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Ver. 4.7 Patch Overview
Apr 18, 2021


Wake up, Cap’n, we have Arc City to burn! Kopenych & A.E.N. online, welcome to Version 4.7 Patch Overview! Are you ready for the new adventures? Let’s check all the news out together! 
WARNING: All information is based on BETA 4.7.



 New Battlesuit: Haxxor Bunny 



Rank: SP
Valkyrie type: PSY
Damage type: Ice
Role: Support


Стой-стой, hold on a second, I can’t stand boring introductions! Lemme handle this myself… Sorry, guys, but this time your overview is officially HACKED (✯◡✯) 
Good hackers usually stay anonymous, but since we plan to work together… My name is Bronie, nice to meet you, Cap'n! Ice damage and support options are my specialty, don’t hesitate to ask me for help! 

Do you know Project Bunny, that heavy mecha from your world? Forget about it. Future belongs to fast attack drones! On top of this, I’m not only a skilled hacker, but I’m also very agile, and I can even use off-battlefield QTE to support our team. Yeah-yeah, just like Granny Kongming does! Oh hey, look, that’s me!



Cap’n, please remember this, it’s very important. If you plan to work with me, you can always use these sources of fragments from the database to make me stronger:

  • SP Supply
  • Asterite Shop - 30 fragments per week, 500 Asterite each
  • Battle Arsenal - 20 fragments per week, 50 Golden Pins for 2 fragments
  • Open World Tasks.



As both of us are looking forward to continued and fruitful cooperation, I highly recommend getting the best equipment possible - my favorite Crusher Bunny 19C and Turgenev stigma set. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough Crystals - other options are good too, I’m a professional after all! I hacked m@ri$@ database, check this table out!



Woops, Cioara is waiting… I need to go, see ya in Arc City!



 Special Event - Arc: Light Bound 


You must rise above the clouds if you dream to reach the stars. But when that time comes, will you set your eyes on a sight beyond the stars?


Welcome to night Arc City, a new mini Open World map! Participate in 4.7 special event to get Twilight Paladin outfit “Verdant Sky”, Haxxor Bunny fragments, Crystals, and other rewards!




 Story Chapter XXIII: The Solo Stage 



After resolving the Herrscher of Sentience incident, momentary peace returned to Hyperion.
Yet the rampaging mechas and missing people foreshadow a new crisis...

Participate in a series of Story events to purchase 4★ stigma [Bronie: Haxxor Bunny (M)], [Haxxor Bunny Fragment] x40, and Crystals!


Bronie: Haxxor Bunny (M)

Source: Chapter 23


The host gains 15% Fire DMG, and receives 10%/20% less Total DMG when Combo Hit Count exceeds 10/20.



 Valkyries & Battlesuit Rank Up System 



Three Valkyries join the new rank-up system: Bronya [Herrscher of Reason], Durandal [Bright Knight — Excelsis] and Theresa [Celestial Hymn].


 Sakuno Rondo Changes 



  • Enabled Ultimate canceling. After casting her Ultimate, you can tap [ULT] again to cancel it;
  • Increased the Ignore Interrupt of the 1st, 2nd, 5th sequences of her Basic ATK [Fox Blade];
  • Effect added to her passive skill [Ember]: at max level, every hit of her Basic ATK and Ultimate deal 28% bonus Fire DMG;
  • Effect added to her Ultimate [Hijoyo Frenzy]: the initial triple slashes can ignite enemies. Ignited enemies take 200 Fire DMG every 0.5s for 10s..
  • New PRI-ARM Salvation of Sakura is added to enhance Sakuno Rondo battle performance as a Fire Support Valkyrie.



 New Equipment 


New weapons, two new stigma sets, and one new PRI-ARM joined the Hyperion Arsenals!



Crusher Bunny 19C

Source: Focused Supply

Charged cannon: 3 missiles / 7 missiles / 15 missiles.
Slightly decreased DMG when hitting the same target multiple times.

Weapon Skill: 0 SP
Cooldown: 20s
Projected weapons fires at targets for 2,5s, dealing Ice DMG equal to 40% ATK every 0,1s, adds 1 Combo Hit, and Freezes enemies for 2s. Team and host-summoned entities gain 27% bonus Ice DMG for 15s (effect cannot stack).

