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v4.8 [The Phantom of the Theater] Update Announcement
May 25, 2021

She is the black blaze rising from the depths. To her, torture and destruction are just fun and games. S-rank QUA Seele Starchasm Nyx debuts!

Vote in new serverwide event Stan Wars! Participate to redeem Flame Sakitama's new outfit [Mauve Cascade] and Crystals from the event shop!

Update Content

1. New S-rank Battlesuit: Starchasm Nyx

◆ Seele's S-rank battlesuit [Starchasm Nyx] debuts! She's a QUA attacker capable of dishing out massive Ice DMG with a scythe and chain claws. She can sweep enemy groups in Burst mode and pass on damage through Nightmare Thorns!

*You can unlock her in the following ways:

◆ [Starchasm Nyx] Expansion Supply will be available between 12:00, MAY 28 and 12:00, JUN 11! [Starchasm Nyx] drop rate UP.




2. New Serverwide Event: Stan Wars

◆ Who will win the first-ever Stan Wars and become Honkai-verse's next top idol? Will it be the fan favorite idol, the genius engineer, or the legendary mercenary? Vote for your girl to send her to superstardom!

◆ [Stan Wars] will commence on the second day after the update! Complete specific missions and challenges to exchange for Flame Sakitama's new outfit [Mauve Cascade], Crystals, Valkyrie Fragvyom [S] (Celestial Hymn/Shadow Knight/Knight Moonbeam Fragments), and Honkai Shards in the event shop!




3. New Event: Threshold Breach

◆ Battlesuit limiter removed! Breaking through boundaries!

◆ [Molotov Cherry], [Danzai Spectramancer], and an unlockable secret battlesuit will join the new cycle of  [Threshold Breach] opening at 10:00, JUN 3! Deploy specific battlesuits and earn Crystals, Honkai Shards, Valkyrie Fragvyom [S] (Celestial Hymn/Shadow Knight/Knight Moonbeam Fragments), AE Imaginons from its missions!




4. Chapter XXIV: The Legion Theater

◆ The Legion Herrscher sent the world into chaos. Who can end this crisis?

◆ Chapter XXIV will be released at 10:00, JUN 17! Participate to purchase 4★ stigma [Seele: Starchasm Nyx (B)], Valkyrie Fragvyom [S] (Celestial Hymn/Shadow Knight/Knight Moonbeam Fragments), and Crystals in its event shop!




5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆ New weapons: [Sanguine Gaze], [Sanguine Gaze: Union], [Oblivion Down]

◆ New stigmata: Fantasy Voyage set [Verne (T, M, B)]



6. Additions to the Dressing Room

◆ Flame Sakitama's new outfit [Mauve Cascade]

◆ Haxxor Bunny's new outfit [Old Times]

◆ Herrscher of the Void's new outfit [Magic Girl ☆ Sirin]

◆ Striker Fulminata's new outfit [Thunderbolt Drive]



Game Adjustments & Optimizations


The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Bright Knight: Excelsis

Fixed an issue where casting her Ultimate [Sceptrum Regalis] during Throw counter rendered [Abyss Flower]'s active [Fresh Bud]'s CD unresettable.

◆ Herrscher of Reason

Fixed an issue where casting her Ultimate [Cyberangel.cfg] sometimes made her Hover Guns unable to auto-target enemies.

◆ Twilight Paladin

Enlarged the visual effects of the [Fangs of Dusk] triggered by her Ultimate Evasion in outfit [Verdant Sky].

◆ Swallowtail Phantasm

Fixed an issue where her Ultimate [Veliona's Torrent] could be interrupted or could not activate Burst mode.

◆ Crimson Impulse

Fixed an issue where [Domain of Sanction]'s skills were not functioning normally.

◆ All Fu Hua Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where their weapon visuals glitched under some circumstances.

◆ All Battlesuits

Optimized the stuttering that sometimes occurred when they were attacking shielded enemies.





◆ Stigma Set [Turgenev]

Fixed an issue where the set's 2-pc bonus's duration was extended wrongly. It took 5 hits to extend its duration before the fix and 6 hits to extend the duration after the fix.

◆ Stigma Set [Avogadro]

Fixed an issue where the set's M and B pieces sometimes failed to enhance the first hit when the set and pistols [Proto Alberich's Bows] were equipped together.

