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Ai-chan's Newsflash 4 - System Optimization
Sep 6, 2021

Greetings, Captains! After the v5.1 update, Material Event LITE will become permanent, currencies will be streamlined, and Memorial Arena will see QoL changes! Read on with Ai-chan!




※※※※※Permanent Material Event LITE※※※※※
After the v5.1 update, Material Event LITE will become permanent. Certain solo and co-op stages will be adjusted as well.



◆ Permanent Material Event LITE
After the v5.1 update, Material Event LITE will become permanent. You unlock the LITE feature of a stage once you clear it with 3 stars. The number of LITE attempts available each day for each sub-event are as follows:
1. Weekday Event: 1 time daily.
2. Time Works: 3 times daily.
3. Training Camp: 1 time daily.
4. Drift World: 1 time daily.
To use LITE on a stage, a remaining attempt and sufficient Stamina are required. Every stage cleared with 3 stars will gain a "LITE" button. Tap it to auto-clear a stage.

*The "LITE" button will be added to Material Event stages. Tap it to auto-clear the highest unlocked stages of the four sub-events in order!


◆ Material Event Stages Adjusted
1. All co-op stages in Training Camp will be removed. Battlesuit Training and Equipment Training will each retain 3 stages.
*The challenge objectives of the retained stages will be made easier.

2. Co-op mode will be removed from Money Brawl in Weekday Event. Money Brawl will also be simplified to require 1 clear instead of 2 clears a day. The total Stamina consumption and reward acquisition each day remains unchanged. In other words, you will obtain the same rewards from clearing it once that used to be obtained from clearing it twice (Compensation for missing or restarting stages and Planeroid consumption will be adjusted accordingly).

3. [Honkai Manifest] stages (including solo and co-op Beta) will be merged and streamlined. Its portal will be moved to [Expedition], where you can access it through Expedition or manually. There will only be two stages: one that is guaranteed to offer a [Blue Alloy Weapon Option] and one that may offer a [Purple Manifest Weapon Option]. Both stages offer the materials that were offered by the original stages.


◆ Reward Compensation (Captains who signed up before the v5.1 update are eligible)
If you didn't get a chance to earn first-clear or challenge star rewards for stages that have been removed, the corresponding Crystals and materials will be issued to you as compensation. The compensation rules are as follows:
1. First-clear materials: Materials rewarded for first-clearing the removed stages that you have not cleared will be issued to you.
2. First-clear Stamina: Stamina you consumed by first-clearing the removed stages will be returned to you in full.
3. Challenge star rewards: Unachieved and unclaimed challenge star rewards for removed stages will be issued to you.


*You can claim the compensation materials on the Material Event screen.




※※※※※Currencies Streamlined※※※※※
After the v5.1 update, Mithril and United Tokens will be removed and converted to Coins! The storage limit for Coins will also be raised.



◆ Mithril Simplified
After the v5.1 update, Mithril will be removed and converted to Coins using a 1:14 ratio. The Mithril Shop will be removed and its items will be moved to the Coins Shop, where their price will be converted to Coins using the same ratio. Actions that consumed Mithril such as leveling up skills will henceforth consume Coins.

*Activities that produced Mithril will produce Coins in accordance with this change. We will also adjust the materials offered by certain Supply events on this basis:


◆ United Tokens Simplified
After the v5.1 update, United Tokens will be removed and converted to Coins using a 1:140 ratio. Activities that produced United Tokens now produce Coins in the same ratio. Items in the Co-op Shop will no longer cost United Tokens and some items will be moved to the Coins Shop.

*Unlocking a Divine Key's skills will only cost Coins instead of Harmony Strands after this adjustment. Harmony Strands will be removed and converted to Coins using a 1:140 ratio.


◆ Time Seal Boxes Simplified
Since we are simplifying United Tokens, Time Seal Boxes will get the same treatment. Shops will no longer sell Time Seal Boxes and Time Structures will be added to Daily Duty rewards.


◆ Crafting Formulas Adjusted
We will replace the Mithril and United Tokens in equipment crafting formulas with other items. The excessive number of currencies existed due to the complicated ways of obtaining some older 3★~4★ equipment; we will be tackling this problem after the update.



※※※※※SSS-rank Bosses Joins Memorial Arena: Exalted Division※※※※※
Starting the second week after v5.1 launches, SSS-rank bosses will appear in the Exalted Division of the Memorial Arena. Defeat SS-rank bosses to engage SSS-rank bosses. The number of daily Exalted attempts will be increased from 5 to 6. (Reminder: Currently, only a cycle's UP boss is available as an SSS-rank, so essentially, only one SSS-rank boss is available per cycle.)

Meanwhile, each SSS-rank boss will open up a new series of score milestones. Battle it and reach milestones to obtain Ancient Legacy, Ancient Willpower, and Crystals!

*The finalized score of defeating SSS-rank bosses will be added to the finalized score of the Memorial Arena.


◆ Exalted Sweeping Added
Since the highest difficulty level in Exalted has been raised to SSS-rank, we will add a sweeping feature to help Captains:
1. If you defeat the UP boss on SSS-rank this week, you can sweep all C-, B-, A-, and S-rank bosses next week.

2. If you defeat the UP boss on SS-rank this week, you can sweep all C-, B-, and A-rank bosses next week.

*Sweeping uses Memorial Arena attempts.


◆ Buffed Mode Added
When playing on SSS-rank, you can turn on the buffed mode before starting a battle.

In buffed mode, you will keep gaining buffs in combat for an easier experience.

*However, you will lose some points in exchange. Whether turning on the buffed mode is worth it is up to you.


◆ Memorial Arena Interface Optimized
1. The main interface of the Exalted Division in the Memorial Arena will also be optimized after the update. Navigating to features such as the shop will be easier.

2. When your boss fight is finalizing, new "Confirm" and "Retry" buttons will appear.



※※※※※Open World Rewards Adjusted※※※※※
After the update, the conditions for adventure tasks appearing in Open World will be optimized as follows:

When one of your battlesuits has reached SSS, the tasks that reward fragments of that battlesuit will be replaced by tasks rewarding other A-rank or SP battlesuit fragments or Asterite.

That's all for v5.1's Ai-chan's Newsflash. See you in the next version!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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