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v5.1 [Pristine Realm] Update Announcement
Sep 13, 2021

"I will remain here to light the way for you." S-rank battlesuit [Miss Pink Elf♪] debuts!

The new S-rank battlesuit [Miss Pink Elf♪] can be bought with [Ancient Legacy] and [Ancient Willpower]! Her recommended stigma set [Elysia] is also craftable!

Update Content
1. New S-rank Battlesuit: Miss Pink Elf♪
◆ S-rank battlesuit [Miss Pink Elf♪] debuts! She is a PSY Physical archer whose Ultimate magically creates a Flawless Dome. Use her Charged ATK repeatedly within the dome for super effects!

*For details on how to obtain her and her recommended equipment, please see the [Miss Pink Elf♪] announcement.

2. New Event: Hidden Vault
◆ Complete missions to earn points, and reach point milestones to claim a [Hidden Vault Option]! Use it to choose between Ancient Legacy x100 and Miss Pink Elf♪ Rank-up Stamp x1.

3. Chapter XXV-EX Released
◆ Schicksal, an ancient organization full of secrets. The creative minds behind the Immortal Blades are planning an earth-shaking event!

◆ Chapter open access is available after the v5.1 update on SEP 16 until 04:00, OCT 21!

4. Major Activity [Elysian Realm] Updated
◆ For a predator, the journey should end here. In the bowels of the Elysian Realm, serpentine eyes patiently await the second sacrifice to cross the boundary.

◆ Flame-Chasers' Trials Chapter 2 [To The Other Me] will be released on SEP 27!

◆ Added the unlockable battlesuits [Miss Pink Elf♪], [Bright Knight: Excelsis], [Striker Fulminata], and [Luna Kindred].

◆ Elysian Shop has listed [Miss Pink Elf♪] Rank-Up Stamps.

5. Event Rerun: Sanka Saga
◆ Ninja Kasumi has come to the ancient town of Yae Machi for a top-secret mission. How will the tempest stirred by the Ninja Arts be calmed?

◆ [Sanka Saga] will rerun in late September with accelerated progress. Play the event to earn outfit [Hanafuda Oyabun] for Umbral Rose or battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin], as well as Crystals and Ancient Legacy!

6. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆ New weapons: [Whisper of the Past], [Whisper of the Past: Sonnet], [Abyss], [Abyss Flower: Liminal Spiral].

◆ New stigmata: Pristine Elf set [Elysia].

7. Additions to the Dressing Room
◆ [Magic Girl Seele] for Starchasm Nyx.

◆ [White ARC] for Haxxor Bunny.


Game Adjustments & Optimizations
The following data apply at max skill level:

◆ Herrscher of Flamescion
1. Fixed an issue where passive skill [Fiery Hymn's Pledge] would sometimes fail to detonate [Ember Brand] when her QTE was interrupted.

2. Fixed an issue where holding [ULT] with less than 75 SP sometimes made her auto-cast Ultimate upon accruing 75 SP.

3. Optimized how aerial attacks home in on certain enemies.

4. Optimized the visuals of Ultimate [The Blade Supreme, Rekindled].

◆ Herrscher of Flamescion, Molotov Cherry
1. Added a UI hint for barrier skills.

2. Adjusted how barrier HP is affected by max HP: When max HP increases, max barrier HP and current barrier HP increase proportionally; When max HP decreases, max barrier HP decreases proportionally, while current barrier HP remains unchanged (as long as it does not exceed max barrier HP).

◆ Dea Anchora
Fixed an issue where using the Ultimate [Voidstar Anchor] sometimes activated the Astral Harness mode without triggering the animation.

◆ Luna Kindred
1. Adjusted passive skill [Sacrilege]: Increased Charged ATK's Crit Rate from 12% to 45%.

2. Added a passive skill: Increases Total DMG dealt by Charged ATK by 10% every time the Charged ATK is used. This effect stacks 10 times and is cleared upon exit.

3. Optimized how Ultimate [Feast for the Dead] connects to Charged ATK [Axe of the Fallen]. Now after using the Ultimate, you can hold [ATK] to transition directly to the Charged ATK.

◆ Striker Fulminata
1. Adjusted the passive skill [Gotamashi Edge]: Increased the bonus Physical DMG dealt by Gotamashi Edge in Burst mode from 100% ATK to 300% ATK.

2. Adjusted the passive skill [Blade Shower]: Increased the bonus DMG enemies affected by Gotamashi Edge take from Blade Flurry from 15% to 30%.

3. Adjusted the passive skill [Current Converter]: For each Combo Hit, Crit Rate increases by 0.2%. Increased the max Crit Rate boost from 20% to 50%.

