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v4.5 [Blazing Hope] Update Announcement
Jan 21, 2021

Welcome to v4.5: [Blazing Hope]!

The girl from another world conquers obstacles with her crimson lance and ordeals with absolute confidence! Asuka's SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] is battle-ready!
The awakened otherworld traveler. The invading unidentified creature. The berserk colossal mech. Struggle, entanglement, survival, trust... The incessant notes sing the movement of the new century. The collab's main event [New Century] unfolds!

Update Content

1. New Collab Battlesuit: [Blazing Hope]
◆Asuka's SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] is a BIO melee Physical DMG dealer battlesuits that can deal massive DMG with Charged ATK by building up Field Energy. Her Ultimate boosts her DMG output and its Finisher summons a gigantic lance to strike down at enemies for lethal AOE Physical DMG!

*You can unlock her in the following ways:
◆Play the collab event [New Century] from 10:00, JAN 22 to 04:00, FEB 21 (GMT+8) to unlock her and rank her up to S for free.

◆You are guaranteed to receive Asuka's SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] in 25 [Blazing Hope Supply] drops! This Supply is available from 12:00, JAN 22 to 12:00, FEB 21 (GMT+8). Reach drop count milestones to unlock bonus [Blazing Hope Fragments], aggregating [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100 for 100 drops!

2. Main Collab Event: [New Century]
◆The awakened otherworld traveler. The invading unidentified creature. The berserk colossal mech. The wheels began turning when a girl named Mei set foot in [Nagazora]. Apostles bearing the name of Angels are approaching. Can the girls engulfed by the war stay true to their hearts?

◆Participate in the event from JAN 22 to 04:00, FEB 21 (GMT+8) to obtain [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100, outfit [Auburn Sync PS], stigma [Misato (T)], and Crystals for free!

3. Story Chapter XXII: [Me and Myself]
◆Fear, wrath, despair... What will their choices be once the truth is no longer a secret?

◆Story Chapter XXII is coming in mid-FEB! Explore the chapter to earn event stigma set options and Crystals!

4. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenals
◆New weapons: [Lance of Longinus], [Dark Star], [Path to Acheron: Kindred]

◆New stigma sets: [Children], [Detective of the Fog]

5. FOCA/EXPA Select and Crystal spending bonuses will be available at Spring Festival! Stay tuned!

Game Adjustments & Optimizations

The below stats are at max skill level:
◆Dea Anchora
1. Fixed an issue where [Anchora Forge]'s animation could be skipped after casting Ultimate [Voidstar Anchor].
2. Fixed an issue where her avatar did not fit in frames.

◆Herrscher of Thunder
Fixed an issue where some of her VFX were glitched in co-op stages.

◆Lightning Empress
Fixed an issue where tapping the stigma button when browsing her outfit [Scorching Golden Thunder] made her hair accessory glitch.

◆Darkbolt Jonin
Fixed an issue where the buffs of Switch skills did not apply to her QTE.

◆Knight Moonbeam
Fixed an issue where she was not hidden in story dialogs.

◆Swallowtail Phantasm
1. Increased the Veil restored by Basic ATK [Serene Reaper] from 16 to 22 at Lv.1.
2. Increased the SP restored by Special ATK [Sublime Current] from 4 to 7 at Lv.1.
3. Increased the Veil restored by QTE [Soul Taker] from 100 to 180 at Lv.1.
4. Increased the Veil restored by Evasion [Quantum Form] from 60 to 100 at Lv.1. Shortened the CD of Plane Warp by 6s instead of 3s at Lv.1.
5. Increased the SP regen rate of Evasion [Traceless Shift] from 0.25 to 0.4 at Lv.1.
6. Increased the Veil restored by Ultimate [Shade of Folly] from 60 to 140 at Lv.1.
*The above adjustments only apply to Lv.1 skills. The effects of max level skills remain unchanged.
7. Adjusted the unlocking level of QTE [Soul Taker] to Lv.1.

◆Valkyrie Chariot
Adjusted the unlocking level of QTE [Super Gravity] to Lv.1.

◆Void Drifter
Fixed an issue where her weapon was revealed/concealed incorrectly under certain circumstances.

◆Battle Storm
Fixed her glitched movements.

◆Luna Kindred
Fixed the typo in Charged ATK [Axe of the Fallen]'s description.

Adjusted the usage of [Shield] and [Barrier] in battlesuit, weapon, and stigma descriptions to define their application. This adjustment only applies to texts and their actual performances remain unchanged. Please refer to the official announcement for details.


Fixed an issue where the skills of certain battlesuits could not hit it.

1. Fixed an issue where the skills of certain battlesuits could not hit it.
2. Fixed an issue its type was not displayed as MECH.

Fixed an issue where its movements glitched under rare circumstances.

◆Couatl: Revenant
1. Fixed an issue where it could not revert to Quantum state under certain circumstances.
2. Fixed an issue where the VFX of Collapsed Points would glitch if a battlesuit picked up its Collapsed Point, was switched out to her teammate, who then picked up its Collapsed Point, and she was switched back.

◆Flute Guardian, Spear Guardian
Shortened their knocked back distance.

◆Dark Jixuanyuan
Fixed an issue where the attacks of certain battlesuits could not hit her from the sides when she was not riding.

