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Server Maintenance - Hyperion Maintenance Announcement
May 18, 2021

Dear Captains,

To provide a better gaming experience, Battleship Hyperion will undergo server maintenance during 01:00~07:00, MAY 27 (GMT-5, Americas server) / 07:00~13:00, MAY 27 (GMT+1, European server).

The maintenance is scheduled to last approximately 6 hours, but please note that the actual duration may vary. Captains will not be able to log in during the maintenance hours, so be sure to spread the word and avoid unnecessary losses! Ai-chan apologizes for any inconvenience. >_<

We will compensate Captains of Lv. 6 or higher with 600 Crystals after the maintenance. Remember to collect them in your mailbox in 7 days after the maintenance or they will expire!



======Update Heads-up======

1. New Battlesuit: Starchasm Nyx
She is the black blaze rising from the depths. To her, torture and destruction are just fun and games. S-rank QUA Seele [Starchasm Nyx] debuts!



2. New Serverwide Event: Stan Wars
Who will win the first-ever Stan Wars and become Honkai-verse's next top idol?



3. Story Chapter XXIV: The Legion Theater
The Legion Herrscher sent the world into chaos. Who can end this crisis?



4. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
New weapon [Sanguine Gaze] and new stigma set [Verne (T, M, B)] will join the arsenal!






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