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Seele's S-rank battlesuit [Stygian Nymph]
Nov 6, 2019

Greetings, Captains! Starting from today, Ai-chan will be bringing you the freshest and hottest version news straight from the HQ! To be introduced today is the star of v3.5 - the all-new S-rank battlesuit [Stygian Nymph]!


======S-rank Battlesuit [Stygian Nymph]======

Seele Vollerei's S-rank battlesuit [Stygian Nymph] is combat-ready!



[Stygian Nymph] has two forms which are the incarnations of Seele's two personas. Switch between the two by unleashing Ultimates!

Her outer persona Saule can rip hordes of enemies apart effortlessly, while her inner persona Veliona excels in mauling tougher enemies that fight alone!


[Basic ATK: Light and Dark]

Saule wields a scythe and her 5-sequence Basic ATK recovers Saulian Ego on hit.


After switching to Veliona, her weapon becomes gigantic claws and her 4-sequence Basic ATK recovers Veilian Id on hit.


[Charged ATK: Day and Night]

Saule's Charged ATK at max Saulian Ego marks enemies with Sunnebrands and resonates with the marks to deal Physical AOE DMG.

Veliona's Charged ATK at max Veilian Id marks enemies with Veilmarks and resonates with the marks to deal deadly Physical DMG!


[Ultimate: Chthonic Fury]

Saule's Ultimate deals massive DMG to enemies, switches to Veliona and shifts Sunnebrand to Veilmark.


Veliona's Ultimate deals massive DMG to enemies, switches to Saule and shifts Veilmark to Sunnebrand. Additionally, during the persona switch, hitting Quantum-type enemies will trigger Quantum Implosion once.

[Evasion: Flash of Eternity]

When enemies are on the evasion path, Saule's evasion and Veliona's forward evasion can trigger her Evasion Skill.

Either form of [Stygian Nymph] can connect the 4th sequence and recover Saulian Ego/Veilian Id after performing an Ultimate Evasion.

In conclusion, the key to using [Stygian Nymph] is to maximize each form's potential and adapt to any situation through fast Saulian Ego/Veilian Id stacking and good Ultimate timing!


Sidenote: Bridge interactions of [Stygian Nymph] and that between Herrscher of Reason and Seele have been added to the v3.5 update as well!

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