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Crossover News - Crossover event [Outworld Quest] coming soon!
Jul 1, 2021

Today's episode will focus on v4.9's crossover event! Chibi map exploration, hefty rewards, and fan-favorite guest character Keqing... Get to know all of them better today!


Leaks say Schicksal Entertainment and Anti-Entropy's E.T. Studio are secretly working on a game-breaking project -

The city of freedom protected by winds, the tale of swords where thunders clash, the finale sung by ice and fire... What will happen when technology and magic come together?


Explore maps based on the 3 mind-blowing projects co-developed by Schicksal Entertainment and Anti-Entropy's E.T. Studio with chibi characters!

During your exploration, you can interact with NPCs and items, trigger curious events, and unlock substantial subquests. You will also run into puzzles that need to be solved!

What does this remind you of?

Swimming Stamina is specially introduced to this event! Once you start swimming, moving forward 1 tile costs 1 Swimming Stamina. If you cannot reach the shore before your Swimming Stamina runs out, you will be sent back to where you started from, so be sure to allocate your stamina well!

Ai-chan won't spoil too much of the actual gameplay so you can discover it yourself!


This event comes with hefty rewards!
Complete missions to obtain tokens that can purchase [Celestial Hymn]'s outfit [Heat of Trifolium] and Crystals in the event shop. Better yet, complete subquests to obtain [Outworld Traveler Emblem]!

◆ [Heat of Trifolium] Showcase

Like a carefree trifolium, she strolls among the flowers and makes wishes to the gentle breeze. 
She opens her palms and spreads the soothing warmth of the trifolium everywhere she goes.

★Basic ATK★

★Charged ATK★



◆ [Outworld Traveler Emblem] Showcase
Equip it and the adorable Paimon will appear in combat stages!






★★★★★Event-Exclusive Character: Keqing★★★★★
The popular character Keqing from Genshin Impact makes a guest appearance in this event! She is only a playable guest character and cannot be obtained in any way.


After unlocking her by playing the main quest, you can continue to improve her by playing the main quest and other challenges to unlock her skills and boost her stats.
Check out how awesome Keqing is in Honkai Impact 3rd with Ai-chan!

◆ Skill: Yunlai Swordsmanship

◆ Skill: Pellucid Lightning

◆ Skill: Starward Sword

That's all for the crossover event reveal! In the next episode, Ai-chan will be talking about the brand-new IMG-type! Stay tuned!


*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the official release.





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