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⭐️⭐️ [v3.4 Q&A] ⭐️⭐️
Nov 22, 2019

We truly appreciate the dedicated support of Captains! HQ has answered some of your questions.


Q: When will we see a better Armada Matrix?

A: In the upcoming v3.6, more Armada features will be optimized, and the Armada game modes will return anew!

Q: When can we batch purchase in Shops?
A: Most Shops will support batch purchases in the upcoming v3.6!


Q: When will Sixth Serenade receive a new outfit?
A: The new outfit for Sixth Serenade will be available In v3.6! Don't miss it~


Q: When will a battlesuit trial mode be available?

A: Captains can already try out certain battlesuits on the Valkyrie screen. More battlesuits will be added to the trial mode in the future!

Q: Will the existing Abyss be improved?

A: After the v3.6 update, Abyss groups will be adjusted and Abyss rewards will be beefed up as a whole~

Q: Any plans on optimizing the Lobby?

A: Of course! We will reintroduce the Chibi Lobby in v3.6. Lobby minigames will be new additions!


Q: Can we change the Bridge music?

A: This feature is not planned for the time being, but Ai-chan has passed along the suggestion to the HQ. Ai will keep Captains updated!

Q: Can we remap buttons on phones?

A: A wonderful suggestion! Ai-chan has noted it down and will present it to the HQ!


That's all for v3.4 Q&A. See you next time, Captains!

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