4. Adjusted the passive skill [Shinkage Aura]: Increased the bonus Total DMG dealt to unshielded enemies from 20% to 50%.

◆ Crimson Impulse
Optimized controls.

◆ White Comet
1. Optimized controls for using Weapon Active following Basic ATK [Meteor Kata]'s 5th SEQ.

2. Optimized controls for using Weapon Active following Combo ATK [Comet Fall].

3. Optimized controls for using Basic ATK, Evasion, or Ultimate following certain Weapon Actives.

4. Fixed an issue where using a Weapon Active after the Ultimate [Valkyrie Burst] sometimes made her perform Basic ATK's 1st SEQ.

◆ Knight Moonbeam, Valkyrie Ranger, Divine Prayer, White Comet
Fixed an issue where Kiana's shadow sometimes glitched when she was wearing outfit [Sunny Beach].

◆ Abyss Flower
1. Fixed the glitched trigger condition of passive skill [Samsara Reversal].

2. Fixed an issue where its user sometimes fell through the map after using its active [Dark Void] on the edge of certain Elysian Realm stages. 

◆ Sirin
Optimized model.

◆ Book of Fuxi
Fixed glitched VFX.

◆ MHT-3B Nirvana
1. Fixed an issue where its Weakness Resistance was sometimes ineffective.

2. Fixed an issue where stuttering sometimes occurred when releasing missiles.

3. Enlarged its weakspot hitbox for arrows.

◆ Argent Knight: Artemis
Fixed an issue where she did not visibly glow when entering Burst mode.

◆ Bright Knight: Excelsis
Optimized her glow effect in Stage 2.

◆ The Mysterious Ninja
Optimized the audio effect of hitting her shield.

◆ Kallen
Adjusted her shield's regen rate when she is knocked airborne.

◆ Nocturnal
Eliminated stuttering that occurred when it was attacked from the front.

◆ Lance Rider
Fixed an issue where it could still attack when stunned.

◆ Dark Jixuanyuan
Fixed an issue where her model collision sometimes glitched after her shield had broken.

◆ Kijo Ninja
Fixed an issue where it sometimes attacked without warning. Optimized the time between the warning and the attack.

◆ Elysian Realm
1. Elysian Shop has listed [Miss Pink Elf♪] Rank-up Stamps. Clear [Sequence: Real] with [Miss Pink Elf♪] on Difficulty 60+ to unlock. Limit 3 purchases per captain.

2. Adjusted general signet [Motto of Pubbe-Nivasanussati]: When the Combo Hit Count resets after reaching 150 hits, increased the bonus Total DMG host deals from 40%/48%/56%/64% to 55%/66%/77%/88%.

3. Adjusted general signet [Motto of Dibba-Cakkhu]: When the Combo Hit Count resets after reaching 150 hits, increased the bonus Total DMG enemies take from 25%/30%/35%/40% to 35%/42%/49%/56%.

4. Adjusted general signet [Motto of Bodhi]: Increased the adaptive DMG dealt by Karma Wheels from 300%/600%/1000% ATK to 500%/1000%/1600% ATK and significantly enhanced its knockdown efficiency.

5. Fixed an issue where general signet [Vicissitude]'s stacks sometimes glitched visually.

6. Adjusted [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!]'s exclusive signet [Blessing of Nightfall]: Adjusted its trigger condition from "Oz entering upon Charged ATK or Ultimate" to "Use Charged ATK to summon Oz or use Ultimate."

7. Adjusted [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!]'s exclusive signet [Blessing of Nightfall]: Increased the number of Weapon Active charges restored from 1 to 2.

8. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Reason]'s exclusive signet [Blessing of Wisdom] sometimes did not affect the correct area after hitting an enemy.

9. Removed [Dead Silence] from stages.

10. Removed the [Adamance] buff from enemies.

11. Decreased the HP of IMG enemies in Elite stages.

12. Reduced the number of [Storm Templars] in stages and the number of hits their shields can withstand.

13. Doubled the amount of [Dying Kindling] dropped in stages. 

14. Optimized the system. Adjusted mechanics such as choosing signets, resetting portals, and exiting finalization. Added a story mission info tab, token acquisition progress indicator, and memory for selected difficulty.

15. Added difficulty factor rotation to [Sequence: Real]. The first rotation will begin one week after the v5.1 update.

16. Fixed an issue where the size and position of character models were sometimes glitched.

17. Fixed an issue where choosing bonus signets with an unstable connection sometimes skipped the first signet.

18. Adjusted periodic mission's completion conditions. You can no longer complete periodic missions in story mode.

◆ Memorial Arena
1. Added SSS-rank bosses [Jizo Mitama] and [MHT-3B Nirvana] to the Exalted division.