◆ Stigma [Yae Sakura: Peaches (B)]

Its art will be updated in v4.9.

◆ Weapon [Fenghuang Down]

Fixed an issue where the battlesuit visuals sometimes glitched when loading a loadout containing this weapon.





◆ Superstring Dimension

1. Adjusted the enemies' HP under different temperatures.

2. Made the enemies' Physical Defense and Elemental Resistance temperature-sensitive.

3. Decreased [Jizo Mitama]'s HP in [Bloodbane: Perilous].

4. Decreased [Sahā: Assaka]'s HP in [Headhunt: Perilous].

5. Decreased [Purgatory Fortress]'s and [Heimdall]'s HP in [Inferno: Perilous].

6. Decreased enemy [Herrscher of Sentience]'s HP in [Nemesis: Perilous].

7. Fixed an issue where enemy [Herrscher of Sentience] in [Nemesis: Perilous] sometimes restored the player's SP.

8. Fixed an issue where enemy [Herrscher of Sentience] in [Nemesis: Perilous] sometimes activated her shield too early.

9. Decreased [Husk - Nihilius]'s and enemy [Bright Knight: Excelsis]'s HP in [Purgatory: Perilous].

10. Extended Fire Tablet's respawn time from 15s to 30s in [Frosthelm: Intensive] whose tiers are Sinful and below.

11. Adjusted the mechanics in [Thunderbane: Singular]. Before the change, you could place a Lightning Rod charged by QTEs to paralyze surrounding enemies. After the change, QTEs summon a lightning strike that paralyzes on hit.

12. Adjusted [HOMU Magician]'s mechanics in [Bloodlust: Perilous].

13. Increased [HOMU Magician]'s HP in [Bloodlust: Perilous].

14. Expanded the applicable range of buffs gained by defeating enemies in [Bloodthirsty] from the defeater to all team members. The buff stats remain unchanged.

15. Added a new [Purgatory: Perilous] that features [Husk - Nihilius]. This stage shares the same name and boss with [Purgatory: Perilous] before the v4.8 update, but the bosses are in different phases. These two stages are mutually independent, meaning that the new stage does not replace the old stage.

16. Added [Quantum: Singular] that features QUA enemies.

◆ Memorial Arena

Added enemy [Yae Kasumi].





◆ Lance Rider

1. Fixed an issue where its knockback distance was wrong under some circumstances.

2. Increased its Ignore Interrupt during skill casting.

◆ Husk - Nihilius

Enabled phase changes to remove immobilization debuffs to prevent it from being delayed.

◆ Event Boss [Yae Kasumi]

1. Decreased her Lightning Armor's resistance to Physical, Lightning, and Ice DMG.

2. Decreased her Flaming Armor's resistance to Physical, Lightning, and Fire DMG.

*These adjustments only apply to boss [Yae Sakura] in future events.

Foundry & Bounty Marks

◆ Foundry

1. Removed all Ghosts, Shades, and (stigma) Spirits from Foundry. They are replaced with 4 types of materials named Blue Crystalyte, Red Crystalyte, Purple Crystalyte, and Grey Crystalyte with 3 quality levels named G1 (Phantom), G2 (Twilit), G3 (Chasmic). Materials of the corresponding types, numbers, and quality levels are consumed when crafting G1, G2, and G3 equipment.

2. Optimized the Foundry interface to highlight the features and recipes of equipment.

3. PRI-ARMs [Oblivion Down] and [Sanguine Gaze: Union] are now craftable.

4. G3 stigma set [Ishikawa Goemon] is now transmutable.

◆ Bounty Marks

1. Upgraded it into [Universal Mirage].

2. [Universal Mirage] consists of 4 themes named Glacial Fences, Illuminated Land, Roaring Palace, and Blade Grave, which each comprises multiple stages. Clearing a stage rewards the corresponding materials, Ether Fuel, and more.

Glacial Fences: Drops Blue Crystalyte of different quality levels.

Illuminated Land: Drops Red Crystalyte of different quality levels.

Roaring Palace: Drops Purple Crystalyte of different quality levels.

Blade Grave: Drops Grey Crystalyte of different quality levels.

Each theme features a different elemental type. You are advised to set up your team accordingly.





