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PC launcher updated! Preload feature added!
May 24, 2021

PC launcher updated! Preload feature added!

Greetings, Captains! The PC launcher now supports preloading, which allows you to download the resources of the upcoming version before the server maintenance is complete!

*Attention: The PC launcher has been updated to the latest version and the preload feature is only available to the latest version. You can download the latest launcher from the official site. You cannot run v4.9 on an outdated launcher.

Download the latest launcher: 



◆ Preloading on PC:
You must update the launcher to use this feature after it becomes available. Once the launcher has been updated, a "
Preload" button will appear to the left of the "Start" button. Click it to download the resources of the upcoming version.

*You can play and preload simultaneously, but doing so is only recommended under a fast connection since preloading uses bandwidth.
If you have finished preloading, boot the launcher during the version update, and click the "Update" button to install. If you have not finished preloading, the game will resume downloading from where it left off after you click the "Update" button.


Ai-chan's Special Reminder:
If you have already installed the v4.7 PC launcher, do not click the "Download" button. You should preload v4.8 by locating the installation directory of the v4.7 PC launcher under Settings (in the upper right corner of the panel) > General Settings> Find Game.

Clicking the "Download" button will redownload the v4.7 PC launcher installer. Ai-chan advises Captains to download with a stable connection or update the PC launcher to v4.8 directly after its release.

Please be mindful of time when using the latest PC launcher.





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