2. Added a buffed mode when challenging SSS-rank bosses. Activate it to exchange points for buffs to make the battle easier.

3. Added "Finalize" and "Retry" buttons to the boss fight finalization screen.

4. Increased the number of daily Exalted entries from 5 to 6. Added a sweeping feature.

5. Optimized the main interface of the Memorial Arena.

6. Fixed an issue where [Couatl: Revenant]'s QUA Barrier's recovery process was sometimes interrupted.

7. Optimized enemy presentation by adding dynamic shadows when previewing and fighting. You can enable dynamic shadows by setting "Shadows" to "High" in the graphics settings.

◆ Universal Mirage
1. Added the 7F of [Blade Grave]. Clear it to obtain G4 Physical stigma crafting material [Pure Grey Crystalyte].

2. Decreased the HP of enemies on 5F and 6F of [Blade Grave] in co-op mode.

3. Fixed an issue where the [Weaken Field] created by [Yamabuki Armor] in [Blade Grave] glitched visually.

◆ Superstring Dimension
1. Added the boss [MHT-3B Nirvana] to [Headhunt: Perilous].

2. Fixed an issue where using [Herrscher of Flamescion]'s aerial Combo ATK [Blazing Chariot's Trail] in [Purgatory: Intensive] sometimes made the game stutter.

3. Fixed an issue where [Ganesha] was sometimes knocked airborne by [Herrscher of Flamescion] incorrectly in [Purgatory: Intensive].

4. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Sentience]'s passive skill [Stellar Start] was ineffective in [Frosthelm: Perilous] stages that feature Hellmaru as the main enemy.

5. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Flamescion] sometimes fell through the map when landing near map boundaries.

6. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Flamescion] sometimes fell through the map when smashing down during the Basic ATK [Tempered Warrior's Strike].

7. Fixed an issue where [Heimdall] sometimes fell off the map when knocked back by [Herrscher of Flamescion].

8. Fixed an issue where [Couatl: Revenant]'s Collapsed Point was sometimes misplaced.

9. Fixed an issue where [Couatl: Revenant]'s transformation animation was sometimes interrupted.

10. Fixed an issue where [Couatl: Revenant]'s QUA Barrier's recovery process was sometimes interrupted.

11. Fixed an issue where Collapsed Point sometimes could not break [Couatl: Revenant]'s QUA Barrier when it was drilling out of the ground during [Void Assault].

◆ Dirac Sea
Fixed an issue where enemies in [Prison Fort] sometimes fell off the map when knocked back by [Herrscher of Flamescion].

◆ Q-Singularis
Fixed an issue where [Frost Cavalier] sometimes dashed out of the map.

◆ Open World
1. Optimized the conditions for the appearance of adventure tasks in Open World: When an A-rank or SP battlesuit has reached SSS, tasks that reward fragments of that battlesuit will be replaced by tasks rewarding other fragments or Asterite.

2. Fixed an issue where characters sometimes fell through the map of [Sakura Samsara].

3. Fixed an issue where [Valkyrie Accipiter] sometimes left afterimages in [Sakura Samsara].

4. Fixed an issue where enemies sometimes disappeared in [Sakura Samsara].

5. Fixed an issue where multiple [RPC-6626] and [Hellfire Mecha] were sometimes summoned in [Schicksal HQ].

◆ Blockade
1. Fixed an issue where [Ganesha] was sometimes knocked airborne by [Herrscher of Flamescion] incorrectly.

2. Fixed an issue where [Ganesha] sometimes got stuck in ice pillars.

◆ Tutorials
Added tutorial stages for [Luna Kindred], [Miss Pink Elf♪], and [Striker Fulminata].

◆ Trials
Added trial stages for PRI-ARMs [Whisper of the Past: Sonnet] and [Abyss Flower: Liminal Spiral]

◆ War Treasury
1. Listed [Miss Pink Elf♪]. From v5.1 to v5.3, its price is discounted to [Ancient Willpower] x480 + [Ancient Legacy] x480. After the v5.4 update, its sale price will revert to [Ancient Willpower] x640 + [Ancient Legacy] x640. Limit 1 purchase per Captain.

2. Listed [Miss Pink Elf♪] Fragments. A fragment costs [Ancient Willpower] x8 + [Ancient Legacy] x8. Limit 4 purchases weekly. Once [Miss Pink Elf♪] reaches SS-rank, you can purchase it 2 more times weekly.

