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Halloween Event
Nov 5, 2019

The winners of Honkai Spooky Story Contest are revealed! Who would have thought that Captains are hidden masters of horror? Stephen King had better watch out for the new generation!

Come get a spooktastic thrill out of our winning submissions!


Winner: Maddy May (UID: 101865650)

Tesla regained consciousness with a gasp. She was lying on her back atop crisp sheets, and her body felt heavy, like when she broke her leg and they had her on the good drugs.

“How are you feeling?” asked Einstein. She was holding a clipboard beside the bed, prim as you please, while Tesla was sleep-stupid and dizzy just from turning her head to look. Freaking typical.

“Fantastic,” Tesla snipped.

Einstein’s expression flickered. She pulled her pen from behind her ear. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Tesla dragged her unresponsive fingers into an obscene gesture, intending to ignore the question. Her mind, however, turned automatically to the task. She ran through recent events: honkai breach, mech deployment… Nothing out of the ordinary. She pushed further. Secondary breach. Herrscher.

Then… nothing.

Error. Error. Error.

“Runtime error,” her mouth said, moving without her permission. “Exception caught: Invalid access memory.”

Einstein’s face shuttered. “Damn it. There goes another one.” She turned to her clipboard, muttering under her breath.

“Mophead,” Tesla said, fighting down panic, “What the hell was that?”

Einstein ignored her. “Promising personality core, more realistic attitude on waking. Flipped me off, that’s a new one. Memory errors, access exception, probably a faulty neuromapper…”

“Oi, inferior intellect, listen when I’m speaking!” Tesla gathered her meager strength to grab Einstein by her stupid tie–
And went nowhere.

She looked down. Her wrists were cuffed to the bedframe.

“You’re faulty,” said Einstein without looking up. “Your memory integration collapsed. Not sure how that broke between the last trial and now, all I changed was some circuitry…”

“What the hell did you do to me?”

Einstein paused her writing to look Tesla in the eye.

“You died,” she said. “I’m fixing it.”

Herrscher, then nothingness. Oh, god.

Einstein set her clipboard down and stepped closer to the bed. Tesla had never been afraid of Einstein–despite her disdain for ethics, Einstein took care of her own, and even at their worst Tesla had always fallen into that category.

Now, though. Now Einstein loomed, and Tesla was afraid.

“What are you–”

She reached around Tesla’s neck, and under her grasping fingers Tesla realized there was a thick cable plugged in at the base of her hairline. A shock shuddered through her as Einstein wrapped a hand firmly around it. She could feel its connection all the way through to her spine.

“I’m pulling out your memory access cord,” said Einstein. “It’ll hurt, but you won’t remember it.” Then, quietly, “You never do.”

“No,” said Tesla, twisting her arms in her restraints, trying something, anything to move away–but she was too weak. She tried to ram her head into Einstein’s nose, but couldn’t even make it leave the pillow. “No, don’t–”

“You’re not real,” said her inventor flatly. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ll make you fine.”

“Einstein,” Tesla begged.

Einstein’s face softened. She ran her free hand over Tesla’s hair.

“I’ll get it right eventually,” she said, almost gentle. “I promise.”

She yanked the cable.


Winner: Echo Salma (UID: 100915503)

Cold. That is what filled the musky room, dust covered each and every item. A elegant bed was occupied by a girl in white, short purple hair rested gently on her rosey cheeks. Her ocean blue eyes fluttered open and her delicate hands rubbed the sleep out of them, "Bronya?" Her sweet voice called. As she sat up the chains that decorated her attire clinked against each other, a long scythe rested against the wooden backboard. She shifter herself to her knees and lifted it cautiously "A weapon fine for your 'situation'." A voice echoed behind the girl, she turned to see herself sitting on a dresser with her legs crossed elegantly. Her atire matched her own, but black and red as it's primary colors "Other me? Where are we where is Bronya?" Seele got up off the bed and held the scythe by her side. Her other self sighed and brushed hair away from her glowing red eyes "another bubble dimension, but this one is... different." This hesitation frighten Seele, she clutched the scythe holding it closer "are we near the serpent?" Her other self shook her head "further." Her other self floated to her side and clutched her shoulders "come. We must find sister Bronya." She faded into Seele and left her alone once more, with a deep breath she turned to see a decrepit door. He scythe had un-manifested itself when her alter ego faded, yet she knew that it would appear once more.

The soft clack of her shoes filled her ears down the silent corridor; light filtered through moth eaten curtains, spiderwebs sparkled in the twinkling moonlight. She hugged herself in an attempt to warm up in the stiff, night air yet to no avail. She was just about ready to rest for a moment when a groan echoed thought the hall, she stopped in her tracks and let out a small gasp. Meaty slapping could be heard against the marble floor, a figure crawled out from the shadows. Her long blue and pink hair covered her face, yet her purple and blue eyes shone in the light "Şěəļê" it's voice sounded doubled and whinny. Seele took a step back and covered her mouth, her eyes shook in fear and tears began to form "Rozaliya?! Liliya?!" She couldn't believe it. The girls were one, they stared at her with dead eyes. Their body contorted and cracked into a misshapen mess, she creaked and groaned. They stood, looking at each other "SEELE!!!!" they screeched scrambling towards Seele, she screamed.

She was in her bedroom in the orphanage, she touched her chest and breathed heavily. Bronya layed in her own bed, her chest rising and falling gently, Seele smiled softly with a little giggle "Sister Bronya~" she pulled her covers to her chin and layed on her side a mirror she had never noticed before was pitch black and a girl stood there with her contorted body, she gave a sickly smile and waved "§əęļē".


Winner: Yukina (UID: 102209086)

"Welcome back, Kiana and Mei! What did you buy?"

"Thank you, Ai-Chan. We bought some cabbage for tomorrow's salad."


"Watch your step, Kiana! You dropped the cabbage!"

"Sorry, Mei Senpai~..... What happened to you, Ai-Chan? You look weird."

"It was like something hit my head. Never mind."

"Kiana, put the cabbage into the freezer. We are making salad tomorrow morning."


"Morning, Mei Senpai! Are you cooking the breakfast?"

"Good morning, Kiana! Yep, I'm making the salad. Could you cut the cabbage for me? I think you put them into the freezer yesterday."

"Sure, senpai...... Ai-Chan, are you feeling better? I heard you had a fever last night."

"Still feeling bad... But I did feel warmer since just now."

"It's a proof that you are getting better. I wonder why and AI could also get a sick, though."

"No idea. It never happened before."

"You've done cutting the cabbage? Thank you, Kiana!....... Ai-Chan, could you find a recipe for me? I'm going to make a super special salad!........ Ai-Chan?"



Honorary mentions

101442533, 102155082, 102139877, 201289419, 200889972
201594686, 200260418, 200498443, 201520113, 200017924





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