◆ Witch's Corridor

1. The purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments are now [Dimension Breaker Fragments], [Phoenix Fragments], and [Shadow Knight Fragments]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].

2. The purchasable S-rank ELF parts are now [Selune's Elegy Parts] and [Bella Parts]. They are purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].

◆ Exchange House

1. Listed stigma set [Robert Peary (T, M, B)].

2. Listed weapon [Skadi Ondurgud].

◆ Supply Shop

Updated item types and purchase limits:

1. The purchasable Rank-up Stamps are now [Argent Knight: Artemis Rank-up Stamps] and [Knight Moonbeam Rank-up Stamps].

2. The purchasable S-rank ELF parts are now [Book of Fuxi Parts].

◆ Mirage Store

1. Renamed [Task Shop] to [Mirage Store].

2. Listed G2 (Twilit), G3 (Chasmic) materials and [Spatial Convectron]. Added the [Device Exchange] section where you can exchange ATK Reroll Devices with G3 (Chasmic) materials.

3. Removed event Bounty Marks and regular Bounty Marks. Removed the [Shades] section.

◆ Battle Arsenal

1. Listed [Spatial Lens].

2. Removed [Random Tasks].

◆ Asterite Shop

Listed [Spatial Lens]. This item refreshes daily.




Battle Pass

◆ [Elite Works] Update

Newly available equipment:

[Weapon] Hekate's Gloom

[Stigma] Loner of Prague set: Kafka (T, M, B)





◆ Battlesuit Trial

The challenge mode [Haxxor Bunny: Special Training] in [Haxxor Bunny]'s event has been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] permanently. This change does not affect its availability and your progress. You can still play it to earn the rewards if you have not completed it in v4.7.





◆ Expansion Supply

1. Optimized the info display.

2. Replaced the Classic Mode with Alternative Mode.

You will receive Battlesuit Shards when pulling Expansion or EXPA Select Supply in this mode. You can exchange Battlesuit Shards for S-rank Rank-up Stamps, A-rank battlesuit fragments/souls, ELF parts, Asterite, Phase Shifters, and more in the Supply Shop (some options only appear after unlocking the corresponding battlesuits/ELFs).

◆ Rank-Up System

1. Optimized the rank-up interface to display new skill descriptions and skill effect/stats changes after a rank-up.

2. The system now includes [Starchasm Nyx] and [Azure Empyrea].

*The rank-up interface going live in v4.8 is a beta version. We will continue to optimize it.

◆ Chat

1. Streamlined the Friends and Chats interfaces.

2. Optimized sharing info display. Stage rewards and team headcounts are more clearly displayed.

3. Optimized Supply info display. Repositioned the window in the upper area of Chats.





◆ [Starchasm Nyx] can now move into the Dorm. Added her interactions and events.

BUG Fixes & Optimizations

◆ Fixed an issue where task markers were placed wrongly on the map in [A Post-Honkai Odyssey].

◆ Fixed an issue where [Husk] in [Blockade] was sometimes stuck in phase 1.

◆ Fixed an issue where the player sometimes fell through the map in Story stage 16-17.

◆ Fixed an issue where the player sometimes fell through the map in Story stage 5-8.

◆ Fixed an issue where the player sometimes fell through the map in Story stage 1-11.

◆ Fixed an issue where touching [Arachnid] in Chronicles [Everlasting Memory]'s [Challenge 01] sometimes made the client unresponsive.

◆ Fixed an issue where the screen sometimes went black when accessing Dorm from Lobby.

◆ Fixed an issue where support stigmata including [Turgenev] and [Avogadro] had wrong ratings (Rec. Scores).

◆ Fixed an issue where stuttering sometimes occurred in Story stage 18-EX-4 when using [Fallen Rosemary].

◆ Fixed an issue where the challenge objective rewards were incorrectly enabled in Story stage 7-7.

◆ Fixed an issue where the player sometimes fell through the map in Story stage 14-13.

◆ Fixed an issue where ELFs could not be chosen manually in Dorm Errand





◆ We are aware of the issue where the Evangelion-collab version of the Children set is listed as donatable in the Wishing Well in v4.8 when it cannot be donated. The issue is expected to be fixed in the following version!







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