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Ai-chan Newsflash 4 - Additions to the Dressing Room
May 23, 2021

Today's episode will bring you v4.8's complete outfit catalog! Check out the gorgeous [Mauve Cascade], [Old Times], [Magic Girl ☆ Sirin], and [Thunderbolt Drive]!

======Flame Sakitama's New Outfit [Mauve Cascade]======
A paper boat cuts through the moon's reflection and cherry blossom petals fall into a river of stars, providing respite from worldly chaos.


Flame Sakitama's new outfit [Mauve Cascade] is coming soon! Partake in Stan Wars in v4.8 to earn [Idol Emblems], which can be used to purchase the outfit in the event shop [St. Freya Mart]!

◆ Skill Showcase
Basic ATK


Special ATK






======Haxxor Bunny's New Outfit [Old Times]======
The uniform Bronie always wore when working at Raven's.
The fledgling has left the nest and the traveler has journeyed off. Still, memories of neon lights and the girls often resurface.


Haxxor Bunny's new outfit [Old Times] is coming soon! Partake in Schicksal Store in v4.8 by pulling Supply drops, claiming free bundles, and purchasing relevant bundles to obtain [Bunny Caps], which can be used to exchange for the outfit!

======Herrscher of the Void's New Outfit [Magic Girl ☆ Sirin]======
The zenith is where all magic girls are fated to end.
There she stands, cupping the dying flames in her hands, and blowing their sparks into nothingness.


Herrscher of the Void's new outfit [Magic Girl ☆ Sirin] is coming soon! During v4.8, you can shop new outfits with B-Chips at Mall!

======Striker Fulminata's New Outfit [Thunderbolt Drive]======
"This mod suits you perfectly. Look at you! You look exactly like my younger self."
"Your... younger self?"


Striker Fulminata's new outfit [Thunderbolt Drive] is coming soon! You can unlock it by leveling up BP in v4.8.

That's all for this season of Ai-chan's Newsflash! See you in the new version!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.








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