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Server Maintenance Hyperion Maintenance Announcement
Apr 14, 2021

Dear Captains,

To provide a better gaming experience, Battleship Hyperion will undergo server maintenance during 01:00~07:00, APR 22 (GMT-5, Americas server)/07:00~13:00, APR 22 (GMT+1, European server) for Android and iOS.

The maintenance is scheduled to last approximately 6 hours, but please note that the actual duration may vary. Captains will not be able to log in during maintenance, so be sure to spread the word to avoid unnecessary losses! Ai-chan apologizes for any inconvenience. >_<

We will compensate Captains of Lv.6 or higher with 360 Crystals and Stamina Potion x1 after the maintenance. Remember to collect our compensation in your mailbox in 7 days after the maintenance or it will expire!

======Update Heads-up======
1. New SP Battlesuit: [Haxxor Bunny]
◆World's Best Hacker [Haxxor Bunny] Bronie has arrived! Are you ready to set the world on fire with her?

2. New Featured Event: [Arc: Light Bound]
◆You must rise above the clouds if you dream to reach the stars. But when that time comes, will the starry sky be enough for you?
◆During the event, complete specific missions and challenges to purchase [Haxxor Bunny Fragment] x60, Twilight Paladin's outfit [Verdant Sky], and Crystals!

3. Story Chapter XXIII: [The Solo Stage]
After resolving the Herrscher of Sentience incident, momentary peace returned to Hyperion.
Yet the rampaging mechas and missing people foreshadow a new crisis...

◆Participate in a series of Story events to purchase 4★ stigma [Bronie: Haxxor Bunny (M)], [Haxxor Bunny Fragment] x40, and Crystals!

4. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆New Weapons: [Crusher Bunny 19C], [Salvation of Sakura], [Abyss Flower].

◆New Stigma Sets: Rebel's Gun set [Turgenev], Matter Delver set [Avogadro].







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