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Ai-chan Newsflash 1 - S-rank Battlesuit [Starchasm Nyx] Debuts
May 15, 2021

Greetings, Captains! As v4.7 is nearing its end, it's time to check out what v4.8 has to offer!
Today's episode stars [Starchasm Nyx], the latest S-rank battlesuit to debut in v4.8!

======New S-rank Seele [Starchasm Nyx] Debuts======
"Do you want to become Seele's toy?"


[Basic ATK: Anguished Cry]
Starchasm Nyx performs 5 scythe swings to deal Ice DMG and restore Carmine Gashes.



In Burst mode, she will switch to the more aggressive chain claws, which deal higher Ice DMG and affect a larger area.


[Charged ATK: Condemning Blade]
She will exhaust Carmine Gashes to quickly approach enemies and cast her Charged ATK. The more Carmine Gashes are consumed, the higher the Ice DMG it deals. When the attack exhausts 6 Carmine Gashes, it will also freeze and slow enemies.



In Burst mode, she can cast Charged ATK successively until Carmine Gashes are exhausted. Every hit restores her SP. Casting Charged ATK in Burst mode can induce Ultimate Evasion.


[Evasion: Aria of Torment]
She can perform Ultimate Evasion twice in a row. Her Ultimate Evasion triggers global Time Fracture and restores Carmine Gashes. In normal mode, tapping [ATK] right after Ultimate Evasion connects the 4th SEQ of Basic ATK.


[Ultimate: Moment of Collapse]
She will enter Burst mode, inflict one Quantum Implosion, regain full Carmine Gashes, and deal Ice DMG. Hit enemies will be bound with Nightmare Thorns, which disables Soul Links and pass on the damage to other bound units at a fixed rate.



In Burst mode, tap [ULT] again to cast Time of Metamorph that deals massive Ice DMG and cancels Burst mode. Time of Metamorph pauses the timer of the effects applied to both parties and the stage for its duration.


In Burst mode, she also creates a Nightmare Stage. Enemies on the Nightmare Stage take bonus Ice DMG and are frozen whenever they take Ice DMG a fixed number of times. She regains Carmine Gashes when this effect is triggered.

======[Starchasm Nyx]'s Event======
[Starchasm Nyx]'s event [Blackfrost Blaze] will be available in v4.8! Learn more about her story and controls in Story and Tutorial. After unlocking [Starchasm Nyx], you can access the highly difficult Challenges.


======[Starchasm Nyx] Moving In======
[Starchasm Nyx] can move into the Dorm after the v4.8 update! Don't forget to greet Seele there!


*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.






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