1. Fixed an issue where certain enemies were targeted before appearing.
2. Increased the weight of certain Dark Valkyrie and humanoid bosses so they cannot be pushed out of your attack range as easily.

Decreased the general difficulty of Q-Gateway: Warriors.

◆Superstring Dimension
1. Fixed an issue where the estimated finalization rewards could be displayed incorrectly.
2. Added [Thunderbane: Singular] whose weather increases DMG taken by 40% when Paralyzed and for another 4s after recovery. This area features PSY enemies.
3. Added [Bloodlust: Singular] whose weather increases Total DMG for 15s after defeating an enemy, which stacks up to 8 times and the duration of stacks do not affect one another. This area features MECH and BIO enemies.
4. Added stages that feature PSY enemies to [Bloodbane: Fringe], [Bloodbane: Perilous], and [Bloodbane: Intensive].
5. Added a stage that primarily features Tonatiuh to [Purgatory: Perilous].
6. Added a stage that primarily features Dark Jixuanyuan to [Nemesis: Perilous].
7. Increased the HP restored by HP Packs in Nemesis areas.
8. Adjusted the locations of dropped SP Packs after finishing the first floor of all Perilous stages.

◆Bounty Tasks
The event that rewards Bounty Silvers for completing Bounty Tasks to purchase Ghosts in Bounty Shop is prolonged to v4.5.

1. PRI-ARM [Path to Acheron: Kindred] can now be forged.

2. Weapon [Ranger's Cross] and stigma set [Tesla Band] can now be forged.

3. Adjusted the forging limit of stigma [Theresa: Origins] to 3 pieces.

◆Story Stages
1. Fixed the glitched stage selection screens of Chapter XVIII and Chapter XIX.
2. Fixed the glitched hair and outfit of [Danzai Spectramancer] in Chapter XIX.

◆Battlesuit Trials
The [Challenges] stages in [Stellar Mythos] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to be permanently available. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards if you have not completed them in v4.4.


◆Witch's Corridor
1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Dimension Breaker], [Black Nucleus], and [Blood Rose]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].
2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank ELF parts with those of [Book of Fuxi] and [Bella]. They are purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].
3. Adjusted the daily purchase limit of all items to 99.

◆Asterite Shop
1. Decreased the required access level from Lv.30 to Lv.20.
2. Adjusted the daily purchase limit of Time Structure, AE Imaginon, Normal Crystal Core, Phase Shifter, and Twin Sakura Will to 99.
3. Decreased the required access level of Mithril Shop from Lv.20 to Lv.9. Adjusted the unlock level of some items.

◆War Treasury
1. Listed [Lightning Empress] for Ancient Willpower x1120.

◆Shop System
Optimized the display of shops to make browsing more intuitive.

◆Equipment Recommendation System Iterated
1. Captains of Lv.80 or higher can sort and filter weapons and stigmata by DMG and Support when changing them.
2. Added the equipment recommended for Arena and Abyss to the recommended equipment screen of battlesuits.

◆Starter System Overhaul
After the v4.5 update, all newly joined Captains can access the revamped Starter system for a more streamlined raising experience.

The revamped Starter system contains many Starter's Events that can help new Captains learn the basics and obtain more resources for a head start. 

*Starter's Events only last 60 days after opening up to a new Captain! Please be mindful of the time if you wish to obtain every reward!

◆Valkyrie Muster for Starters
After the v4.5 update, Captains who signed up in v4.4 and still have [Valkyrie Muster] active can complete bonus [Valkyrie Muster] missions for rewards. While [Valkyrie Muster] lasts, accrue 150 Duty to claim 150 Crystals daily, aggregating 1500 Crystals over a 10-day period.

◆Hard & Supreme Story Stages Streamlined
After the v4.5 update, all Hard and Supreme Story stages that do not support Expedition have been deleted from the Story system and the ones that do are moved to the new Expedition system. You can still obtain their drops through Expedition in Dorm.

If you signed up before v4.5 and have not claimed all first-time clearing and challenge objective rewards of the affected stages, you can still obtain unclaimed rewards by clearing the stages in Expedition after the v4.5 update.

The reissuance rules are as follows:
1. Challenge objective Crystals: Fully reissues the Crystals rewarded by uncompleted challenge objectives.
2. First-time clearing materials: Fully reissues the materials rewarded by clearing uncompleted stages for the first time.
3. First-time clearing Stamina: Fully reissues the Stamina spent on clearing completed stages for the first time.
4. Total challenge stars rewards: Fully reissues the locked and unclaimed total challenge stars rewards.

The weapons, stigmata, outfits, and emblems pertinent to this collab do not count towards your collection achievements. 

◆Remote Login
After the v4.5 update, Captains can force a logged-in account to log out and then log in on another device.

◆Added the interactive animations and voice clips of [Dea Anchora].

======Other Adjustment======
◆[S-Rank Valkyrie Option] For Starters
Captains that signed up after the v4.5 update will obtain [S-Rank Valkyrie Option] from Starter's Event. The 3-day login event that originally offered it will be closed.

======BUG Fixes & Adjustments======
◆Fixed an issue where choosing materials manually to enhance stigmata could trigger errors.

◆Optimized the phrasing of some cutscene captions.

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