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Ver. 4.8 Patch Overview
May 22, 2021

Global, Aragnael (A.E.N.) -  200287040

Kopenych - 201289151

Hello, captain! Welcome to Version 4.8 Patch Overview by Kopenych & A.E.N.! The new update “The Phantom of the Theater” is coming on Global soon, so let’s check all the news out together!

WARNING: All information is based on BETA 4.8. 



 New Battlesuit: Starcharm Nyx 



Rank: S
Valkyrie type: QUA
Damage type: Ice
Role: Damage Dealer


She is the black blaze rising from the depths, to her, torture and destruction are just fun and games. Avoid her - unless you want to become her new plaything…
S-rank Seele Starchasm Nyx debuts: a QUA battlesuit that can deal massive Ice DMG with scythe and chain claws, sweep multiple targets during Burst, and pass on DMG through Nightmare Thorns and disabling enemies’ Soul Links!




As the other S-rank Valkyries, Starcharm Nyx has her unique signature equipment: weapon Sanguine Gaze and its PRI-Arm version Sanguine Gaze: Union, as well as a new stigma set - Verne. We will return to them later, in the corresponding section of our review.
Two of the most essential features required for Starchasm Nyx are Ice Damage and SP recovery that are both combined in Verne stigma set. However, don’t forget about Rita’s Skadi of Thrymheim as a substitute weapon option if you’re not lucky enough. Check all the options with other gears if you want to find an alternative! Biggest thanks to Marisa Honkai and other Captains for the translation of this table.




 Special Event: Stan Wars 



Honkai Impact 3rd’s first-ever idol audition has entered the finals! Will the winner be the biggest idol, the genius engineer, or the phantom mercenary? Vote for your girl to send her to super stardom! Participate in 4.8 special event to get Flame Sakitama outfit “Mauve Cascade”, Crystals, and other rewards!


 Story Chapter XXIV: The Legion Theater 



New Herrscher appeared, and the order of this world is slowly crumbling into chaos… Who is going to stop this crysis now?

Participate in the Story event to purchase 4★ stigma [Starchasm Nyx (B)], Crystals, and other rewards!

Seele: [Starchasm Nyx (B)]

Source: Chapter 24

Boost Fire DMG by 15%;
Upon entry or Ultimate cast, Total DMG increases by 10% for 15s. Triggering it again resets the duration.


 Bounty Mark Rework: Universal Image 



Bounty Marks are updated into new game mode - Universal Image! It consists of 4 themes named Glacial Fences, Illuminated Land, Roaring Palace, and Blade Grave, which each comprises multiple stages. Clearing a stage rewards the corresponding materials, Ether Fuel, and more. Each theme features a different elemental type. You can set up your team accordingly.



 New Equipment 


New weapons, one new stigma sets, and two new PRI-ARMs joined the Hyperion Arsenals!


Sanguine Gaze

Source: Focused Supply

Weapon Skill: 4 SP
Cooldown: 7s

Use chain claws to grapple the target towards the wielder or send the wielder to the target and perform scythe slashes dealing 100%+800% ATK of Ice DMG.
If weapon equipped by Starchasm Nyx, scythe slashes restore 1 Carmine Gash and can be connected into Sequence 4 of Basic ATK.

  • Ice DMG increases by 25%
  • Ultimate and Burst mode attacks deal 30% bonus Total DMG



Sanguine Gaze: Union

Source: PRI-ARM crafting

Weapon Skill: 0 SP
Cooldown: 7s

Use chain claws to grapple the target towards the wielder or send the wielder to the target and perform scythe slashes dealing 100%+900% ATK of Ice DMG.
If weapon equipped by Starchasm Nyx, scythe slashes restore 1 Carmine Gash and can be connected into Sequence 4 of Basic ATK. In her Burst mode, the weapon active is changed to slamming the area in front of her and dragging enemies nearby to her dealing 900%+4x40% ATK of Ice DMG. Entering and exiting Burst mode both reset the weapon active's cooldown.

