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Ai-chan's Newsflash — v4.4 Events Overview
Dec 12, 2020

Ready for a new episode of Ai-chan's Newsflash? Today we'll be covering a fraction of the exciting activities and events to be introduced in v4.4! So without further ado...

======Battlesuit Event [Stellar Mythos]======
A rumor began spreading through Valkyries in a silent night. A rumor that seems to touch a long-buried secret...


[Dea Anchora]'s event will be available after the version update! Play it to earn event tokens for purchasing [Danzai Spectramancer]'s 4★ outfit [Orochi Cuirass] and Crystals!




======Bonuses Event [Saga of Aurelia]======
"A golden saga written with stars."
[Saga of Aurelia] will be available after the version update. Complete daily missions to accrue pts and reach pts milestones to unlock 1200 Crystals in total! 



======7-Day Login Event [Semper Fidelis]======
The stars light up the moribund sky. They are the ever-shining coordinates left by the dauntless.
7-day login event [Semper Fidelis] will be available after the version update. Simply log in 7 days to claim 120 Crystals, Asterite, and battlesuit fragments!



======Competitive Multiplayer [Stellar Eternia]======
Til the day when her brilliance fills the sky.
The new 3v3 brawl activity will be available after the version update. Complete battle missions to claim Crystals, Asterite, and boosters!



======Story Chapter Event [Wings of Reawakening]======
Freed from her dark slumber, the familiar figure brought forth an unforeseen spectacle of ruin...



Story Chapter XXI will be released in v4.4! Explore it to earn event set stigma [Fu Hua: Onyx Simurgh] and Focused Supply Cards!

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