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Server Maintenance -Hyperion Maintenance Announcement
Jun 28, 2021

Dear Captains,
To provide a better gaming experience, Battleship Hyperion will undergo server maintenance during 01:00~07:00, JUL 8 (GMT-5, Americas Server)/07:00~13:00, JUL 8 (GMT+1, European Server).


The maintenance is scheduled to last approximately 6 hours, but please note that the actual duration may vary. Captains will not be able to log in during maintenance, so please spread the word and avoid unnecessary losses! Ai-chan apologizes for any inconvenience. >_<


We will compensate Captains of Lv. 9 or higher with 600 Crystals after the maintenance. Remember to collect them in your mailbox after the maintenance or they will expire!



=======Update content preview=======

1. New SP Character [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!]
"In the name of the Prinzessin, you shall be punished for your sins!" BIO-type archer [Prinzessin der Verurteilung!] debuts!


2. New Crossover Event [Outworld Quest]
The city of freedom protected by winds, the tale of swords where thunders clash, the finale sung by ice and fire... What will happen when technology and magic come together?


3. New Story Chapter
Kiana was pulled into the Theater of Domination and Anti-Entropy was stricken by another crisis. The play is reaching its climax, but for whom will the curtains fall?


4. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
New bow weapon [Mitternachts Waltz] and new stigmata [Wang Zhenyi (T, M, B)].





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