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Info Reveal - New type [IMG] coming soon!
Jul 3, 2021

Greetings, Captains! Today's episode will focus on the new IMG-type and IMG-type enemies. Read on to find out what makes this type so special!


v4.9 sees the addition of IMG-type and IMG-type enemies.


Type Countering

[IMG] is neither superior nor inferior to [BIO], [PSY], and [MECH], making it similar to [QUA]. Attacking Bio-type, PSY-type, or MECH-type enemies with IMG-type battlesuits has no special effects.
However, IMG and QUA are countered by each other. In other words, QUA-type Valkyries deal less DMG against IMG-type enemies, and vice versa. IMG-type Valkyries deal more DMG against IMG-type enemies.

*Ai-chan's friendly reminder: IMG-type Valkyries are under development and the first one to be released is an A-ranker!

 ======IMG-Type Enemies======
IMG-type enemies will start appearing from v4.9. Their actual performance is subject to change in-game.


Shown in the image are [Husk - Noumenon] on the left and [Husk - Agnosis] on the right.

IMG-type enemies are made up of two parts: [Nihilus Seed] and [Nihilus Shell]. They are only destroyed when their [Nihilus Seed] is destroyed. They have two stacked HP bars, one belonging to [Nihilus Seed] and the other belonging to [Nihilus Shell].
Normally, your attacks can only hit [Nihilus Seed] when IMG-type enemies are in [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] mode, or they can only hit [Nihilus Shell].

The following circumstances will send IMG-type enemies into [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] mode:
◆ When certain conditions are met (e.g. the HP of [Nihilus Shell] drops below a percentage for the first time), IMG-type enemies will gain special skills that induce [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] mode briefly when cast.




Shown in the images are IMG-type enemies that entered [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] mode during skill cast.

*Ai-chan's friendly reminder: Different IMG-type enemies cast different special skills, so don't rely on the same strategy!

◆ When the HP of [Nihilus Shell] drops to 0, IMG-type enemies will enter [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] mode lastingly.




Shown in the images are IMG-type enemies that entered [Vitalized Nihilus Seed] mode after [Nihilus Shell] had broken.

*Ai-chan's friendly reminder: Some [Nihilus Shell] will slowly regain HP. If you fail to destroy [Nihilus Seed] before [Nihilus Shell] regains full HP, IMG-type enemies will be reanimated.

IMG-type enemies will not appear in Memorial Arena, Superstring Dimension, Dirac Sea, or Q-Singularis in v4.9.

That's all for this series of big reveals! See you in the new version going live on JUL 8!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the official release.







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