3. Adjusted the purchase rules for [Fallen Rosemary] Fragments: Lifted the limitation on purchasing fragments without an SS-rank [Fallen Rosemary]. Now you can purchase [Fallen Rosemary] Fragment x6 unconditionally each week.

◆ Supply Shop
Its catalog will be updated at 04:00, SEP 17:

1. Purchasable Rank-up Stamps are [Argent Knight: Artemis Rank-up Stamps] (Limit 4 purchases) and [Knight Moonbeam Rank-up Stamps] (Limit 7 purchases).

2. Purchasable S-rank ELF Parts will be [Bella Parts] (Limit 100 purchases).

◆ Witch's Corridor
1. Purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments are [Dimension Breaker Fragments], [Celestial Hymn Fragments], and [Goushinnso Memento Fragments]. They can be purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].

2. Purchasable S-rank ELF parts are [Selune's Elegy Parts] and [Tesla ZERO Parts]. They can be purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].

※※※※※Battle Pass※※※※※
◆ [Elite Works] has listed the following items:
Weapon: Nebulous Duality
Stigmata: Guard Emperya set: Fu Hua: Margrave (T, M, B)

◆ Unlock Knight BP to receive [Haxxor Bunny]'s outfit [White ARC].

◆ Unlock Paladin BP to receive [Love Arrow Ribbon].

◆ Material Event Stages
1. Added the "LITE" button to these stages. The LITE session has been made permanently available.

2. Removed all co-op stages from [Training Camp]. Streamlined [Battlesuit Training] and [Equipment Training] stages.

3. Removed [Money Brawl] co-op from Weekday Event. Now you only need to clear [Money Brawl] once instead of twice a day.

4. Merged and streamlined [Honkai Manifest] stages (including solo and co-op Beta). Moved its portal to [Expedition].

◆ Streamlined Currencies
1. Removed Mithril. Converted Mithril to Coins using a 1:14 ratio. Activities that produced and consumed Mithril now produce and consume Coins in the same ratio. Removed Mithril Shop and moved its items to Coins Shop, where they cost Coins in the same ratio.

2. Removed United Tokens. Converted United Tokens to Coins using a 1:140 ratio. Activities that produced United Tokens now produce Coins in the same ratio. Items in Co-op Shop no longer cost United Tokens and some items have been moved to the Coins Shop.

3. Removed Time Seal Boxes. Shops no longer sell Time Seal Boxes. Added Time Structures to Daily Duty rewards.

4. Removed Harmony Strands. Converted Harmony Strands to Coins using a 1:140 ratio. Now you only need to spend Coins to unlock a Divine Key's skills.

5. Adjusted how certain pieces of equipment are crafted.

◆ Foundry
1. Added PRI-ARMs [Abyss Flower: Liminal Spiral], [Whisper of the Past: Sonnet], Divine Key [Abyss].

2. Added G4 stigmata [Elysia]. They can be transmuted from G3 stigmata [Dirac].

3. You can now craft G3 stigmata [Dirac] directly.

◆ Dorm System
1. Added Divine Key [Key of Creation] that consists of [Abyss Flower] and [Abyss].

2. Fixed an issue where the Total DMG bonuses of special skills in Dorm Squad added up incorrectly.

◆ Stigma Affixes
1. Added ATK affixes to bows.

2. Slightly increased the spawn rate of ATK affixes.

◆ Rank-Up System
The system now includes [Miss Pink Elf♪].

◆ Achievements
Added an achievement for obtaining [Miss Pink Elf♪].

◆ [Miss Pink Elf♪] can move into the Dorm. Added her interactions and events.

◆ Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of the Void] wore an incorrect expression in the Dorm Lobby.

※※※※※BUG Fixes & Optimizations※※※※※
1. Fixed an issue where enemies were sometimes immune to certain black hole skills.

2. Fixed an issue where the level restriction was described incorrectly in Chronicles - Chapter Xuanyuan.

3. Fixed an issue where [Danzai Spectramancer Act 2] in Expedition sometimes ended prematurely.

4. Fixed an issue where the ground color in [Time Works] glitched on iOS.

5. Enabled combo hotkeys on keyboard and controller. You can now set up hotkeys using Ctrl, Shift, Alt on the keyboard or LT, RT, LB, RB on the controller and another button.

6. Added a page to your performance showcase that shows the current week's Memorial Arena lineup.

7. Adjusted the [Gyakushinn Miko Soul] task in Story Mission - Challenge Mission. Now you only need to accept any 3 Adventure Tasks instead of 3 [Gyakushinn Miko Soul] tasks.

8. Optimized mouse swipe. On the "ATTACK" interface, you can swipe your mouse up and down to switch between "ATTACK", "CHALLENGE", and "EVENT".







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