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Ai-chan's Newsflash
Feb 28, 2021

After the v4.6 update, the new bride themes [Taixuan Steps] and [Arc City] will be added to the game! Let Ai-chan introduce you to their unique features that have remained secrets until today!


======New Motion Bridge Theme: Taixuan Steps======
Bridge theme [Taixuan Steps]: Has new motion effects and exclusive music.

◆Motion Effects: The thick clouds and crystal waterfall that keep rolling are occasionally accentuated by fluttering cherry blossom petals. Millennia have passed, yet the mountainscape remains undisturbed like a dream.

◆Exclusive Music: This theme is accompanied by two exclusive tracks: [Misty Millennia] and [Vacant Valley]. You can set the track being played.


[Taixuan Steps]


◆Motion Effects Showcase◆
The only path to ascend Mount Taixuan. The never-ending steps silently bore witness to the rise and fall of the Taixuan School. Through the ups and downs, the misty mountain view stays pristine and divine.




◆How to Obtain◆
After the v4.6 update, complete the daily missions of event [Spring Treasure] in-game for a certain number of days to obtain the new motion bridge theme [Taixuan Steps] for free!
*Please follow our announcements for more info.



======New Motion Bridge Theme: Arc City======
Bridge theme [Arc City]: Has new motion effects, exclusive music, and supports live weather.

◆Motion Effects: The passing trains, melancholic neon signs, and fish-shaped holographic projection form an artificial spectacle.

◆Exclusive Music: This theme is accompanied by three exclusive tracks: [Bustling City], [Twinkling Lights], and [Dark Tides]. You can set the track being played.

◆Live Weather: [Arc City] has raining weather effects that change according to the weather in your area of residence.

*If it is raining in your area of residence, the bridge theme [Arc City] will also be raining.


[Arc City (Night)]

[Arc City (Raining)]



◆Motion Effects Showcase◆
Under the night sky, humanity's brilliance shines ever brighter in the shape of a city. If you watch closely, you may find a meteor cutting through the deep blue with a beautiful curve.



◆How to Obtain◆
After the v4.6 update, you can purchase the new motion bridge theme [Arc City] in-game with 2580 B-Chips. During the launch period of v4.6, purchasing this theme gives 1580 Crystals!


That's all for today! In the next issue, Ai-chan will present an overview of the new spring event bonuses! Stay tuned!

*The above data are from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.

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