Passive effects:

  • Increases team's All Elemental DMG by 12%;
  • Increases host-summoned entity's All Elemental DMG by 25% (effect cannot stack);
  • [Haxxor Bunny only] Drone's attack interval is reduced by 0.4 for 3.5s.
  • [Haxxor Bunny only] Ultimate triggered by QTE entry auto-casts active if host has not cast active in 20s



Salvation of Sakura

Source: PRI-Arm Crafting

Weapon Skill: 0 SP
Cooldown: 15s
Summons and deploys the weapon, throwing Sakura katanas at enemies in a large area, slashing them once every 0.3s for 3.5s.
Each slash deals 5x25% ATK of Fire DMG, ignites targets to further deal 200 Fire DMG every 0,5 sec for 10 sec, and inflicts 1 Sakura Count (CD: 2 sec).

Passive effects:

  • Hitting a target triggers a Sakura Slash covering a circular area surrounding the target, dealing Fire DMG equal to 150% ATK.
  • Enemies with Sakura Brand or Sakura Count take another 2700 Fire DMG from Sakura Slash, Sakura Slash CD: 5s.
  • Active triggers Sakura Rain that make enemies in a large area take 40% more Fire DMG for 12 sec.
  • [Sakuno Rondo only] Sakura Slash adds 2 Sakura Counts and restores 14 SP.
  • In co-op raids, team deals 20% bonus Lightning DMG and takes 15% less Fire DMG for 10s after a weapon skill is used.


Abyss Flower

Source: Focused Supply

Weapon Skill: 0 SP
Cooldown: 25s
Active [Fresh Bud] deals Physical DMG equal to 200%+550% ATK and restores 15 SP and 200 HP.
When the active button is flashing during certain enemy moves, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies and dealing Physical DMG equal to 20%+700% ATK (does not reset CD).
[Bright Knight — Excelsis only] During Burst, active becomes Special ATK [Dark Void], dealing Physical DMG equal to 200%+1400% ATK, which counts as both active and Ultimate DMG, and has a 30% bonus Crit Rate. During active, stage and combat mode timers are paused. Host exits Burst when finishing casting the active. Entering or exiting Burst reset weapon skills CDs.

Passive effects:

  • Increases Crit Rate by 20%
  • During Burst, Physical DMG is increased by 35% for 15 sec, Ultimate Evasion's CD is reduced by 2s, and the next [Dark Void] deals bonus Physical DMG equal to 600% ATK (2 stacks max).


New stigma set - Turgenev

Source: Focused/Expansion Equipment Supply



New stigma set - Avogadro

Source: Focused/Expansion Equipment Supply



 Battle Pass 

Elite Works update is coming with Pledge of Sakura and Jin Shengtan on board! Paladin Battle Pass also contains a commemorative frame border for version 4.7: MK-Bunny Ribbon!





New gorgeous outfits are coming in this update! We prepared GIF showcases to show all upcoming outfits for version 4.7. 


Dea Anchora - Stellar Promise

Source: Outfit Supply


Darkbolt Jonin - Neon Shade

Source: B-Chips


Twilight Paladin - Verdant Sky

Augment Core required

Source: Special Event [Arc: Light Bound]




 Game Modes 

 Abyss / Superstring Dimension 


Added Type Counter Weather Boss: [Herrscher of Sentience] 



  • Added Ranged Weather Boss [Saha Assaka]
  • Fire Weather Boss: Reduced the number of ice lanterns summoned by the enemy [Herrscher of the Rimestar] from 3 to 1.
  • Lightning Weather Boss: Reduced the HP of [Bright Knight] boss.

 Bounty Mark 


Stigma set Planck (G2) can now be forged.







Level cap increased to Lvl 88.

New level-up bundles are added:

  • Lvl 80: [Honkai Cube] x1, 4000 Asterite (must unlock level cap first);
  • Lvl 86: [Ancient Legacy] x80 , [Ancient Willpower] x80
  • Lvl 87: [SC Metal-H2] x100, [Wafer Stabilizer] x100
  • Lvl 88: [Einstein’s Torus] x50, [Wafer Stabilizer] x200


The download screen is updated, a download progress indicator is added. 




 Witch's Corridor 

Theresa “Celestial Hymn”, Rozaliya “Molotov Cherry”, Mei “Lightning Empress” fragments replace the previous Valkyries.


“Selune’s Elegy” replace “Book of Fuxi” fragments in Pure ELF Orb section;





Let’s welcome our new and adorable resident: Bronie “Haxxor Bunny” chibi is added!



That’s all for today - thank you very much for reading our review, hope you like it!

Hack the bad guys, trade the information with the others, and don’t forget NOT to set Arc City on fire!

With love, Kopenych & A.E.N.


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