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[Hawk of the Fog] Augment Core activated!
Nov 8, 2019

Greetings, Captains! In this episode of Ai-chan's Newsflash, Ai will be introducing a big comeback in v3.5 that we've all been waiting for! Valkyrie Accipiter has been fully augmented to become the almighty [Hawk of the Fog]!

Valkyrie Accipiter excels in dealing DMG by charging in and out of enemy crowds and suppressing shielded enemies.

(Once Accipiter's Augment Core reaches 4★, its exclusive outfit [Hawk of the Fog] is unlocked!)


[Basic ATK: Thunder Wyrm]

Accipiter Augmented deals Physical DMG with Six Fists moves.

[Combo ATK: Lightning Panther]

Different Six Fists move combinations trigger different Combo ATKs! Can Captains pull off every move?

[Ultimate: Raging Tiamat]

Deals massive Lightning DMG and pulls in nearby enemies.

[Evasion: Storm Phoenix]

Accipiter Augmented's Ultimate Evasion triggers Time Fracture.

======How to Obtain Fog Chip======

After the v3.5 update, Captains can obtain Accipiter Augmented's exclusive boosting material [Fog Chip] by playing Story Chapter XIII stages that are released on NOV 28.

★ LTO Challenge Event

In v3.5, Story Chapter XIII stages and LTO challenge event missions are available. Complete Story stages and event missions to claim Accipiter Augmented's exclusive boosting material [Fog Chip], Void Drifter's Augment Core outfit [Red Lictor], Honkai Shard and more!

Additionally, Captains can participate in Accipiter Augmented event to win even more [Fog Chip]. Remember to follow us for more updates!


======New Ways to Obtain Accipiter======

In v3.5, Story stages that drop [Valkyrie Accipiter] fragments have doubled attempts.

Added the option to purchase [Valkyrie Accipiter] fragments in [Battle Arsenal].

[Valkyrie Accipiter] is also available in [Dorm Supply] added in v3.5. Tune in to our next episode to learn all about the new Dorm Supply! That's all for today. Ai-chan signing off!

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