Charged ATK to connect to Basic ATK's 5th sequence.


◆ Evasion: Enchanting Requiem
Evade enemy attacks up to twice in a row. Tap [ATK] immediately after Ultimate Evasion is triggered to connect to Basic ATK's 3rd sequence.


◆ Ultimate: Nightbird's Call
She unleashes a barrage of attacks before sniping the enemy in front of her, dealing high Fire DMG and clearing all [Night Roamer] stacks. This move summons a Raven Cloud to cover the field, which explodes and deals Fire DMG when enemies in it are hit by her weapon skills or her teammates' attacks.



※※※※※[Midnight Absinthe] Moving In※※※※※
After the v5.2 update, [Midnight Absinthe] can move into the Dorm!

Beside Raven, the other highly-anticipated character Mobius will also board Hyperion in v5.2! Tune into the next episode for her introduction!



*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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