  • Ice DMG increases by 30%;
  • Ultimate and Burst mode attacks deal 40% bonus Total DMG;
  • Charged ATKs deal 20% bonus Total DMG and reduce Total DMG taken by 15% on hit for 3s. Triggering it again resets the duration.


Oblivion Down

Source: PRI-ARM crafting

Weapon active: 0 SP
Cooldown: 26s

Unleash Fenghuang Down's power to immobilize enemies nearby for up to 8s (up to 3s against elite enemies or bosses). 1 sec after being attacked by a wielder or her teammates, immobilized enemies recover and take 2150% ATK of Fire DMG. Each enemy only takes the damage once.

• Enemies recovering from the weapon active become Deranged and take 100%+N x 100% ATK of bonus Fire DMG from wielder for 15s. (CD: 1s. N: times triggered). If N equals 5, Deranged status on all enemies is removed and enemies in a large area take 1500% ATK of Fire DMG.
• Wielder deals 35 bonus Total DMG.
• Wielder restores SP 30% faster from attacks.
• Against enemies affected by the weapon active, she deals 40% bonus Total DMG.
• In Co-op Raid stages, wielder deals 22% bonus Elemental DMG and 22% more against paralyzed, frozen, or ignited enemies.

New stigma set - Verne

Source: Focused / Expansion Equipment Supply




 Battle Pass 

Elite Works update is coming with Hekate’s Gloom and Kafka on board! Paladin Battle Pass also contains a commemorative frame border for version 4.8: Wail of Nyx Ribbon! This version also contains a special outfit for Valkyrie Bladestrike: Thunderbolt Drive!






New gorgeous outfits are coming in this update! We prepared GIF showcases to show all upcoming outfits for version 4.8!

Haxxor Bunny - Old Times

Source: Schicksal Store


Herrscher of the Void - Magic Girl Sirin 

Source: B-Chips


Flame Sakitama - Mauve Cascade

Source: Special Event [Stan Wars]


Valkyrie Bladestrike -Thunderbolt Drive

Augment Core required

Source: Battle Pass



 Game Modes 

 Abyss / Superstring Dimension 


  • Enemies’ Physical Defense and Elemental Resistance is now temperature-sensitive.
  • Enemies will now have different HP under different temperatures.
  • The applicable range of buffs gained by defeating enemies in [Bloodthirsty] is expanded from the defeater to all team members. The values remain uncharged.
  • Added [Purgatory: Perilous] that features [Husk - Nihilius]. This stage shares the same name and boss with [Purgatory: Perilous] before the 4.8 update. but the bosses are in different stages.
  • Added [Quantum: Singular] that features QUA enemies.


 Memorial Arena 


New Boss Yae Kasumi is added.







The Foundry interface is now optimized to highlight the features and recipes of equipment. All Ghosts, Shades and (stigma) Spirits are removed.
PRI-ARMs Sanguine Gaze: Union and Oblivion Down are now craftable. G3 stigma set Ishikawa Goemon is now transmutable.



 Rank-Up System 



The system now includes Starchasm Nyx and Azure Empyrea. The rank-up interface is optimized to display the unlocked skill descriptions and skill effect changes of different ranks.



 Witch’s Corridor 

The purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments are now Dimension Breaker, Phoenix, and Shadow Knight.


The purchasable S-rank ELF parts are Selune’s Elegy and Bella.



 Battle Arsenal 

Spacial Lens are added, but previously used Random Tasks for Bounty Mark are removed from the shop.



 Asterite Shop 

Spacial Lens are added, the purchase limit refreshes daily.



 Exchange Shop 

Stigma set Peary and scythe Skadi Ondurgurd are available for exchange.



 Supply Shop 

The available Rank-up Stamps are now Argent Knight: Artemis and Knight Moonbeam, Book of Fuxi fragments are also purchasable in the shop.



Haxxor Bunny voice interactions and animations are activated, don’t forget to check them out on Captain’s Bridge!




Let’s welcome our new and adorable resident: Seele “Starcharm Nyx” chibi is added!




That’s all for today - thank you very much for reading our review, hope you like it!
Embrace the darkness together with Seele, but always remember about your closest ones you should protect!

With love, Kopenych & A.E.N.


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