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Ai-chan Newsflash 3- [Schicksal Store Shopping Day] Info
May 19, 2021

Today's episode is all about Schicksal Store's summer sale in v4.8! Schicksal Store's catalog includes Bronya's new outfit [Old Times], outfit options, and equipment options. Don't miss the goodies it has to offer!

======Schicksal Store======
Exchange bottle caps for rewards! Schicksal Store returns! Come collect bottle caps with Ai-chan!

Exchange [Bunny Caps] in Schicksal Store for Haxxor Bunny's outfit Old Times, Collector's Cards, and more!



======Store Catalog======
★ Choice Products
◆ New outfit [Old Times]: For Haxxor Bunny.

◆ Outfit Option Type-α: [Bastet's Secret], [Lord Paramount], [Hyoukai Sonata]. Outfit Option Type-β: [Eventide Phantom], [Dusky Murmurs], [Hanami Daimyo].

◆ Collector's Card: For purchasing select Supply weapons and stigmata released before v4.1.


★ More Items Coming Soon
Apart from the above items, [Focused Supply Card], [Einstein's Torus], [Wafer Stabilizer], and [ELF Part Option] will also be available! Shop till you drop!

*Please follow our announcements for more item details.



======Collecting Bunny Caps======
During the event, claim Mall freebies, pull Supply drops, and perform other actions to obtain [Bunny Caps].

You can claim [Free Bag of Caps] that contains [Bunny Cap] x50 (caps at 200) at Mall daily within a period.

Reach Supply's drop pulling and Crystal spending milestones to claim the corresponding amount of [Bunny Caps] on the [Cap Hoarder] panel within a period.

*Please follow our announcements for more ways to obtain caps.

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.








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